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  1. Is it heresy for Baptists to baptize a baby? One pastor's example sparks debateRead the original story w/Photo

    May 18, 2015 | Salt Lake Tribune

    The sprinkling-style baptism of a Dayton, Ohio, infant - a scene heartwarming and commonplace for Catholics and mainline Protestants - is touching off accusations of doctrinal heresy in the evangelical world. In April, an influential American Baptist Churches USA pastor performed the rite, which most Baptists believe is reserved for Christians who are able to make a mature confession of faith.


  2. No, American Christianity is not deadRead the original story w/Photo

    May 18, 2015 | CNN

    Evangelicals such as Pastor Carl Lentz, leader of Hillsong Church in New York, form the largest faith group in the United States, encompassing 25.4% of the adult population, according to a new Pew Research Center study. The Rev. 1 comment

  3. Art of the state: how govts sculpt your mind with fine propagandaRead the original story w/Photo

    May 18, 2015 | Crikey

    Recently, Tehran became a gallery for Western art. City billboards which are usually reserved for glorifying past wars, for promoting the Mullahs' version of Islam or with denouncing the American devil, have been given over to giant prints of Magritte, Hockney, Picasso, Matisse and Monet.


  4. Exodus' most important versesRead the original story w/Photo

    May 17, 2015 | Bluffton Today

    The Hebrews spent 430 years in Egypt, at first as privileged guests but later as persecuted laborers. "Exodus" means exiting, and the book of Exodus tells of the escape from Egypt led by Moses and covers the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.


  5. Paths of the Spirit: The exquisite beauty of the simple giftsRead the original story w/Photo

    May 14, 2015 | Las Cruces Sun-News

    The old Shaker hymn says, "Tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be free; 'tis a gift to come down where you ought to be." As you look at Shaker furniture or architecture or woven crafts you see the truth of that hymn wrought in material objects.


  6. As I see it: The Vatican channels war against IsraelRead the original story w/Photo

    May 14, 2015 | Jerusalem Post

    The Vatican this week agreed a treaty with the Palestinians, to cover its interests in the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza, which referred to its treaty partners as the "state of Palestine." When the newly elected Pope Francis came to Israel last year, making the Holy Land his first overseas visit, he let it be known that he wanted to put relations between the Vatican and the Jewish people onto a different footing.


  7. Pope ponders paganismRead the original story w/Photo

    May 15, 2015 | American Thinker

    Before Constantine, Romans worshipped 12 main gods, including Apollo , Diana , Flora , Uranus , Ceres , Gaia , and of course Bacchus , Venus , and Mars . Some of these gods demanded tribute and sacrifice.


  8. There Might Be a 'The Craft' Remake Because Apparently Nothing Is Sacred AnymoreRead the original story w/Photo

    May 14, 2015 | ETonline

    We should have expected this, but still: Please don't remake The Craft , please don't remake The Craft , please don't remake The Craft , please don't remake The Craft . Something Wiccan is apparently this way coming...again, as The Hollywood Reporter claims Sony has enlisted Indie horror movie director Leigh Janiak to co-write and direct a remake of the 1996 cult classic.


  9. Acts 17:15, 22-18:1 Tough CrowdRead the original story

    May 13, 2015 | DFW Catholic

    Not in Corinth, a place saturated with vice and sailors; nor in Macedonia, a region containing pagan veterans and uneducated yokels; nor even in Rome, home to deranged emperors, emperor cults, and gladiator madness; but in Athens, home to great philosophers, artists, and leaders does Paul find his greatest challenge in evangelizing. Out of any group of people, Paul should have had the easiest time converting people already so close to the Truth, a people so well versed in the language of religion and spirituality.


  10. The Rant ...Read the original story w/Photo

    May 14, 2015 | The Memphis Flyer

    Sometimes I think I'm a little bit strange. Shut up, peanut gallery! I think I'm a little bit strange because I just don't see the world like other people see it and therefore don't quite fit into it like other people do.


