Greasy, awful food. I only ordered because of their late hours. The people who answer the phones have NO idea what professionalism is, 99% of the time they're not only uneducated but also completely rude.
Their main (I think) delivery driver (Fred, Freddie maybe? Also answers the phones) is more often than not high on crack and has offered my wife crack and marijuana on multiple occasions. He has also sexually harassed her on two separate occasions and when complaints were lodged, nothing was ever done.
The inside is more like the inside of a dilapidated, makeshift soup kitchen than a restaurant and has been closed on several occasions because of a SEWER LEAK INTO THEIR KITCHEN. I honestly don't know how they are still a business, the health inspector or someone should have shut them down long ago.
AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Order from Nico's or someone else who gives a damn about quality, price and cleanliness. If you're in my boat and looking for dinner at 1am, wait for breakfast, going hungry is better for your health than this... I'd say pig feed but I wouldn't subject a wild boar to this trash.
I'm leaving this everywhere I can to spread the word. Please spread this and get this hell hole closed down.