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  1. Guess Which Year Is Missing From Bill Clinton's Canonization Speech For Hillary ClintonRead the original story w/Photo

    14 hrs ago | RedState

    Last night, former President Bill Clinton gave a speech at the DNC convention which was intended to 'introduce' a near-septuagenarian harpy to America. It was a fool's task.


  2. Libyan Health Crisis Sharpens As Resources DwindleRead the original story w/Photo

    Monday Jul 25 | Medical Daily

    Unable to get specialist care for his six-year-old daughter in Libya or a visa for treatment abroad, Abdulhakim Shaybi bought a motor boat and set off with her last month across the Mediterranean. Two-and-a-half hours into their journey from Sabratha in western Libya, they reached a European ship deployed to rescue migrants.


  3. Libyan female Olympic swimmer challenges taboos Tripoli (AFP) - Few...Read the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Jul 20 | Yahoo!

    Few Libyan women would wear a swimming costume in public, but Daniah Hagul wants to help change a conservative society when she competes at the Rio Olympics. In Libya "a significant number of boys but hardly any other girls swim, so I hope that they watch me and are inspired to do the same," said the 17-year-old.


  4. Home of the Hittites awaits visitorsRead the original story w/Photo

    Sep 13, 2011 | Turkish Daily News

    The ancient capital of the Hittite civilization, known as Hattusha, is the only ancient city on both the UNESCO World Heritage List and the Memory of the World Register, as well being Turkey's first national excavation field, and offers visitors an opportunity to experience some monumental structures. One of Turkey's most important tourism centers, the Central Anatolian province of A orum is home to the cultural heritage of one of the first Anatolian civilizations, the Hattis, and the Hittite civilization.


  5. Michelle Malkin: Iovi et bovi: The Teflon Hillary standardRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Jul 7 |

    There is a classic Latin epigram about double standards that resounds in the aftermath of the FBI's surrender this week to the corruptocracy: Jove is the Roman god Jupiter, untouchable ruler of the skies, wielder of the lightning bolt.


  6. The damning things the FBI said about Clinton'saRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jul 5 | Press & Sun-Bulletin

    The damning things the FBI said about Clinton's email FBI Director James Comey says Clinton sent and received top secret info over her personal email system. Check out this story on The FBI recommended Hillary Clinton shouldn't face charges over her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.


  7. AP Interview: Libya PM says UN-backed unity deal unworkableRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jul 5 | Fairfield Citizen-News

    Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni, speaks during an interview with the Associated Press at the Libyan embassy in Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, July 5, 2016. Al-Thinni of the interim government based in the eastern region, told The Associated Press that the UN-brokered deal has reached a deadlock.


  8. The damning things the FBI said about Clinton's emailRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jul 5 | USA Today

    The damning things the FBI said about Clinton's email FBI Director James Comey says Clinton sent and received top secret info over her personal email system. Check out this story on FBI Director James Comey announced Tuesday that the bureau is recommending the Justice Department pursue no charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a personal email account to handle government business.


  9. Since Benghazi (two-year, $7M investigation), dozens of shootings: Letters to the EditorRead the original story w/Photo

    Sunday Jul 3 | The Oregonian

    Benghazi and gun violence: Rep. Trey Gowdy and his committee spent two years and $7 million on a largely redundant report attempting to ascertain what others might have done to save American lives at the U.S. embassy in Libya. Since Benghazi, there have been more than a dozen mass shootings in our country.


  10. Clinton Benghazi and Lynch meeting fireworks: Darcy cartoonRead the original story w/Photo

    Sunday Jul 3 | The Plain Dealer

    While the GOP's Hillary Clinton Benghazi fireworks fizzled, the fallout from Bill Clinton's meeting with Loretta Lynch likely won't. Republicans should maybe consider changing their symbol from an elephant to a coyote.


  11. Hillarymoji is an iPhone keyboard for pantsuit-starved millennials - CNETRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday Jul 1 | CNET

    Politicians are forever trying to appeal to younger audiences, usually while being maligned for it . But for Hillary Clinton, could emojis be the key to reaching millennials and wavering Bernie Sanders supporters? Software developer Tanooki Labs appears to think so.


  12. Archaeology season opens in AntalyaRead the original story w/Photo

    Sep 13, 2011 | Turkish Daily News

    Archaeological excavations in the southern province of Antalya will start this month in 15 different spots, including ancient cities, caves and mounds. Antalya was home to the ancient cities of Lycia and Pamphylia, which include traces from the Paleolithic age.


  13. US Finds Progress Slow Against Human Trafficking in AfricaRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Jun 29 | Voice of America

    Migrants, who tried to flee to Europe, travel in a dinghy after they were stopped by Libyan coast guards and made to head to Tripoli, Sept. 29, 2015.


  14. Trump releases second video on 'Lying Crooked Hillary' siteRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Jun 29 |

    After recently taking aim at Hillary Clinton 's handling of the attack on a U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya as Secretary of State, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has released a second video on his Lying Crooked Hillary website, this one attacking Clinton's claim that there was no classified material on her infamous private email server. The video, entitled "Clinton Lies About Classified Material On Her Server," is listed as the second of "10 Legendary Lies" that the Trump campaign is planning on revealing.


  15. The Clinton/Obama Benghazi Scapegoating of Free Speech Continues to Hide in Plain SightRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Jun 29 | Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

    House Select Committee report reinforces what we already knew: In moments of danger and stress, the Democratic elite will respond to violence with censorship On September 11, 2012, at 7:30 p.m., when Ambassador Chris Stevens was still considered missing and soldiers Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were still alive, the White House convened an emergency teleconference of senior national security personnel, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to discuss the ongoing chaos at the U.S. diplomatic annex in Benghazi, Libya.


  16. Benghazi investigation: No wrongdoing by Clinton, 'failure to foresee' threatRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jun 28 | Al Bawaba

    The 800-page report by the House Select Committee on Benghazi led by Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy included new details about the night of the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks.


  17. Ambassador Stevens's Family: Hillary Clinton Is Not to Blame for BenghaziRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jun 28 | Little Green Footballs

    OK, so let's do that; what does Ambassador Stevens' family really think about Hillary Clinton's responsibility in the Benghazi attack? Here are the words of his sister, Dr. Anne Stevens : Dr. Anne Stevens, the sister of Ambassador Chris Stevens, has served as a family spokesperson since his death. She is the chief of pediatric rheumatology at Seattle Children's Hospital.


  18. Truth about the Benghazi liesRead the original story

    Tuesday Jun 28 | Washington Times

    "The big lie" has been a staple of governments since a cartel of cave men organized the official denial that the bigger cavemen were taking the choicest cuts of the wild razorbacks for themselves. The elites of the cave establishment had rules for themselves and different rules for everybody else.


  19. Chris Stevens's Family: Don't Blame Hillary Clinton for BenghaziRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jun 28 | The New Yorker

    On Tuesday, the House Select Committee on Benghazi, which is controlled by a Republican majority, charged the Obama Administration with diplomatic miscalculations, security failures, and a lengthy delay in rescue efforts, which contributed to the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, after an attack on the United States Mission in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012. Initially, the State Department believed that the attack was inspired by an anti-Muslim video.


  20. Susan Rice's Claim That Benghazi Attack Was Result of Video...Read the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jun 28 |

    State Department employees were reportedly shocked to see former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice go on five Sunday shows and blame the 2012 Benghazi attacks on an obscure anti-Muslim internet video. According to the final report released Tuesday by the House Select Committee on Benghazi, employees within Hillary Clinton's own State Department were immediately surprised by the claim, which administration officials were later forced to walk back.