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  1. Why the Wii U still matters in 2015Read the original story w/Photo

    Friday | Gizmag

    It's been a hard couple of years for Nintendo, but it might finally be time to check out the company's third-place console The Wii U hasn't had the strongest couple of years. Hitting shelves a full year before the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 , and offering an ambitious dual screen experience, there was some excitement building for the system back in 2012.


  2. Wookie-Leaks! Footage of Star Wars: Battlefront PC Alpha SurfaceRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday | AusGamers

    Joab chats with Blizzard's Chris Sigaty about the full release of Heroes of the Storm and the challenges faced in eSports in Australia! With the recent Kickstarter success of Shenmue 3, we take a look at the Sega Dreamcast game that started it all. With alpha testing for Star Wars: Battlefront on PC due to commence very soon comes footage of the game in action.


  3. Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Footage Leaked From Alpha TestRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Jul 2 | Cinema Blend News

    A couple of new videos have been leaked for Star Wars: Battlefront , showing the game's alpha gameplay across Hoth and Tatooine. The survival mode goes on for a few waves and the other videos show the game's standard multiplayer PvP in action.


  4. Star Wars Battlefront Isn't Battlefield Game, DICE SaysRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Jul 1 | Cinema Blend News

    Ever since it was announced that DICE would be in charge of developing Star Wars: Battlefront and that the game would be running on the very prestigious Frostbite 3 game engine, many fans instantly began questioning if that meant that Star Wars: Battlefront would turn into Star Wars: Battlefield . Well, DICE assures gamers that the two will stay very separate.


  5. EA's Moore: 'A lot of publishers just throw stuff up against a wall'Read the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Jul 1 |

    Peter Moore, COO of Electronic Arts, is one of the few big executives that isn't afraid to speak his mind. In interviews, on Twitter, even in our comments section, he can be relied on to step in and make himself heard when the situation calls for it.


  6. Why you shouldn't buy Arkham Knight on PC [even when it's fixed]Read the original story

    Tuesday Jun 30 |

    We like to pretend we aren't. We like to pretend we're tough customers who don't accept bullshit from anybody.


  7. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour's first gameplay video brings us to one of only ...Read the original story

    Tuesday Jun 30 | Polygon

    Rory McIlroy PGA Tour publisher EA Sports offered a look at raw gameplay from the upcoming golf title for the first time today, in a lengthy clip of footage from the career mode. The seven-minute video of the Arnold Palmer Invitational highlights Rory McIlroy PGA Tour 's new Quick Rounds.


  8. Hardline's AchievementsRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jun 30 | IGN

    Battlefield Hardline features a total of 40 achievements worth 1000 G on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC via Origin. The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions feature 41 Trophies: 1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 14 Silver, and 23 Bronze.


  9. Diablo a s Eternal Conflict Rages on in Heroes of the StormaRead the original story

    Tuesday Jun 30 | Business Wire

    The Eternal Conflict is an extended multiweek event that brings epic new Heroes, Battlegrounds, and more to Blizzard's free-to-play team brawler The Butcher and other legendary characters from Diablo A III enter the Nexus to continue the war over the High Heavens and the Burning Hells the Nexus portal opened on June 2, millions of players around the world have stormed the battlegrounds* as powerful heroes of light, menacing agents of darkness, egg-laying baby amphibians, and stage-diving tauren.


  10. On console, PlanetSide 2 is as opaque, frustrating and brilliant as it was on PCRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jun 30 | Eurogamer

    Obtuse and overwhelming, PlanetSide 2's gargantuan free-to-play MMOFPS arrives on PlayStation 4 virtually undiminished from its PC incarnation. This is still a game that makes few concessions for new players, bombarding you with icons, mission updates and map markers but pretty much leaving you to figure things out for yourself.


  11. Review: Elgato Game Capture HD60 - Form, Function, FunRead the original story w/Photo

    Monday Jun 29 |

    With services like Twitch and YouTube live streaming becoming nothing but more popular, a new market of third party hardware that allows the general user to capture and upload those epic gaming moments straight to their site or channel has arisen. The Elgato Game Capture HD60 represents one of, if not the best total package systems on the market with a beautiful form factor, great built-in software suite, and overall capability that makes it the obvious choice for the aspiring streamer.


  12. Borderlands Is The Key To A Happy RelationshipRead the original story w/Photo

    Saturday Jun 27 | [H]ard OCP

    I don't know how I missed this awesome article but I think I'm in love. Please feel free to forward this to your significant others.


  13. PlanetSide 2 PS4 Review in ProgressRead the original story w/Photo

    Saturday Jun 27 | IGN

    Across the continents of Auraxis, thousands of players will come together in enormous battles to win control of territory and resources for their empire in PlanetSide 2. My first few hours in PlanetSide 2 , waging war on the beginners-only continent of Koltyr, has felt more like a full-fledged war than the kinds of skirmishes you see in the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield. That's not just because this MMO shooter is enormous in scale and can potentially have hundreds of players engaged in combat at once, and there's a heightened sense of camaraderie and accomplishment, but also that it can sometimes be slow and confusing.


  14. Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition owners on PS4 can't play DLC right nowRead the original story

    Friday Jun 26 | Polygon

    Battlefield Hardline 's first expansion, Criminal Activity , launched last week for Battlefield Premium members. But PS4 players who own Hardline 's Ultimate Edition are reporting on the game's forums that they can't access the DLC right now.


  15. PlayStation Network issues due to 'external' factors affecting some PS3 and PS4 usersRead the original story

    Friday Jun 26 | Polygon

    Some PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users are having trouble playing games on the PlayStation Network, according to the PSN status page . Sony's most recent update, which came at 1:25 p.m. PDT today, says that PS3 and PS4 owners "may be experiencing issues related to launching certain games or game functionality."


  16. Get the Xbox One Master Chief Bundle, More for $349Read the original story

    Friday Jun 26 | PC Magazine

    Whichever bundle you pick, you'll have dozens of hours ahead of you for 50 bucks less than the cost of a PS4. If you've been waiting for a good deal to pop up before investing in a new game console, now's the time to buy.


  17. Digital World Studio releases the first ever VR Tank TrainingRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Jun 25 | MacMegasite

    Digital World Studio Ltd today is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of VR Tank Training, the first ever Virtual Reality Tank Training for iOS & Android. VR Tank Training offers a great 3D gameplay experience and can be played exclusively with 360 head movements and the focus on the targets is achieved only with your eyes.


  18. Jefferies Upgrades EA, Take-Two As Console Cycle Approach 'Sweet Spot'Read the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Jun 24 | Benzinga

    In separate reports published Wednesday, Jefferies analysts upgraded the ratings on Electronic Arts Inc. and Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. from Hold to Buy, citing console sales and digital revenue tailwinds. "Only two years into the new console cycle, we are already approaching a sweet spot where game development becomes less risky and more profitable on a per title basis."


  19. Electronic Arts (EA) Stock Climbing on Analyst UpgradeRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Jun 24 |

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  20. These are Fallout 4's two main voice actorsRead the original story

    Tuesday Jun 23 | Gaming Nexus

    These are the faces of Fallout 4 's main voice actors: Courtenay Taylor and Brian T. Delaney. For the first time, Fallout will have fully voiced protagonists.