Cascade Inn- Is the dirtiest, grimiest, hole in the wall.. A place to never consider sleeping in. The window in the bathroom didn't even have blinds. I had to place a sheet so that people outside didn't see inside the room. There was dust everywhere. The sink had a leak, and all they did was give us a bucket that didn't even fit, didn't even repair it. The shower curtain had soap scum. Some light bulbs were burnt. Cob webs everywhere, dirty walls. The toilet kept moving. Windows couldn't go up right. The second day there, we asked for garbage bags, because we kept it clean, and the owner literally laughed at us and said to use grocery bags. I told her I didn't have any so she finally handed ONE away!!! Laundry mat was a cave in the middle of all their clutter in the back of the office. The biggest joke was, that they had crack heads cleaning up the rooms!!!! Shallow, nasty spot. Never had an awful experience in my life like this. Thank goodness I had my king to reassure me. This place needs to be inspected by the city.. Straight illegal spot to even have rights to be open.