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3 hrs ago | The American Conservative

Is Iraq Becoming Americaa s Gaza?

During Israel's recent war with Hamas, which took place at the same time as the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham was conducing its barbaric campaign in Mesopotamia and the Levant, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hoped to score a few points with Americans and other Westerners by equating the Palestinian Islamist movement ruling the Gaza Strip with the radical Sunni forces leading a Caliphate in Iraq and Syria. But if the communist regimes and movements didn't constitute a monolithic bloc during the Cold War, the West isn't facing a unified Islamist force today.


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11 hrs ago | OpEdNews

Palestinian reconciliation at crossroads

President Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah movement, which he commands, have unleashed a media campaign against Hamas and the resistance. If pressure from the Palestinian public fails to stop the campaign, Abbas may achieve politically what Israel failed to achieve militarily: forcing the Palestinian presidency to choose "peace with Israel" over national reconciliation.


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15 hrs ago | The New York Observer

Naomi Wolf's Misinformed and Disingenuous Defense of Hamas

Recently, Naomi Wolf has stirred up a commotion over my recent column entitled, "Naomi Wolf's Embrace of Hamas Spells the Fall of a Feminist Icon." Naomi threatened legal action against The Jerusalem Post claiming that she does not in any way embrace Hamas.


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22 hrs ago | Israellycool

NIF's Ben Murane Tells Us How He Really Feels

As the 2009 Gaza war known as Operation Cast Lead raged and rockets rained down upon Israeli civilians, New Israel Fund's Ben Murane condemned the two groups he described as terrorist entities equally responsible for the conflagration; Israel and Hamas. Fast forward to 2014 and Operation Protective Edge where the same Ben Murane has been welcomed into the most inner of inner Jewish leadership circles in Seattle, playing a key role in determining the community's response to the latest war against the Jewish state.


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Sun Sep 14, 2014

Arutz Sheva Israel News

Middle East, 7:27 AMQaradawi Opposes US Action against IS

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars and considered the leading decisor on Sunni Muslim religious law, opposes an American military operation against the Islamic State . Qaradawi tweeted: "I oppose ISIS in its ideological path and its methods of action, but I will never agree that the country to fight it be the United States, which is not motivated by the values of Islam, but by its own interests, even if blood is spilled as a result."


The Times of Israel

Kuwait's deputy PM to visit Ramallah

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon shakes hands with Kuwait's First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah as he prepares to leave Kuwait airport after meeting officials, in Kuwait, Monday, July 21, 2014. Sheikh Sabah al-Khaled al-Sabah's visit will be the first by a high-ranking Kuwaiti official to the West Bank since 1967 and "signals the long-standing commitment of Kuwait's leadership and people towards supporting the Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle for restoring their rights on the Arab and international levels," according to the official Kuwait News Agency.


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Sat Sep 13, 2014

The Spokesman-Review

The Arab-Israeli conflict: Arab leaders must choose development over...

The conflict between the Mideast's only democratic nation and terrorists committed to its destruction merits a discussion based on historical realities and moral values. The framing of the Gaza violence as a cyclical issue between two belligerent parties, or as a conflict between a powerful Israel and underdog Hamas, reflects intellectual dishonesty and prejudice.


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As Gaza Recedes in the Rear View Mirror

Americans have a habit of moving on once the guns stop firing. We did it in Afghanistan in the 1980s, tried to do it in Iraq in the 2000s - and now we're doing it in Gaza.


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Jerusalem Post

Disarmament of Hamas nonnegotiable, says Haniyeh

Former Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh vowed on Saturday to continue to bear arms. Speaking at a press conference in Gaza City, he said disarmament was nonnegotiable, adding that Hamas would not disarm, "not for rehabilitating Gaza" and not "for anything."


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Ma'an News Agency

MP: Abbas halted ICC bid on Israeli war crimes

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has blocked an attempt to push for the prosecution of Israel for war crimes in Gaza at the International Criminal Court, the second-deputy speaker of the Palestinian parliament said on Friday. Hasan Khreisha told Ma'an that the Palestinian Authority's decision to join the ICC and thus press charges against Israel for its offensive that killed more than 2,100 and devastated the Gaza Strip was halted by Abbas in order to push forward a new peace talks bid.


