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  1. Analysis: Emboldened Dems take a risk on shutdownRead the original story w/Photo

    14 hrs ago | Seattle Post-Intelligencer

    ... against Republicans in 2013, when the GOP shut down the government for 16 days in a bid to repeal President Barack Obama's health care law. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., center, walks into the Capitol after meeting with President ...


  2. Trump's trip to Davos sets up clash of culturesRead the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago | The Japan Times

    ... Rediker, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington who was appointed by Trump's predecessor Barack Obama to the IMF's executive board, said there was no way to reconcile the WEF's globalist outlook and the Trump dogma. "It will be a ...


  3. Is Trump the Reason the GOP Can't Do a Deal on DACA?Read the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago | Lawyers, Guns, and Money

    Trump set the current crisis in motion last September when he revoked Barack Obama's executive order that protected DREAMERs - young unauthorized immigrants brought to the US as children - from deportation, but he offered no guidance about what he wanted to happen next, other than for Congress to do something. The lack of clarity emboldened immigration hardliners in the GOP caucus while simultaneously raising hopes for a deal among immigration reformers.


  4. Trump's EPA keeps Nazi nerve gas pesticide in useRead the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago | The Union Democrat

    ... the Dow Chemical Co.) to keep selling the noxious substance to farmers and others. In fact, ex-President Barack Obama's EPA didn't move to prevent use of chlorpyrifos (pronounced klawr-peer-uh-fos). Obama's EPA, though, did not claim the evidence ...


  5. Trump tells March for Life: - We are with you all the way'Read the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago | San Mateo Daily Journal

    ... eliminate Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood. The department rescinded guidance to states from President Barack Obama's administration that narrowed the circumstances in which they can exclude a medical provider to cases involving fraud, ...


  6. Democrats hitch party to immigrantsRead the original story

    15 hrs ago | Texarkana Gazette

    ... Democrats in Congress are weighing letting the government shut down rather than permit Trump to abandon Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which protects from deportation around 700,000 "Dreamer" immigrants who arrived in the ...


  7. Pro-Trump GOP staffers wrote the 'secret memo' Republicans are trying to release: reportRead the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago | The Raw Story

    ... the House Intelligence Committee, Nunes has launched his own tangential Russia investigation , notably charging Barack Obama's administration with improperly "unmasking" members of the Trump transition team. Nunes was accused of making that ...


  8. Trump ends first year without hosting any State DinnersRead the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago | WJOL-AM Joliet

    ... platform for the continuation of the serious dialogue that has taken place earlier in the day." President Barack Obama first rolled out the red carpet for India's prime minister Manmohan Singh, while President George W. Bush welcomed Mexico's ...


  9. Shutdown: 11th-hour effort to pass short-term spending bill fails in the SenateRead the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago | WTOP-FM Washington

    ... unlike the one Schumer is employing now - sought to use a must-pass funding bill to try to force then-President Barack Obama into delaying implementation of his marquee health care law. With a shutdown, food inspections, federal law enforcement, ...


  10. Lindsey Graham Switches; Will Back Shutdown Funding BillRead the original story w/Photo

    16 hrs ago | News Max

    ... as 700,000 young people under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program created by former President Barack Obama. The program is set to expire on March 5 - and a DACA plan Graham and Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin proposed last week ... 8 comments

  11. Kathleen Parker: Can there be a charitable reading of 's---hole'? - Fri, 19 Jan 2018 PSTRead the original story w/Photo

    16 hrs ago | The Spokesman-Review

    ... prefer. This conclusion is a low hurdle to leap given Trump's history spearheading the birther movement against Barack Obama, as well as his having tossed racial chum to his base throughout the campaign. Nevertheless, for the sake of argument, it ...


  12. Shutdown would be first since 2013, but not exceptionalRead the original story w/Photo

    16 hrs ago | Daily Journal

    ... party conservatives, cheered on by outside groups, demanded that language to block implementation of President Barack Obama's health care law be added to a must-do funding bill. Then-Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, tried to avoid a shutdown by funding ...


  13. Connelly: Shutdown blame would fall on Trump & Republicans: PollRead the original story

    16 hrs ago | Seattle Post-Intelligencer

    A US Park Police officer pulls police tape across the steps closing access to the Lincoln Memorial bin Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013. Congress plunged the nation into a partial government shutdown Tuesday as a long-running dispute over President Barack Obama's health care law stalled a temporary funding bill, forcing about 800,000 federal workers off the job and suspending most non-essential federal programs and services.


  14. US presses to relocate embassy to Jerusalem by 2019Read the original story

    17 hrs ago |

    ... This month, he said on Twitter that he had cancelled a planned visit to London out of pique that the previous Barack Obama administration had sold "the best located and finest embassy in London for 'peanuts', only to build a new one in an off ...


  15. Trump's short-term achievements will cost conservativesRead the original story w/Photo

    17 hrs ago | The Washington Post

    ... Trump and his supporters have also doubled-down on unwise precedents set by the Obama administration. President Barack Obama investigated leaks to reporters such as James Rosen; Trump now seems to revel in the idea of shutting down whole networks ...


  16. Cuba, U.S. hold talks on law enforcement despite tensionsRead the original story w/Photo

    17 hrs ago | Reuters

    Cuban and U.S. officials concluded on Friday a week of talks on law enforcement cooperation in Washington with a meeting on the combat against illicit drug trafficking, at a time of heightened tensions between the old Cold War foes. The talks show the countries continue to cooperate in some areas despite Republican U.S. President Donald Trump having a tougher stance on the Communist-run island than his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama, as well as an ongoing crisis over alleged health attacks on U.S. diplomats in Havana.


  17. The father, the son and the holey tyre! Pope breaks downRead the original story w/Photo

    17 hrs ago | Daily Mail

    ... the deep sea predators during their alleged affair Using his spare time wisely! Twitter is left convinced that Barack Obama won $22 on game show app HQ Trivia after a player with his name and picture was featured in the winners' round-up Mother of ...


  18. Recent U.S. government shutdownsRead the original story w/Photo

    17 hrs ago | The Oregonian

    As of 4 p.m. on January 19, the United States was hours from a government shutdown deadline , as members of Congress continued to disagree on a spending bill. Government shutdowns happened during the presidencies of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan.


  19. What Trump was saying during the last government shutdownRead the original story

    17 hrs ago | WAAY

    Seven months after former President Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term, House Republicans, with a shove from Sen. Ted Cruz, faced down the White House with an ultimatum: Sign off on legislation that delays or defunds the Affordable Care Act or risk a government shutdown. Obama refused, unsurprisingly, to cut the legs out from under the law he'd spent the first year of his presidency -- and all the political capital that came with it -- selling to lawmakers on Capitol Hill, including dozens of Democrats who would lose their seats in part because of their support for the controversial overhaul.


  20. Border wall tests find heights should keep out crossersRead the original story w/Photo

    17 hrs ago | Manila Bulletin

    ... what Janet Napolitano, now chancellor of the University of California, often said when she was President Barack Obama's homeland security secretary: "You show me a 50-foot wall, and I'll show you a 51-foot ladder." A Customs and Border Protection ...