THIEF!! Don't be sidetracked by the fast talking owner who professes all sorts of business integrity and then robs you. We trusted him and he sold us a discontinued and outdated WIN 7 computer that was previously owned and loaded a WIN 8 ILLEGAL software license to meet our request for a "fast, WIN 8" laptop. BUT, he didn't stop there, HE CHARGED us the full retail price of a newly updated WIN 8 laptop. When he refused to give us our money back or make any adjustments, we had to choose our own peace over any more wasted time and money to retaliate. When you have limited computer knowledge and you openly TRUST someone like this, it's very sad when you come to find out that you have been taken. Sadly, people like this will take advantage of your kindness. Karma is not something you mess with. It's just a matter of time before word gets out and people speak up that it will be known that this is not a trusted business or a man of integrity.