I finally got around to writing about my first time but have actually been back a couple of times now. My husband goes to get massages and I usually go somewhere else to get my nails done...but I wear heels all week and he doesn't so when he suggested I try his therapist I laughed - me at an 'Asian massage parlor'...but he insisted it was different and after a particularly crazy day I decided to try an hour on my way home. First impression: clean, modern, and service oriented...they actually appeared very happy to see me and even helped me exchange my pumps for slippers. As for the actual session it lasted more than an hour because they offer a free shower both before and after (large and very clean) + I added a bit of time. If you wonder how it was...while on the table I added another 30 minutes and could have stayed for even longer but it was getting late. Jade has the natural 'feel' and touch that is like a magnet to every bad spot and her long rhythm of movements seems to lure you into sleep while she is increasing pressure until you think it is going to start to hurt and then it just melts away along with the aches. She actually held onto bars and walked on my legs - that was pure heaven. Now I know why my other half goes and keeps inviting me to join him. She mentioned they offer couples massages and ladies specials on both Tuesdays and Saturdays which is a welcome treat. I told her she needs to get gift certificates or cards...I know what I am giving for the holidays.