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Jazmin Moore, Staff Writer

Born in Arizona to a Spanish mother and African-American father, Jazmin is a 22-year-old college grad from Florida Atlantic University.

Due to her tall stature and love of comfortable sportswear, she gets asked all the time if she's a basketball player, but has never touched a piece of sports equipment in her life because why. However, she does have a profound love for writing, video producing, and Beyonce.

She has brought her writing all over the map, having worked for TV Guide Magazine in Manhattan, Millennium Magazine in Miami, and GuidePost Magazine in Madrid.

Currently, she hosts a music talk show that airs live weekly on Amazon Fire TV where she interviews local up-and-coming artists, and gives the inside scoop on current pop culture news aka whichever Kardashian posted a nude that week.

She also makes YouTube videos where she follows around students from her former college campus until they feel compelled to talk to her about pressing matters like mental health and voting, because she believes there's immense power in conversation.

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