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  1. Obama requests $1.8B in emergency funding to combat ZikaRead the original story w/Photo

    21 hrs ago | New York Daily News

    President Obama will ask Congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to tackle the fast-spreading Zika virus both at home and abroad. Amid an international outbreak, President Obama on Monday requested more than $1.8 billion emergency funding to help combat the rapidly expanding Zika virus.


  2. Ski region top in Sweden for chlamydia casesRead the original story w/Photo

    21 hrs ago | The Local

    It is only February and already 2,728 Swedes have been treated for chlamydia, according to preliminary figures from the country's Public Health Agency . A total of 37,808 cases of the sexually transmitted disease were reported in Sweden in 2015, the highest number in seven years, reported the Metro newspaper on Monday.


  3. Will Young became 'addicted to booze and porn' to cope with shame of sexualityRead the original story w/Photo

    22 hrs ago | Metro

    The first-ever winner of Pop Idol in 2002 was speaking at National Student Pride 2016 at the University of Westminster when he also revealed that he 'toyed' with drugs to mask his problems. 'I was a love addict, I still am an addict, addicted to porn, certainly addicted to alcohol,' he told students.


  4. Scott Seeks Federal Help With Zika VirusRead the original story w/Photo

    22 hrs ago | The Echo

    "That fact that the virus was found with the capacity to cause infection is not proof that it can contaminate other people through those fluids", said Myrna Bonaldo, one of the scientists who made the discovery. The United Nations Population Fund said it would closely monitor the Zika virus in countries around the world, including Nepal, and spread awareness about the virus.


  5. Obama Tries To Calm Fears Over Zika VirusRead the original story w/Photo

    23 hrs ago | The Huffington Post

    President Barack Obama attempted to allay fears about the mosquito-borne Zika virus in an interview aired Monday, reminding people that the virus is not deadly. "The good news is, this is not like Ebola," he told CBS News' Gayle King before the Super Bowl on Sunday.


  6. Commitment for Millennials: Is It OK, Cupid?Read the original story w/Photo

    23 hrs ago | Scientific American

    We stood in the warm Southern California night under suburban streetlights: Myself and a bespectacled entertainment writer/director with a boyish face, whom I met on Tinder. Dinner had started off strong, with talk of sci-fi over salads, but quickly unraveled around issues of life goals and values.


  7. NewsWill Young reveals alcohol and porn addictionRead the original story w/Photo

    23 hrs ago | NME

    Will Young has opened up about his struggles with addiction, revealing that he is sure he is addicted to alcohol and pornography. The former Pop Idol winner spoke to LGBT youths at the 2016 National Student Pride event at London's University Of Westminster on Saturday .


  8. Parents could lose right to take children out of sex education classesRead the original story w/Photo

    23 hrs ago | IcNorthWales

    Parents could lose their right to take their children out of sex education classes, if the Welsh Liberal Democrats get their way. They backed a motion to bin the current legal right for a pupil to be taken out of any part of Sex and Relationships Education .


  9. News director at Iran's Press TV caught on tape sexually harassing anchorRead the original story

    Yesterday | Jerusalem Post

    Sheena Shirani, who began her tenure at Press TV in 2007, revealed earlier this week that her former boss and news director at the TV station repeatedly harassed her for years. A managing director at state-owned Iranian news station Press TV was caught on tape sexually harassing a former female anchor after the victim published a series of Facebook messages and voice recordings cataloging years of denigration , The Daily Beast's Iranian division IranWire reported Monday.


  10. Will Young confesses to porn addiction: 'It comes back to shame'Will...Read the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | Daily Star

    The singer, famous for winning the first series of Pop Idol, admitted that he is still addicted to porn as well as alcohol, and is unable to go on dates without having a drink first. The 37-year-old spoke about his sexuality at National Student Pride 2016 at University of Westminster, where he made the confession.


  11. Review: 'Animals' on HBO turns our furry friends into the obnoxious bro next-doorRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | Myrtle Beach Online

    For years, I've wished animals could speak, but it took only four half-hour episodes of HBO's new animated series "Animals" for me to pray they'd shut up. Seriously, who knew that urban rats, pigeons, dogs, cats, swans and geese were so weirdly insecure and blindly narcissistic? Awkward at parties, concerned about their virility, traumatized by rejection, the predominantly male city fauna just want to find love and gain respect, but it's just so hard, you know? Oh, we know, we know.


  12. 6 common questions sex therapists get askedRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | The London Free Press

    This is a question that Avrum Nadigel, a family therapist and author of the book, Learning to Commit: the best time to work on your marriage is when you're single, says he gets all the time. "Most people use feeling to choose a partner," says Nadigel.


  13. Zika virus spreading across US: CDCRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | The Echo

    United States health officials have issued guidelines to prevent the sexual transmission of the virus , telling men who have been to outbreak areas to use condoms during sex with pregnant women. The CDC advises men with a pregnant partner to use condoms if they have traveled to an area with "active Zika virus transmission ".


  14. Meatless Monday: The Secret (Sex) Life of VegetablesRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | The Huffington Post

    Food is a total sensual experience, from how it's arrayed on the plate to its tantalizing aroma, from its rich layers of flavor to the way it melts on your tongue and surrenders when you bite it. Food, like sex, is all about life force.


  15. Hitchhiker's guide to the Zika virusRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | The McGill Daily

    Viruses are hitchhikers from hell - criminal masterminds that enter your body and take complete control of your cell functions. What the media has been calling the new deadly virus in town, the Zika virus, has actually been around since the 1950s, concentrated in a narrow equatorial belt in Africa and Asia.


  16. Even virtual assistants are sexually harassedRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | WAPT-TV Jackson

    All virtual assistants have to deal with inappropriate comments and questions. From seasoned vets like Siri and Google Now, to the rash of new specialists with names like Amy, Molly, Mia and Robin.


  17. Africa: FGM - Let Us Speak Out for the GirlRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday |

    Asnakech, from Ethiopia, was 12 when her parents decided it was time for her to 'become a woman'. A self-taught circumciser came to her house, cut her clitoris and outer labia using a razor blade, then pressed ashes and cow manure on the bleeding cuts.


  18. Super Bowl Babies Commercial: Cute... Or REALLY Creepy?Read the original story

    Yesterday | The Hollywood Gossip

    Super Bowl 50 featured plenty of weird commercials, from a Doritos depicting a premature birth to Mountain Dew introducing viewers to a puppy monkey baby . It starred Seal and a bunch of kids show were supposedly created the night of the Super Bowl because fans of the winning team were so excited that they just had to have sex The league claims it did research and determined that many babies really are born nine months after the date of the Super Bowl, but it's hard to believe anything the NFL says these days.


  19. 'I fell asleep half way through' Ex On The Beach star's bedroom failRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | Daily Star

    The fitness fanatic has revealed that despite managing to get co-star Naomi Hedman into bed, he fell asleep half way through doing the deed. Opening up in his vlog, Joe said: "Yeah we did hook up but I fell asleep half way through I was like, wait there, I need a break.


  20. Record heat, drought may explain Zika outbreak in Brazil: researchRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | PhysOrg Weblog

    There may be a link between the recent hot and dry winter and spring in Brazil and the outbreak of the Zika virus, preliminary research suggests. "The extreme temperature and drought are due to a combination of the El Nino phenomenon and the climate changes of recent years," researcher Shlomit Paz, from the department of geography and environmental studies at the University of Haifa in Israel, said in a university news release.