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  1. Make My DayDON'T Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be CampersRead the original story

    Oct 27, 2011 | American Reporter

    ... and make people think it is important to them. Or, at least, the talk set used to be able to do that until the Tea Party came to Washington in 2010 and turned Congress upside down, as it deserved to be. Ever since then, people have traded in ...


  2. Make My DayNATO, Taliban Take War to TwittersphereRead the original story

    Sep 16, 2011 | American Reporter

    ... Outside the debate, protestors of every stripe held signs and chanted and cheered and shouted and sang as paying Tea Party customers arrived for a dinner and the debate that followed. At the media gate, though, American Reporter editor Joe Shea and ...


  3. MomentumTHE Community and the Ladder of DeathRead the original story

    Aug 28, 2011 | American Reporter

    ... on this point. The glorification of ignorance in the United States means someone like Bachmann, the head of the Tea Party Caucus in Congress and someone who might be best described as Sarah Palin with more drive and ambition, is now one of the ...


  4. On Native GroundTHE Nexus of Climate Change and WarRead the original story

    Aug 18, 2011 | American Reporter

    The Tea Party, mutant spawn of billionaires and the Republican Party, held their spineless parents and the nation hostage during the debt ceiling crisis, and now demands an even greater ransom. Flushed with what they mistakenly believe is success, they have launched an all-out assault upon the presidency.


  5. Market MoverOSAMA Bin Laden: the New Lessons to Be LearnedRead the original story

    May 5, 2011 | American Reporter

    ... care reform effort by the Obama Administration was just starting. There is an important difference, though. The "Tea Party" outbursts during the health care debate were orchestrated by conservative political groups and built on lies, i.e., the death ...


  6. Make My DayLOOK Everyone, I'M a DistractionRead the original story

    Apr 20, 2011 | American Reporter

    It's been pathetic to watch the surrender of President Obama and the Democrats in the face of the Tea Party-fueled Republican goal of spending cuts and austerity for working Americans and tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. President Obama attempted to reclaim the debate with his April 13 speech at George Washington University.


  7. On Native GroundHUNGRY, Broke and Angry People are the Fuel of RevolutionsRead the original story

    Feb 10, 2011 | American Reporter

    ... liberals and extreme conservatives to oppose the Act. Some 26 Republicans, including seven who are allied with the Tea Party voted against the bill. Had those seven Tea Party members voted for the continuation, the bill would have passed. The ...


  8. Andy Oram ReportsTHE Network Neutrality Debate: it All Depends on What You FearRead the original story

    Aug 30, 2010 | American Reporter

    ... that which he inherited. Americans who gleefully click "Forward" or "Reply to all" to the racist jokes, the Tea Party innuendos, and the Moslem-baiting, could have - in fact, should have - leaned back in their chairs and watched the President of the ...


  9. Make My DayWHAT the Bleep is Wrong with Meep?Read the original story

    Thursday May 21 | American Reporter

    ... marriage is presented to the voters to decide upon, it gets rejected. And in upstate New York, we saw that the Tea Party Republicans don't have as much clout as they think. Off-year elections are generally decided by local concerns more than ...


  10. Matt Bevin vs. James Comer: Kentucky-Gov Gop primary race still up in the air.Read the original story w/Photo

    Thursday May 21 | RedState

    This is a little bit of a sticky wicket : "Matt Bevin may have won Kentucky's Republican primary for governor on Tuesday night. Out of more than 214,000 votes cast, the Tea Party conservative was leading James Comer by 83 votes .


  11. Advocacy Group: IRS' Problems 'Won't Be Cured by Removing Lois Lerner'Read the original story w/Photo

    Thursday May 21 | Government Executive

    ... was baked in the cake," wrote reporter Eliana Johnson. The decision by staffers confronting applications from Tea Party and other groups to forward the cases to Washington was done because, she writes, "the Internal Revenue Manual directs tax-law ...


  12. Nathan Mehrens: IRS Getting "Creative"Read the original story

    Thursday May 21 | FITSNews

    In the wake of the IRS scandals involving the targeting of Tea Party and other conservative organizations and leaks of their legally-protected information, one would have thought that the agency would become a little more careful in how it handles its review and enforcement activities. Last year, the IRS quietly promulgated a new, temporary regulation that allows it to give part of its review and enforcement powers to outside entities, such as law firms.


  13. Tea Party Vs. Republican Party: Who Will Win In 2016?Read the original story w/Photo

    Thursday May 21 | Investopedia

    ... in Europe . So far in the United States, the most prominent anti-establishment movement has been the right-wing Tea Party. In some ways the Tea Party is a party within the Republican party, with its own rhetoric, celebrities, media, and donors to ...


  14. Conservatives Blame GOP Leaders For Not Stopping - Fundamental Transformation of America'Read the original story w/Photo

    Monday May 18 | Cybercast News Service

    Republicans are not keeping the campaign promise they made to voters in 2014 to halt President Obama's "fundamental transformation of America," conservative and Tea Party leaders charged in an open letter to Congress on Monday. On April 28, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cited fast-track trade legislation and a bill requiring congressional review of the administration's nuclear deal with Iran as the major accomplishments of the GOP-led 114th Congress so far.


  15. Richard Bammer: GOP brinksmanship: Whistling past the graveyardRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 9, 2013 | The Reporter

    ... bring on a smaller role for federal government in their lives? I can assure Graves and the others, many of them Tea Party members swept into office in the last several years, that they are whistling past the graveyard. In other words, they are ...


  16. Reporting: Great BritainNEW Immigration Rules in Britain Force Students to Look ElsewhereRead the original story

    Jan 20, 2011 | American Reporter

    ... Three months earlier, the sheriff, possibly the most respected law enforcement officer in Arizona, said the Tea Party "brings out the worst in America," and implied that the atmosphere of hate was partially responsible for the resulting murders. ...


  17. American OpinionTHE Fire of Resistance Still Ignites Anti-Nuclear ActivistsRead the original story

    Aug 18, 2010 | American Reporter

    ... argument going into November's election is not that government is too big or doing too much. Aside from the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party, few Americans really believe this. What Americans do want is a government that works for the ...


  18. On Native GroundAUSTERITY for Whom?Read the original story

    Jul 23, 2010 | American Reporter

    ... up the edited video and runs it in the context of black racism, trying to answer charges of racism leveled against Tea Party activists. Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity began bloviating about it hours after the edited tape first surfaced. Then Tom ...


  19. The Tea Party's Most Hated Presidential Hopeful? Hint: Not Hillary ClintonRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday May 21 | Mother Jones

    The tea party hates South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, and the feeling is mutual. It attacked the Republican lawmaker mercilessly during his Senate reelection campaign in 2014, but Graham held his seat with 55 percent of the vote.


  20. Scott Walker's Death PanelsBy Betsy WoodruffRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday May 21 | The Daily Beast

    ... counseling is critical, but Scott Walker would have saved families a lot of grief if he would have stood up to the Tea Party in 2010 instead of this backdoor deal now." Robert Kraig, executive director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin, voiced support ...