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Topix Editorial Team

Jennifer C. Martin, Senior Editor

Jennifer has been published in Gawker, Jezebel, UPROXX, Fusion, xoJane, and TIME. She began her writing career at an unusually young age. At age 8, she was published in the American Girl Doll newsletter. At 11, she had her own monthly column in a newspaper in her hometown of Cleveland, Tennessee. As a teenager, her emo blog posts drew a huge following on LiveJournal.

She now lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband and two wild young boys, and enjoys baking, yoga, Netflix, and reading in her nonexistent spare time. She's been writing for Topix for a year and a half, and enjoys the versatility of writing about almost any topic that she finds interesting. Jennifer sees writing as an outlet to connect to other people through education, humor, and passion. Her favorite topics are religion, politics, food, and parenting, which make her super fun at parties.

Jennifer's Work