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Fri Sep 12, 2014

Juan Cole

The Death of Palestine: Israeli Ambition and Palestinian Weakness

Given the history of Israeli-Palestinian relations alongside the current policies of the Netanyahu administration, the recent Gaza episode can be viewed, in part, as one manifestation of a broader Israeli policy aimed at preventing Palestinian political unity and, by extension, preventing the materialization of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state. Before the Israeli annihilation of swathes of Gaza in July and August of this year, Hamas and Fateh were in the midst of political reconciliation with the hope of forming a unity government.


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Chicago Sun-Times

The Green Prince

"The Drop" is at its best when we can observe how Tom Hardy slowly peels away the layers from his character in a finely calibrated "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them" is an affecting but disjointed film about trauma's impact on one couple and their families. "The Ballad of Narayama" is a Japanese film of great beauty and elegant artifice, telling a story of startling cruelty.


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Arutz Sheva Israel News

Palestine - Goodby Land Swaps, Hello Land Grants

Thought dead and buried after Hamas had shown that it could indiscriminately fire rockets from Gaza into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem over a 50 day period even forcing international carriers to cancel flights into Ben-Gurion International Airport for 24 hours Caroline Glick reported on its amazing resurrection: "On August 31, PLO chief and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told an audience of Fatah members that Egypt had offered to give the PA some 1,600 kilometers of land in Sinai adjacent to Gaza, thus quintupling the size of the Gaza Strip. Egypt even offered to allow all the so-called "Palestinian refugees" to settle in the expanded Gaza Strip.


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The Jewish News Weekly

Busy year of anti-Israel protests on college campuses in offing?

With the 2014 academic year underway, supporters of Israel are worried that this summer's war between Israel and Hamas will provide a shot in the arm for campus proponents of boycott, divestment and sanctions against the Jewish state. Sure enough, U.C. Berkeley Middle Eastern Studies professor Hatem Bazian has co-organized an "international day of action on college campuses for Palestine" on Sept.


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Thu Sep 11, 2014

The Daily Star

Hurrah for a 'Journalist'

While covering the recent Israeli savagery in Gaza, Swedish Radio correspondent Johan-Matthias Sommarstrom was approached by a little boy as he returned to his hotel after a day of reporting in the troubled Strip. The Palestinian boy, about six years old, had dressed up as a journalist with a homemade flak jacket.


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Human Rights Watch: Israel is 'guilty of war crimes'

Palestinians inspect the damage in a classroom at a school which is next to a shopping center that was hit by an Israeli air strike on August 24, 2014. Human Rights Watch issued a report yesterday documenting incidents which took place during the 50-day conflict between Israel and Palestine which it has deemed 'war crimes'.


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Netanyahu loses plot to new Gaza reality

Aside from being a major military setback, Israel's war on Gaza has also disoriented the policies of Prime Minister like never before. Since the announcement of a ceasefire on 26 August, his statements appear erratic and particularly uncertain, an expected outcome of the Gaza war.


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There's only one villain at the United Nations

You've gotta love Anne Bayefsky. Don't know her? Well she's a Canadian unlikely to ever get an Order of Canada.


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Israel's Premier to Face New Gaza Reality

Jonathan Cook reports from the West Bank on How the Media and Human Rights Groups Cover for Israel's War Crimes; Jeffrey St. Clair on Why Israel is Losing; Nick Alexandrov on Honduras Five Years After the Coup; Joshua Frank on California's Water Crisis; Ismael Hossein-Zadeh on Finance Capital and Inequality; Kathy Deacon on The Center for the Whole Person; Kim Nicolini on the Aesthetics of Jim Jarmusch. PLUS: Mike Whitney on the Faltering Economic Recovery; Chris Floyd on Being Trapped in a Mad World; and Kristin Kolb on Cancer Without Melodrama.


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Columbia Spectator

Israel-Palestine doc captures conflict with deft camera, character work

The new film "The Green Prince" tells the story of the Israeli internal security service's top informant, who turned against his father, a top Hamas leader, when he was just 17. The film's use of documentary and re-enactment makes it compelling. The number one source for Israel's internal security service, the Shin Bet, was just 17 when he began his career as a spy.


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