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  1. Android Studio for beginners, Part 1: Installation and setupRead the original story

    1 hr ago | ITworld

    ... to preview layouts on multiple screen configurations. Google provides Android Studio for the Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. You can download this software from the Android Studio homepage. (You'll also find the traditional SDKs, with ...


  2. Linux at 25: Kernel Development by the NumbersRead the original story w/Photo

    1 hr ago | Application Development Trends

    With this week marking the 25th anniversary of the open source Linux OS, The Linux Foundation has issued a new report on the massive development effort that shapes the Linux kernel. That foundational OS component has been built by some 14,000 contributing developers from more than 1,300 companies since these metrics started being tracked in 2005, according to the just-published Linux Kernel Development report .


  3. Linux Has Come a Long Way in 25 YearsRead the original story w/Photo

    3 hrs ago | CNet News

    Linux is celebrating its silver anniversary at LinuxCon. Here's a look at how development of the Linux kernel has advanced since the open-source OS' debut 25 years ago.


  4. 5,062 Developers and Nearly 500 Companies Helped Write the Latest Version of LinuxRead the original story

    4 hrs ago | DevX

    The Linux Foundation has released its annual report on Linux development, titled "Linux Kernel Development: How Fast It is Going, Who is Doing It, What They are Doing, and Who is Sponsoring It." It notes that between Dec. 7, 2104, and today, 5,062 individuals and nearly 500 corporations have contributed 115,000 changes to the Linux kernel.


  5. Microsoft PowerShell Goes Open SourceRead the original story w/Photo

    5 hrs ago | Data Center Knowledge

    Microsoft this week announced that PowerShell is now open sourced and available on Linux, the start of a development process that aims to enable users to manage any platform from anywhere, on any device. The task-based command-line shell and scripting language utilizes .NET framework and is widely used by managed services providers and other IT professionals to control and automate administration of operating systems and applications.


  6. Linus Torvalds on Early Linux History, GPL License and MoneyRead the original story w/Photo

    5 hrs ago | Data Center Knowledge

    What drove Linus Torvalds to create Linux, the open source kernel that turns twenty-five this week? Here are some answers from Torvalds himself about Linux's early history. More than a year ago, I wrote an article arguing that at the outset, open source "was about saving money, not sharing code."


  7. Microsoft Apps Will Be Pre-loaded On Lenovo and Motorola Android DevicesRead the original story w/Photo

    6 hrs ago | Slashdot

    An anonymous reader writes: There was a time when Microsoft was seen as the enemy of Linux and Apple communities. Understandably, at the time, the company only wanted Windows to succeed.


  8. Why are GitHub and censoring content?Read the original story w/Photo

    6 hrs ago | Network World

    ... ger of SUSE. On this here blog, he seeks to accomplish two goals: 1) To be the voice of reason and practicality in the Linux and Open Source world. 2) To highlight the coolest things happening throughout the world of Linux.


  9. LinuxCon: Open Source Part of Day-to-Day Operations at MicrosoftRead the original story w/Photo

    6 hrs ago | CNet News

    Wim Coekaerts spent 21 years working at Oracle, much of it running Oracle's Linux efforts. Five months ago, he left Oracle to join Microsoft, where he now serves as corporate vice president of enterprise open source.


  10. Updates from LinuxCon and ContainerCon, Toronto, August 2016Read the original story w/Photo

    7 hrs ago | Linux Journal

    The first 25 years of Linux has transformed the world, not just computing, and the next 25 years will continue to see more growth in the Open Source movement, The Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin said during the opening keynote of LinuxCon/ContainerCon in Toronto on Monday, August 22, 2016. "Linux is the most successful software project in history", Zemlin said, noting that the humble operating sytem created by Linus Torvalds 25 years ago this week is behind much of today's software and devices.