  11. Penny Dreadful: Helen McCrory on Playing Season 2's Seductive Big BadRead the original story w/Photo

    May 14, 2015 | Collider

    From acclaimed writer John Logan , the Showtime horror drama Penny Dreadful is back. As Vanessa Ives and Ethan Chandler form a deeper bond, the group, including Sir Malcolm , Dr. Frankenstein and Sembene , must unite to banish the evil forces that threaten to destroy them.


  12. Southern Baptist leaders react to study of 'America's Changing...Read the original story w/Photo

    May 13, 2015 | Florida Baptist Witness

    The number of Christians in America has dropped nearly 8 percentage points since 2007 while the number of religiously unaffiliated adults has increased by nearly 7 percentage points during the same period. That's the finding of the Pew Research Center's 200-page study of "America's Changing Religious Landscape" released May 12. The survey of some 35,000 adults drew a variety of reactions from Southern Baptist leaders.


  13. Seven Days to LiveRead the original story w/Photo

    May 13, 2015 | Colorado Springs Independent

    In The Hans Christian Andersen Storybook , currently playing at Simpich Showcase , the Ugly Duckling, a fidgety bundle of marabou feathers and strings, finds himself talking to his story's creator, and asks what's up with his name when confronted with the title of his tale. "I'm just a little overcooked, that's all," the duckling wails.


  14. POLL: Americans Turning Away from ReligionRead the original story w/Photo

    May 12, 2015 |

    Known for being one of the more religious countries in the world, especially in comparison with old world Europe, the United States has experienced an alarming dip in religiosity in the past seven years, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center. The only religions to grow in the period from 2007 to 2014 were Islam, which was up a half percent, Hinduism, up 0.3 percent, and the ambiguous category of "other religions," comprising everything from Baha'i to Wicca to Satanism. 1 comment

  15. My great big Detroit Pagan community weddingRead the original story w/Photo

    May 7, 2015 |

    Kevin Hart and Josh Gad team up for The Wedding Ringer this weekend and in to celebrate we're raising a glass to the seven best movie weddings of all time. From My Best Friend's Wedding and The Wedding Singer, to My Big Fat Greek Wedding and... Your friendly neighborhood Detroit Paganism Examiner has been out of contact with the dear readers of this column for quite a while right now, but with a good excuse.


  16. Changing the Catholic ChurchRead the original story

    Jan 1, 2015 |

    The Roman Catholic Church has had its share of liberalism, as have other churches. And sexual abuse by the clergy is not limited to the Roman Catholic Church .


  17. end: 16 Things to Do and See in Portland May 8-10Read the original story w/Photo

    May 7, 2015 | Willamette Week

    Then there are bands such as Helsinki's Ensiferum that are aimed at those who grew up on reruns of The Smurfs and Fraggle Rock. That's not necessarily meant as a dis.


  18. Why are our women obsessed with 'purity' and 'cleanliness'?Read the original story w/Photo

    May 7, 2015 | The Nation

    Women have an obsession for cleaning, scrubbing, rinsing, mopping, washing everything in their homes in my native place. From doors, windows, carpets, ceilings, tiles to courtyards and verandas and big iron gates too.


  19. Milo Minderbinder is Alive and Well and Working in AfghanistanRead the original story

    May 7, 2015 | American Reporter

    The question most likely to follow the name of the University of California at Berkeley physicist responsible for ruffling collars and generating tremendous banter amongst the physics community due to his new theory of gravity: A theory that may potentially re-champion the enlightenment absolutism of Newton. Interesting stuff considering that if the theory holds true it drastically restructures the conceptual understanding of the universe as we know it.


  20. Free-Range Rites of PassageRead the original story w/Photo

    May 7, 2015 | Patheos

    Our rites of passage for young people need to be based on relationship with both other people and the land, and they must involve both obligations and rights. I'm a parent and a Pagan: white, middle-class, living in an urban area of the United States.