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  1. Yet Another Game Takes Inspiration from Silent HillsRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Oct 6 |

    ... successor. We are driven by the lack of truly terrifying games on the market like Alien: Isolation, P.T., F.E.A.R., Amnesia: The Dark Descent and such. We probably could count them on our two hands =(. We really hope some people will consider adding ...


  2. Soma and the art of internal consequenceRead the original story w/Photo

    Monday Oct 5 | Eurogamer

    ... explain that you, the player, can influence the outcome of their narrative. Soma, the latest sci-fi horror outing by Amnesia: The Dark Descent developer Frictional Games, tasks its players with making a series of moral and ethical decisions. ...


  3. SOMA is one of the most thought-provoking games I've ever playedRead the original story w/Photo

    Monday Oct 5 |

    ... path; poignant and noble if you chose the 'good'. Frictional's sci-fi successor to their influential breakout hit, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, derives its true horror not from the nightmarish dread of being stalked by twisted monsters in shadowy ...


  4. The monstrous evolution of Amnesia: The Dark DescentRead the original story w/Photo

    Sunday Oct 4 | Eurogamer

    There's a reasonable argument to be made that Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the most influential games of this decade. Like Minecraft and Dark Souls, the ideas and systems explored in Frictional's masterclass in terror have crept out into other areas of the games industry, like a virus seeking out fresh hosts.


  5. SOMA Sales Figures Revealed, New Trailer AvailableRead the original story

    Saturday Oct 3 |

    SOMA is available for $29.99 on PS4 via the PlayStation Store, and for PC via Steam,, and Humble Store Frictional Games , the creators of the Amnesia and Penumbra series, announced more than 92,000 copies of SOMA sold across all platforms after one week. Amnesia: The Dark Descent sold 30,000 in the first month.


  6. SOMA Is Scarier When The Monsters Aren't AroundRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday Oct 2 | Kotaku

    ... of Frictional Games, wrote on the company's blog this week. Grip cited Frictional's status as "the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent " as one reason players expected the game to be more frightening. He also asserted that SOMA is "very much a ...


  7. The 10 Mac games you need to play from September 2015Read the original story w/Photo

    Friday Oct 2 | ITworld

    ... end with the general premise, as SOMA ($30)-from Frictional Games, the developer behind the utterly terrifying Amnesia: The Dark Descent -opts to focus on telling a compelling story and building an eerie world rather than fill the quest with tense ...


  8. More - Good GameRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday Oct 2 | Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    SOMA Developed by: Frictional Games Published by: Frictional Games Platforms: PC, MAC, PS4 Rated: 15+ HEX Frictional Games, the developer behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent has brought us a new survival horror adventure called SOMA - this time, set deep beneath the ocean. BAJO After the earth's surface is destroyed by an asteroid, a group of Scientists in the sub-facility Pathos 2 are struggling to stay alive.


  9. New trailer for SOMA shows off high review scoresRead the original story

    Friday Oct 2 | Gaming Nexus

    Frictional Games , the makers of the Amnesia series of games, released their latest survival horror adventure, SOMA , about two weeks ago to rave reviews. We called it class leading here on GN .


  10. Review: Soma delivers superb story and chilling gameplayRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Oct 1 |

    ... is inside your head. SOMA is by Frictional Games , the same folks responsible for the equally excellent horror game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent , and if you dig deeper into their past, similar games in the Penumbra series. All of these games rely on ...


  11. Early SOMA Sales Figures RevealedRead the original story

    Thursday Oct 1 | IGN

    ... years." The horror game is currently selling around 2,000 copies per day. Compared to Frictional's previous titles, Amnesia: The Dark Descent sold 20,000 copies in the first week, and its sequel A Machine for Pigs sold 120,000 in week one. ...


  12. SOMA sells 92,000 in ten daysRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Oct 1 |

    ... more important than all of the units sold up to this point." The company also compared the sales to previous titles. Amnesia: The Dark Descent sold 20,000 copies in the first week, while Amnesia: A Machine For Pig sold 120,000. It also noted that ...


  13. Soma has sold 92k copies in a weekRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Oct 1 | Eurogamer

    Frictional's latest sci-fi horror game Soma has shifted 92k copies since it launched last week on PS4 and PC, the developer announced. Comparatively, Amnesia: The Dark Descent sold 20k its first week and 30k in its first month.


  14. SOMA has sold 92,000 copies, will pay for Frictional Games' next two yearsRead the original story

    Thursday Oct 1 | Polygon

    ... to sell at a steady rate of around 2,000 copies per day. In comparison, Frictional says its first major hit, Amnesia: The Dark Descent , sold a mere 30,000 copies in the first month. Its sequel, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs , sold 120,000 in the ...


  15. Syndrome Announced, Survival-Horror It IsRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Oct 1 | ActionTrip

    So, folks, the genre of survival-horror games seems to be pretty much in tact. After games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Outlast, we now have titles like Alien: Isolation and the recently released SOMA - check out Blake's review .


  16. 'SOMA' reviewRead the original story w/Photo

    Sunday Sep 27 |

    ... adding to their pedigree in the survival horror genre. Much like the studio's earlier series, "Penumbra" and "Amnesia", "SOMA" focuses more on the psychological elements of horror. Rather than combat, the emphasis is centered around exploration and ...


  17. SOMARead the original story w/Photo

    Saturday Sep 26 |

    ... already familiar with the name "Frictional Games", then you are almost certainly familiar with their star title, Amnesia: The Dark Descent . Seeking to break the trend of action horror that titles like Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space had made ...


  18. Game Picks: PES 2016, Fifa 16, Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows and moreRead the original story

    Friday Sep 25 | The Straits Times

    ... to scare themselves utterly silly. Frictional Games had crafted what is perhaps the definitive horror game in 2010's Amnesia: The Dark Descent (One Steam user review warns: "Wear a diaper."). It is back this week with Soma . The game is set in an ...


  19. What's Stalking You Beneath the Waves of SOMA?Read the original story

    Thursday Sep 24 | Gamasutra

    After five years of work, Frictional Games' SOMA is available to frighten you. The creation of the developers of the original Amnesia , SOMA takes players deep beneath the ocean, a place where nothing ever goes wrong, right? The robots and people trapped aboard the PATHOS II are probably going to be just fine when you get down there.


  20. MarkiplierRead the original story

    Wednesday Sep 23 | On Social Marketing and Social Change

    ... below, left). Tiny Box Tim is another recurring popular character Markiplier has created who first debuted in an Amnesia custom story playthrough as a small box. The video has gained over 2 million views (shown below, right). The evil version of ...