  11. LinuxCon: Q&A with inventor of, um, Microsoft PowerShellRead the original story w/Photo

    7 hrs ago | CIO

    Yes, the idea of sitting down with a Microsoft technical fellow at a Linux conference is still somewhat counterintuitive, but times have changed - Redmond is no longer the inimical enemy of all things open-source. Quite the opposite, these days, Microsoft, under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella, has begun to embrace open-source in a big way, releasing key software components like .NET as open-source, making its Azure cloud Linux-compatible, and acquiring companies that boost its presence in the open-source world.


  12. CNCF Offers Open Source Developers Free Access to Its 1000 Node Server Community ClusterRead the original story w/Photo

    8 hrs ago | Market Wire

    ... industry's top developers, end users, and vendors; and serves as a neutral home for collaboration. CNCF is part of The Linux Foundation. For more information about CNCF, please visit: . The Linux Foundation has registered trademarks ...


  13. Linux at 25: Containers and unikernels prove less is moreRead the original story w/Photo

    9 hrs ago | Network World

    If there's been one constant through Linux's 25 years in the wild, it's change . The kernel itself has been through dozens of revisions; Linux distributions for most every use case have emerged; and the culture of Linux has evolved from weekend hobby project to an underpinning of worldwide IT infrastructure.


  14. Another day, another 4,600 lines of Linux kernel codeRead the original story w/Photo

    9 hrs ago | InfoWorld

    The Linux kernel is improving faster than ever, gaining 7.8 patches per hour and 4,600 lines of new code every day. That's according to a new report published Monday by the Linux Foundation and focusing on the state of kernel development.


  15. Happy 25th birthday, Linux | TechCrunchRead the original story

    9 hrs ago | Peter O'Kelly's Reality Check

    A big week for anniversaries; also see Happy Internaut Day: 25 years ago today the World Wide Web opened to the public "Linux will turn 25 years old on August 25, the day Linus Torvalds sent out his fateful message asking for help with a new operating system. "I'm doing a operating system for 386 AT clones.


  16. Fedora 25 Linux OS to Arrive on November 15, Ship with Wayland by DefaultRead the original story

    10 hrs ago | Linux Today

    Wayland is a modern technology, the next generation display server designed as a drop-in replacement for the old X.Org Server or X11 as many of you out there might want to call the display server almost all GNU/Linux distributions are currently using by default. But there are many security-released issues with X11 that for some reason can't be fixed, so it's time for the open-source ecosystem to adopt Wayland.


  17. Red Hat: 2016:1654-01: qemu-kvm-rhev: Moderate AdvisoryRead the original story

    11 hrs ago |

    An update for qemu-kvm-rhev is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6.0 for RHEL 7. Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact [More...] Red Hat Security Advisory Synopsis: Moderate: qemu-kvm-rhev security update Advisory ID: RHSA-2016:1654-01 Product: Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Advisory URL: Issue date: 2016-08-23 CVE Names: CVE-2016-5126 CVE-2016-5403 1. Summary: An update for qemu-kvm-rhev is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6.0 for RHEL 7. Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact of Moderate.


  18. News feed has movedRead the original story

    May 20, 2010 | Netcraft

    ... September 2014, Lightcrest has maintained a 99.97% uptime record. Four of June's top ten hosting company sites ran on Linux operating systems, with a further three using FreeBSD. Also appearing were Citrix Netscaler and SmartOS, powering one site ...


  19. Ubuntu...I love you, I hate youRead the original story

    May 12, 2010 | ASP.NET Blogs

    I have been working on seeing if a .NET 3.5 application will port over to Linux, Ubuntu to be specific. I started with version 9.01, then 9.10 and now 10.04 as I find more and more that I need from Mono.


  20. Almost open: BIOS and firmware update tips for Linux usersRead the original story w/Photo

    13 hrs ago | Red Hat Magazine

    I suppose I'm lucky in that for more than 10 years my primary work environment has been Linux-based, yet all to often I've been forced to dig out a DOS or Windows image because I need to patch some BIOS device firmware. These days I don't own anything than has a valid Windows license, and even my 2008 white MacBook has spent most of its life running either Ubuntu or Fedora.