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  1. The Moneyologist: I have terminal cancer and worry about the future of my 81-year-old motherRead the original story w/Photo

    1 hr ago | MarketWatch

    ... her; my brother, who is 47, moved to another state and contributes nothing. I have managed to contribute to a simple IRA and have almost $100,000 in it. I rent my place. I own nothing except my car, which is paid for. I've listed my mother on the ...


  2. Mark Wittman v. Timothy Koenig and Jill KoenigRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jul 26 | FindLaw

    The sole issue in this appeal is how to apply a Wisconsin statute that exempts from the assets available to creditors to execute judgments a debtor's annuity contract that "complies with the provisions of the internal revenue code." See Wis.


  3. Planning for the Boomer Generation's Lifetime Required Minimum Distributions: Part IIRead the original story w/Photo

    13 hrs ago | WebCPA

    ... is produced by the marketer. To find out more, contact Jack Lynch at [email protected] Divide that adjusted IRA balance by a life-expectancy factor obtained from an age-based table. The table is used in all cases to determine lifetime RMDs, ...


  4. New Data on IRAs, Nonprofits and More from IRSRead the original story w/Photo

    13 hrs ago | WebCPA

    The IRS Statistics of Income program has released data on taxpayers who hold IRAs, private foundations, tax-exempts and other categories. The Tax Year 2013 IRA tables detail the total fair market value for IRAs, the number of taxpayers receiving distributions, and total contributions to the various types of IRAs.


  5. Money Matters: Happy birthday Roth 401Read the original story w/Photo

    17 hrs ago | WMUR-TV Manchester

    ... taxes at withdrawal, but there are taxes on the contributions today. Some of you may already be familiar with the Roth IRA. To contribute to Roth IRAs you need to be below a certain modified adjusted gross income limit. Not so with the Roth 401(k). ...


  6. Changing Jobs? Don't Forget About Your Retirement Plan.Read the original story

    20 hrs ago | US News & World Report

    ... the account with your previous employer, take it with you by rolling it into your new employer's plan or roll it into an IRA . Each option may have its advantages - maybe you like the investment options available in your old plan, or the fees are ...


  7. Gold's shining bright in 2016, but don't let that blind youRead the original story w/Photo

    21 hrs ago | USA Today

    ... are several ways to buy the precious metal, including gold coins, bars or gold-backed investment funds you can own in an IRA or other investment portfolios. "The process of buying, storing and protecting physical gold is onerous unless you are ...


  8. Repeal, replace and rescue usRead the original story

    23 hrs ago | The Grand Junction Sentinel

    ... a 10-percent tax on all business and rental income, dividends, taxable Social Security, interest income, capital gains, IRA distributions and pensions. What will the reimbursement rate be for providers in this new plan which appears to be the ...


  9. Kenneth Petersen, Financial Planning: Explaining GDP, POD and IRARead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday | Monterey County Herald

    ... years old. I have been told that, according to IRS Publication 560, it is OK for me to continue to contribute to my SEP-IRA retirement savings account, even after I turn 70½. My accountant says no. I am trying to find the answer on the internet ...


  10. Planning for the Boomer Generation's Lifetime Required Minimum Distributions: Part 1Read the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday | WebCPA

    ... IRAs, the potential role of qualified charitable contributions, and withholding on RMDs. When Must RMDs Commence? For IRA owners. The required beginning date (RBD) for an IRA owner - i.e., the date that RMDs must commence - is April 1 of the year ...


  11. Yes, you can talk about how much you make - and you shouldRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday | Mashable

    Do you know how much money your best friend makes? What about your brother? Are you aware of how much your colleague, who works in a completely different department, puts into her 401K? Or how much your girlfriend has in her Roth IRA? How many people in your life actually know what your annual salary is? The thing is, talking about money is awkward. Correction: Talking about salary-related finances is awkward.


  12. Steep penalties for your IRA if you don't actRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday | WKXW-FM Trenton

    Q. I am 70 and I have a small IRA that I forgot about. It was inherited by me when my first husband died almost 20 years ago.


  13. How to Build Wealth and Financial SecurityRead the original story

    Wednesday | US News & World Report

    ... your savings. If your company doesn't offer a 401(k) plan, research other retirement savings accounts such as an IRA. Start thinking about your investing strategy. Once you've managed your debt and your basic finances are covered, think about how ...


  14. 5 money tips for college studentsRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jul 5 | Alabama Live

    ... click on ' College Scholarship Search Engine '. Maybe you could 'match' a portion of this scholarship money with a Roth IRA in their name? Help them set goals. In a decades-long Harvard study, the 4% of graduates who consistently set goals later ...


  15. The "Home Storage" Precious Metals IRA MythRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday | Townhall

    ... these claims are not supported by the Internal Revenue Code. Storing qualifying coins and bullion purchased for an IRA account at your home is likely a violation of the Internal Revenue Code. "An individual retirement account means a trust created ...


  16. Winning the Estate Tax GameRead the original story

    Tuesday Jul 26 | Modern Machine Shop

    ... assets. 2. If you are rich or likely to become rich, do not put money in a pension or profit-sharing plan such as an IRA or other qualified plan. "Rich" means you are in the highest income tax bracket (about 40 percent for most state and federal ...


  17. Ask Brianna: How do I save for retirement at my first job?Read the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jul 26 | Log Cabin Democrat

    ... part-time or freelance, you're on your own - but you're not without options. Young folks like you often opt for a Roth IRA, a retirement account you can set up online or through an investment broker or an automated financial adviser (often called a ...


  18. 6 Estate Planning Tips for Those Approaching DeathRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jul 26 | Kiplinger Online

    If you are entering hospice or close to life's end, you may need to act quickly to prevent unnecessary legal, tax and other costs on your estate. Planning is also critical to provide peace of mind for both you and your family.


  19. You know about the 401(k), but what about the Roth 401(k)?Read the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jul 26 | Christian Science Monitor

    ... workers, particularly young ones, the Roth 401(k) isn't just the sister to the 401(k), it's Cinderella: It imposes Roth IRA tax treatment on the standard version, which means contributions aren't made pre-tax as they are to the traditional 401(k). ...


  20. Back to School Tax TipsRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Jul 26 | The CPA Technology Advisor

    ... phases out after a certain income range. There is no limit to the number of years the credit can be claimed. Roth IRA Remember, the income earned from summer and/or after school employment by the student can be contributed to a Roth IRA, which will ...