we were very happy with your Service
This guy saved the day! Long story short and will definitely be another review....my washer/ dryer combo decided to not rinse in release in the spin cycle instead it decided to rinse all over my hardwood floors! thank God my fiancee was home when it happened so he could hit the stop button! So, I had tried Sears and they couldn't get out for a freaking week at best. Then I tired another place, well, my fiancee did. He didn't show for 3 appointments SO I took matters into my own hands and I was lucky enough to run into this company.
Now, as I said, the no shows...i had taken the day off from work to sit around and wait for someone to show (stupidly since he didn't show twice before) SO at 3:00pm I had finally lost my patience and looked up appliance repair and this was the first one I found. Now, at 3:00pm you would think you would be screwed for the day, not with this guy he said he would come out and it would take him about 2 hours or so to get here. Well, it did take longer BUT every time I called his receptionist-she is definitely the definition of customer service (and is calm and definitely handle my panic extremely well and courteously since I had mentioned all the no shows to her, she completely understood my annoyances)-she gave me his status on his other job and promised he was coming NO MATTER WHAT! She even called me when he got off the highway and when he got here to make sure he was here!
So, he shows up and not only fixed the problem, which was just a stupid sock stuck in the tube, but showed me how to take care of it the next time (which I hope never happens). Not only that, but he only charge me only $100.00 because he had to bring in another guy to help move the stack able back into place otherwise it would have been $49 ish. He even cleaned up after himself.
SO, if any appliance in your house goes nuts and you have no idea where that appliance came from or who to call...call All in One and ask for Jim...they really are great!