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  1. Indo-Iranian ReligionRead the original story w/Photo

    Sunday Jan 7 | Ask MetaFilter

    Are there any texts written by pre-zoroastrian Iranians


  2. Star Wars is a religion that primes us for war and violenceRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday Jan 5 | 24 Hours

    ... priests of the powerful Sasanian Empire said was in those conversations when they wrote them down in the Zoroastrian sacred script known as the Avesta some 14 or so centuries after he died - that you find Star Wars' religious roots. Sasanian priests ...


  3. The challenge of the magiRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Jan 4 | Griffin Daily News

    ... are astrologers of sorts who seek to find meaning in the movement of the stars. They are actually priests of the Zoroastrian faith. That faith is certainly monotheistic but it is not the faith of Abraham. In their sacred writings, the Avesta, many ...


  4. Corpus Avesticum Berolinense.Read the original story

    Wednesday Dec 27 | Languagehat.com

    We are happy to announce that we have got today the confirmation that the German Research Foundation has decided to fund our new project Corpus Avesticum Berolinense for the next 12 years at the Institute of Iranian Studies, Freie UniversitA t Berlin. This gives us the opportunity to undertake the expected new edition of all Zoroastrian rituals attested in the Avestan manuscripts.


  5. Jesus's virgin birth: Borrowed from the mystery religions?Read the original story w/Photo

    Sunday Dec 24 | Jamaica Observer

    ... from Syria/Palestine-the cult of Adonis and from Persia (modern Iran) - the cult of Mithra (twin brother of the Zoroastrian god Ahura Mazda). Before responding to one of the claims of borrowing or influence, we point out that it is crucial to check ...


  6. A Return to Yaghnob ValleyRead the original story w/Photo

    Monday Dec 18 | Slate Magazine

    ... and Samarkand in modern-day Uzbekistan. According to the Avesta , the primary collection of sacred texts for the Zoroastrian faith practiced under the Achaemenid Emperor Cyrus the Great, Sogdiana was the second-finest land made by the deity Ahura ...


  7. Professing Faith: Celebration of Nowruz is linked to Zoroastrian faithRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 22, 2017 | Redlands Daily Facts

    ... the light. It is the Persian New Year, and it represents a time of renewal. Nowruz seems to go back the ancient Zoroastrian faith, which many scholars believe to be the first monotheistic religion. Zoroastrianism emerged around 600 B.C. with the ...


  8. Scent and the Spirit: Fragrance in Zoroastrian and Jewish TraditionsRead the original story w/Photo

    Nov 21, 2017 | Perfumer & Flavorist

    ... is the best good, and is happiness. Happy is the man who is an embodiment of perfect righteousness"). Zoroastrian worship takes place in holy fire temples with sacred fires consecrated on various levels. Fire in Zoroastrianism symbolizes divine ...


  9. 'Jiyo Parsi' scheme gives vanishing community hopeRead the original story w/Photo

    Nov 9, 2017 | The Times of India

    ... fertility initiative since it was launched four years ago in a bid to help reverse a dramatic decline in India's Zoroastrian population. The programme, which provides Parsi couples with free in-vitro fertilization treatment, has been hailed a ...


  10. The British Museum Is Living With Gods In A Revelatory ExhibitionRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 31, 2017 | Londonist

    These tiles feature the constantly burning fire to represent Ahura Mazda, the Zoroastrian god. A The Trustees of the British Museum What unites 85% of the world's population? It's the faith in something or someone greater than themselves, driving the the 4,ooo or so religions that exist today.


  11. Where we belong: The fight of Parsi women in interfaith marriagesRead the original story

    Oct 21, 2017 | The Indian Express

    ... point for them was the death of a young Parsi woman, Roxan Darshan, in an accident. Darshan was a practising Zoroastrian, the daughter of a prominent Parsi family, who had married a Gujarati man under the Special Marriages Act, 1954. "Her body was ...


  12. The land of somaRead the original story w/Photo

    Sep 21, 2017 | The Indian Express

    ... to be untenable on very simple considerations based on a comparative study of the Rig Veda (RV) and the related Zoroastrian sacred text Avesta (AV). The Rig Vedic and Avestan languages are essentially the same, with very minor differences in ...


  13. Learn more about Zoroastrians, followers of an ancient faithRead the original story w/Photo

    Aug 23, 2017 | Redlands Daily Facts

    ... 250 BC to 227 AD. This is when Christ was born and when Christianity spread in the Middle East. However, the Zoroastrian religion also flourished during the Sassanian period-226 AD to 651 AD. King Yazdagard the Third was the last ruler for the ...


  14. It's Parsi New Year Navroz today: Know about Zoroastrianism philosophy that Parsis followRead the original story w/Photo

    Aug 17, 2017 | Merinews

    The religion of Paris is based on Zoroastrian monotheism philosophy which was prevalent in Iran before the advent of Islam. However, due to spread of Islam, they were termed as fire-worshippers and unclean people and chased away.


  15. This 170-yr-old Fire Temple was built by 2 brothersRead the original story w/Photo

    Aug 12, 2017 | The Times of India

    ... the year. The devout also place burning candles at the mouth of the well. "Fire occupies a prominent place in Zoroastrian eschatology. Zoroastrian priests take precautions to keep the fire alive throughout the year. Earlier, our community used ...


  16. ZoroasterRead the original story w/Photo

    Aug 2, 2017 | The Free Dictionary

    ... with the authorship of the Yasna Haptanghaiti as well as the Gathas , hymns which are at the liturgical core of Zoroastrian thinking. Most of his life is known from the Zoroastrian texts. By any modern standard of historiography, no strictly ...


  17. Where did Aryans come to India from? Genetics is beginning to affirm...Read the original story w/Photo

    Jul 24, 2017 | The Indian Express

    ... of this family; they are the only peoples who have left behind literature, with the Rig Veda being closer to the Zoroastrian text Avesta than to the later Vedas. A clue to the geographical location of the original PIE homeland is provided by the ...


  18. Astha Butail Named BMW Art Journey Award WinnerRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 8, 2017 | Artforum Intl.

    ... Julian Charriere and Beijing-based artist Lin Ke. For her BMW Art Journey, Butail plans to investigate the Zoroastrian Avesta, Jewish Oral Torah, and Indian Veda traditions by experiencing and recording their different memory techniques as well as ...


  19. ShahnamehRead the original story w/Photo

    May 11, 2017 | The Free Dictionary

    ... of the religion with the death of the last Sassanid ruler of Persia during the Muslim conquest and an end to the Zoroastrian influence in Iran. The Shahnameh is a monument of poetry and historiography , being mainly the poetical recast of what ...


  20. Mumbai's proud Bawis say courts and clerics are demanding the impossibleRead the original story w/Photo

    Apr 30, 2017 | Mid-Day Mumbai

    Persis Khatau enjoys a word game with daughter Dimple Makwana , grand-daughters Divyana Chikhal and Jiyah Makwana. Pic/Satej Shinde Veera Sawkar's amusement at the mention of what is in fact, a serious matter affecting the lives of women from the Zoroastrian community, is understandable if you belong to the more-than-3500-year-old faith.