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  1. UPDATE 1-Grupo Mexico plans $1 bln rail unit IPO in late June -presentationRead the original story

    Friday | Reuters

    Mexican mining, transport and infrastructure firm Grupo Mexico plans to raise between 13.7 billion and 16 billion pesos in the initial public offering of its rail unit ITM, according to an analyst presentation. The company plans to price the share offer in the fourth week of June, the presentation, given to analysts earlier this month and reviewed by Reuters on Friday, showed.


  2. Clinton Foundation: Oh, We Made Additional $12-26 Million From...Read the original story w/Photo

    Friday | Townhall

    So, the Clintons have been making some big money since January of 2014. They've made $25 million worth of speaking fees since then, and Guy noted that after they left the White House; Bill began earning $24,000 a day.


  3. Clinton Foundation: Hey, we found another $12M to $26M around hereRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday May 22 | Hot Air

    Hey, it happens. A few coins slip out of the pocket and into the sofa, a check or two gets left on the desk or a few million reported as revenue turn out to be undeclared foreign and corporate donations .


  4. Teachers' Day in Mexico City Brings an Army of Police into the StreetsRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday May 22 | Counterpunch

    Last Friday afternoon in Mexico City, I was waiting for a friend, a dedicated human and civil rights activist for many years in Mexico. He was going to tell me about his work on an initiative recently launched to call for a citizen's convention to draft a new constitution for Mexico.


  5. Found Money Clinton Foundation admits millions of $$ unreportedRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday May 21 | Fox News

    The Clinton Foundation acknowledged Thursday that it had received millions of dollars in payments that had not previously been disclosed under a 2008 ethics agreement with the Obama administration. The Washington Post, citing foundation officials, reported that the payments were categorized internally as "revenue" instead of donations, which exempted the organization from including them in its public list of contributions.


  6. More and more parents are bankrolling their adult childrenRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday May 21 | Silicon Alley Insider

    A poll conducted by student loan lender Sallie Mae found 36% of parents believe they will be supporting their kids for at least two years after they graduate college. That number is up from 18% in 2014.


  7. Clintons Disclose Additional Million$ Under PressureRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday May 21 |

    The Clinton Foundation reported Thursday that it has received as much as $26.4 million in previously undisclosed payments from major corporations, universities, foreign sources and other groups. Thursday's disclosure is one of a number of instances in recent weeks in which the foundation has acknowledged that it received funding from sources not disclosed on its Web site.


  8. Clinton Foundation Discloses More than $12 Million in Speech FeesRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday May 21 | Bloomberg

    Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton gave nearly 100 paid speeches over the past dozen years on behalf of the family foundation. The Clinton Foundation on Thursday disclosed nearly 100 instances in which it was paid directly for speeches delivered by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton over the past 13 years.


  9. Guy Who Put Decent-ish Amount Of Effort Into Facebook IPO Scam Found GuiltyRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday May 20 | Dealbreaker

    Say what you want about Troy Stratos, but the man put elbow grease into his hustle, which included coming up with a fake name 1 , reading the Wikipedia entry for Carlos Slim- who served as an essential piece of the scam-, and continuing to swindle people via his associates from inside a prison cell. Stratos, 49, was found guilty of four counts of wire fraud and two of money laundering.


  10. Former boss slams 'unprofessional' PerezRead the original story

    Wednesday May 20 | Paddock Talk

    Peter Mucke is a well-known name in the formative classes of motor racing, having paved the road to F1 for stars including Sebastian Vettel, Robert Kubica and many others. "His apartment in Berlin looked like a battlefield.


  11. KPN shares fall on potential America Movil exitRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday May 20 | Reuters

    If the bonds are exchanged, Movil will exit the majority of its position in KPN in 2020. However, the terms also provide Movil an option to call the bonds if KPN shares rise sharply.


  12. New York Times slips on its News judgmentRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday May 19 | New York Daily News

    On Monday, Times readers awoke to an article by media reporter Jonathan Mahler called "The Daily News Still Awaits a Savior." The big scoop deals with the impending sale of America's Hometown Newspaper, which is understandably the hottest topic in all of media right now.


  13. Steffy's "Secret" Love Affair About to Be ExposedRead the original story w/Photo

    Monday May 18 | Daily Pundit

    What I did not expect - what no one expected - was the sort of "hidden hand journalism" that has contributed to America's news media's crisis of credibility in particular, and Americans' distrust of the news media more broadly. If Stephanopoulos had disclosed his donations to the very foundation I was there to talk about, perhaps it would have put the aggressive posture of his interview with me in context.


  14. Peter Schweizer: Snuffleupagus Still Has Some Disclosing to DoRead the original story

    Sunday May 17 | Patterico

    Indeed, far from being a passive donor who strokes Clinton Foundation checks from afar, a closer look reveals that Stephanopoulos is an ardent and engaged Clinton Foundation advocate. For example, in his on air apology for this ethical mess, Stephanopoulos did not disclose that in 2006 he was a featured attendee and panel moderator at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative .


  15. What Stephanopoulos still hasn't disclosedRead the original story w/Photo

    Sunday May 17 | Power Line

    George Stephanopoulos has admitted, under pressure, that he is a donor to the Clinton Foundation. He has also acknowledged that he should have so informed his viewers before attempting to light into Peter Schweizer and feebly trying to discredit Peter's reporting about the Clinton Foundation on the grounds that he worked as a speechwriter for President George W. Bush.


  16. The George Stephanopoulos scandal just got worseRead the original story w/Photo

    Sunday May 17 |

    George Stephanopoulos apologized to Good Morning America viewers Friday for failing to disclose donations he made to the Clinton Global Foundation during reports about the organization. He told viewers, "Now I want to address some news you may have... Ever since George Stephanopoulos, a former and likely current consigliere to the Clinton family, who works as a TV talking head for ABC News, revealed that he had given $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation , a debate has raged over the seemliness of a reporter who maintains his former political ties.


  17. Peter Schweizer says Stephanopoulos still has not fully disclosed Clinton Foundation ties to viewersRead the original story w/Photo

    Sunday May 17 | American Thinker

    In a hard-hitting column for USA Today , Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer takes on George Stephanopoulos and ABC News, calling them our for continuing to obfuscate ties to the Clinton Foundation by the network's chief newsman. He lays it on the line in frank language: I agreed to be interviewed, expecting a robust examination of my new book, Clinton Cash , and my reporting on the Clintons' accumulation of massive personal wealth, cronyism and the lack of transparency surrounding the Clintons' foundation.


  18. George Stephanopoulos, Clinton operative?Read the original story w/Photo

    Sunday May 17 |

    Last week, George Stephanopoulos apologized for not disclosing his contributions to the Clinton Foundation. The donations aren't the only things he didn't disclose about the Foundation.


  19. Strange bedfellows: Clinton-bashing media and execs also gave big bucks to the Clinton FoundationRead the original story w/Photo

    Saturday May 16 | The Raw Story

    While potential GOP presidential nominees are questioning contributions being given to the Clinton Foundation, saying contributors were trying to influence then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it turns out that some contributions were coming from people and organizations not normally considered part of the Clinton's inner circle. Like Fox executives and conservative media organizations who make a living disparaging liberals in general, and the Clinton's specifically.


  20. Stephanopoulos, ABC have not fully disclosed Clinton ties: SchweizerRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday May 15 | USA Today

    Stephanopoulos, ABC have not fully disclosed Clinton ties: Schweizer ABC's anchor much closer to Hillary's foundation than he told his viewers. Check out this story on ABC News This Week host and chief anchor George Stephanopoulos delivered when he interviewed me about my new book on the Clinton Foundation last month.