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  1. 13 greats gifts for the geek guys and gals in your lifeRead the original story w/Photo

    16 hrs ago | TechCrunch

    Welcome to the 2017 TechCrunch Holiday Gift Guide! We check out a lot of really cool stuff here at TechCrunch, so we figured we ought to put that experience to good use and help you get your holiday shopping done quickly. We'll have many more guides rolling out over the coming weeks so check back often! It's 2017, and the golden age of the geek continues.


  2. Giant Bombcast 445: Irish Tax LoopholeRead the original story w/Photo

    Aug 30, 2016 |

    This is the true story of five dudes picked to sit in a room and start getting real about cheap foreign insulin, the brothers Myst, the No Man's Sky refund kerfuffle, Rocket League pangs, the Q4 video game outlook, large anime men, and Adam Jensen's metal behind.


  3. Giant Bombcast 02-16-2010Read the original story w/Photo

    Feb 16, 2010 |

    Topics open for discussion in this week's support group include Vinny's crippling Mass Effect addiction, Jeff's irrational fear of Myst, Ryan's inappropriate Wii Shop music fixation, and Drew's... well, Drew's thing is off-limits for now.


  4. Universal PaperclipsRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 11, 2017 | Boing Boing

    Universal Paperclips is a free "clicker" game where you play as an AI tasked with optimizing production efficiency. It's a game about paperclips, humanity and the end of everything.


  5. Help cover the FCC with 22 million virtual flyersRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 10, 2017 | Boing Boing

    Brett Gaylor from Mozilla writes, "The FCC received 22 million comments in response to its plan to repeal Net Neutrality legislation. So we've created a virtual way for you to drop 22 million virtual leaflets on Ajit Pai at the FCC headquarters .


  6. Hell: classic Mac-style adventure with no-where to goRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 4, 2017 | Boing Boing

    Hell is a ghost of a game, completed in a rush for a game jam, but what's there is a perfectly dark revisiting of those lighthearted 1980s Mac OS exploration games from the age before Myst. Waking up dead, you find yourself exploring a series of surreal but oddly tangible places, many containing seemingly trivial decisions that will affect later events.


  7. New Game: Deer Drive LegendsRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 1, 2017 | MobyGames

    Get your firearms locked and loaded. Deer Drive Legends 3DS takes you to the far corners of the earth to hunt some of the wildest animals rarely seen by the human eye - several even believed to be extinct.


  8. Obduction Review: The Spiritual Sequel To Myst Comes To PS4Read the original story w/Photo

    Sep 18, 2017 | Cinema Blend News

    Cyan's Obduction is the spiritual sequel to Myst , one of the most popular PC games ever made. The new game has now made the leap to consoles and while the overall experience remains intact, it's not without a few bumps in the road.


  9. Obduction reviewRead the original story w/Photo

    Aug 1, 2017 | Eurogamer

    It's a strange thing to think about now, but there was a time when Myst was the best-selling computer game of all time. Shifting more copies than even the almighty Doom, Cyan's enigmatic puzzle game about a series of peculiarly crafted islands stirred up feelings of awe, reverence and curiosity.


  10. PlayStation Store Update - Absolver, Everybody's Golf, Yakuza Kiwami, WindjammersRead the original story w/Photo

    Aug 29, 2017 | Gaming Age

    From the super fun Everybody's Golf , to the retro re-release of Windjammers, there's a whole lot of variety in the digital releases hitting PlayStation platforms over the next several days. There's a little more Yakuza and Resident Evil Revelations, a new surfing and fishing game, a couple of PSVR and PS Vita options and more.


  11. The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 8/29/2017Read the original story w/Photo

    Aug 25, 2017 | Playstation.Blog

    One of the longest-running series in PlayStation history makes its debut on PS4 next week! Grab your clubs and hit the course with Everybody's Golf on August 29. Known as the "Hot Shots Golf" series in the United States, Everybody's Golf continues the franchise's formula of fun and approachable gameplay. Create an avatar and travel to beautiful locales to compete solo or alongside friends.


  12. Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil To Produce 'The Secret...Read the original story w/Photo

    Aug 14, 2017 | Deadline

    Johnny Depp 's Infinitum Nihil has partnered with G4C Innovation's Gudrun Giddings to produce The Secret World , a television series based on the globally successful MMO game The Secret World and its recently released reboot Secret World Legends. The TV adaptation, which is being written by James V. Hart and Jake Hart, with former CSI: NY showrunner Pam Veasey on board as showrunner, will be based on the universe of the Secret World IP.


  13. Spiritual Successor To Myst Is Coming To PS4, Will Add VR SupportRead the original story w/Photo

    Aug 9, 2017 | Cinema Blend News

    Cyan's Obduction managed to rekindle the old-school feeling of mystery, puzzle-solving and exploring gorgeous worlds. The game originally came out on PC after successfully going through the Kickstarter process, and now it's scheduled to release on PS4 and it will have VR support as well.


  14. "Tacoma," the next video game from "Gone...Read the original story w/Photo

    Aug 6, 2017 | Salon

    That was a very long time ago indeed, and yet, the Pentagon Indeed, for much of the twentieth and early twenty-first century, the most popular video games all reflected the genre's origins: first-person shooter series like "Halo," "Counterstrike," "Doom" and "Quake" glamorized warfare and glorified the mythos of the individualistic, lone hero. More literary, novel-like adventure games - like Cyan's acclaimed "Myst" series - were the exceptions to the pistol-packing rule.


  15. Cyan Worlds announces PlayStation VR version of latest title, 'Obduction' - Tue, 18 Jul 2017 PSTRead the original story w/Photo

    Jul 18, 2017 | The Spokesman-Review

    A scene from "Obduction," a puzzle adventure game developed by Mead-based company Cyan Worlds. The independent developer announced Tuesday the game would be available Aug. 29 for the Playstation 4 at a cost of $29.99.


  16. New Game: Jett TailfinRead the original story w/Photo

    Jul 12, 2017 | MobyGames

    This is the challenging and dangerous world of underwater racing! As a fast fish, you will run through several track trying to be first in the speed challenge. The player must be one of the first to qualify and proceed to the next race.


  17. VRDC Speaker Q& A: Hannah Gamiel on moving Obduction to VRRead the original story w/Photo

    Jul 6, 2017 | Gamasutra

    Hannah Gamiel is a Software Engineer at Cyan and will be at VRDC 2017 to present her talk 'Obduction', from 2D to VR: A Postmortem and Lessons Learned , and explore the triumphs and tribulations of the development of 'Obduction'. Here, Gamiel gives us some information about herself and developing games for VR.


  18. Develop: Brighton 2017 Announces Indie Showcase ShortlistRead the original story

    Jun 22, 2017 | GameDev

    Develop:Brighton today announced the shortlisted games to be on display as part of the seventh Indie Showcase, sponsored by Unity. Running on 12 and 13 July within the Develop:Brighton Expo, the Indie Showcase highlights independently-developed games selected by a judging panel of industry experts.


  19. The story behind the sounds of Pong, Pac-Man, and DoomRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 12, 2017 | Boing Boing

    Four video game audio designers explore the psychoacoustics of vintage video games, from the accelerating heartbeat of Space Invaders to the dramatic woosh of Myst's linking books. From Wired : With only a few channels of audio to play with, early videogame designers had to get very creative if they wanted their sounds to stand out.


  20. The early games and tech that inspired a generation of game devsRead the original story w/Photo

    May 22, 2017 | Gamasutra

    " Our father knew that programming and computers would be important, and he thought that games would be a good way to get us interested. It stuck a little too hard.