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  1. When Innovation Means Playing GodRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 27, 2014 | Entrepreneur Magazine

    "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." It was the first thought that went through J. Robert Oppenheimer's mind when he saw his life's work -- the atomic bomb -- tested successfully for the first time.


  2. Creationists to explore link between Hitler and evolution at Michigan State conferenceRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 27, 2014 | The Raw Story

    The Origins Summit will also discuss why "the Big Bang is fake" and "natural selection is NOT evolution," according to ScienceInsider . The creationist group will also examine the work of Michigan State biologist Richard Lenski, who conducted an influential study on evolution within bacterial populations.


  3. Creationism conference at large U.S. research university stirs uneaseRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 27, 2014 | Science

    A creationist conference set for a major research campus-Michigan State University in East Lansing-is creating unease among some of the school's students and faculty, which includes several prominent evolutionary biologists. The 1 November event, called the Origin Summit , is sponsored by Creation Summit , an Oklahoma-based nonprofit Christian group that believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible and was founded to "challenge evolution and all such theories predicated on chance."


  4. 7+ MacGyver Tricks People Have Learned in PrisonRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 27, 2014 | Lifehacker

    When you're sent to prison, you're stripped of basic comforts the rest of us take for granted-things like having many food options or a way to light contraband cigarettes. Necessity is the mother of invention, so those who have been in prison have had to come up with some creative life hacks for when resources are limited.


  5. The WilliesTHE War Against the CaliphateRead the original story

    Nov 30, 2009 | American Reporter

    On Nov. 24, 1859, Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" was published. Even though there are still some Americans arguing about its contents, there is little debate that Darwin's book helped launch a revolution of scientific inquiry that continues to this day.


  6. Sphinx found on MarsRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 26, 2014 | Examiner.com

    An incredible video posted to YouTube on Oct. 25, shows what looks unmistakably like the giant Sphinx in Egypt, but on the surface of Mars . The similarity to the ancient structure on Earth is undeniable, and straight lines cut into its base don't look like the byproduct of simple erosion.


  7. Independence Energy Announces First Shipment of Non-Contact Infrared ThermometersRead the original story

    Oct 25, 2014 | BayStreet.ca

    SEAL BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 25, 2014 / Independence Energy Corp. announced today that it has placed the initial order of its Thermofinder FS-700PRO Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer. Independence is pleased to be launching its distribution with exclusive rights in North, Central and South America and expects to receive the first shipment of its initial 3,000 unit order to its U.S. facility within 2 weeks, with follow on shipments arriving at designated intervals thereafter.


  8. Sam Houston's political affiliation called into questionRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 24, 2014 | Chron

    Issue: Towards the deadline for deciding the social studies curriculum, Sam Houston's political affiliation became a talking point. In reference to his opposition to Texas secession, was Houston a liberal? Read more: The interesting conundrum of Texas' first president Issue: Mandating that high schoolers learn how Moses, British philosopher John Locke and French philosopher Charles de Montesquieu "informed the American founding documents."


  9. Protein folding probably requires the assistance of Frigg [Pharyngula]Read the original story w/Photo

    Oct 24, 2014 | ScienceBlogs

    The Discovery Institute doesn't understand the protein folding problem . I mean that literally: they don't understand the problem .


  10. What's the next step in 'smart & connected' product development?Read the original story w/Photo

    Oct 23, 2014 | Cosmetics Design

    Contemporary consumers expect technology to make their lives easier and more comfortable and the cosmetics sector is taking inspiration from the internet and cashless vending machines to drive more sophisticated and advanced innovations . Smart and connected consumers are rejecting a one-size-fits-all approach to consumption and have come to expect personalized products.


  11. Mauna Kea, NAGPRA, and science's "turn back toward the dark ages"Read the original story w/Photo

    Oct 23, 2014 | Overlawyered

    Now this is welcome: the New York Times has a column by George Johnson jumping off from the question of whether locating a giant telescope on Mauna Kea would unfairly desecrate the religious and ancestral heritage of native Hawaiians. Johnson notes: While biblical creationists opposing the teaching of evolution have been turned back in case after case, American Indian tribes have succeeded in using their own religious beliefs and a federal law called the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act to empty archaeological museums of ancestral bones - including ones so ancient that they have no demonstrable connection to the tribe demanding their reburial.


  12. Kiss Those Nobels GoodbyeRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 23, 2014 | Forward

    The Nobel Prize committee has now announced the last of its science selections for 2014, and for the first time in this new century, there are no Jews among the laureates. This fact would hardly be worth noting if not for another fact: that three laureates a year have been Jews since 2000.


  13. Geologic Column, a tale of rocks or just plain rock fairytaleRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 22, 2014 | Examiner.com

    The Geologic Column or so-called column of fossils of extinct animals and plants that were fossilized over millions upon millions of years. Yes, animals and plants found in the fossil record are extinct today but not all are extinct.


  14. Book Review: a Jesus on TrialaRead the original story

    Oct 22, 2014 | Washington Times

    In "Jesus On Trial," Mr. Limbaugh attempts to prove the veracity of the Gospels by using the legal rules of evidence to make his case. He says, "These rules are the ancient document rules, parol evidence rules, the hearsay rule, and the principle of cross-examination."


  15. Toro Introduces New TimeCutterA SW Series Zero-Turn TractorsRead the original story

    Oct 22, 2014 | PressReleasePoint

    Homeowners now have a new tractor alternative with Toro's TimeCutterA SW Series zero-turn tractors. The new models combine the maneuverability and time-savings of a zero-turn mower with the familiar ease of a steering wheel and speed control pedal, much like a car or tractor.


  16. Died This Day: John ScopesRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 21, 2014 | PALAEOBLOG

    Scopes was an American teacher and geologist who was the defendent in the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial. The trial was to challenge the constitutionality of the Butler Act, a Tennesee law signed on March 21, 1925 to prohibit the teaching of evolution in the state's schools.


  17. DED and TECOM Investments form partnership to promote Dubai Design DistrictRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 21, 2014 | AME Info

    The Department of Economic Development in Dubai and TECOM Investments' Dubai Design District have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a framework that provides economic support for key services in Dubai Design District . The agreement will facilitate a number of initiatives that support the respective commercial and strategic objectives of DED and d3 to drive the economic growth and prosperity of Dubai.


  18. National Academies Press offers free evolution books onlineRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 20, 2014 | Examiner.com

    Here's a wonderful resource to help teach evolution . The National Academies Press offers all of its evolution-themed science publications free online.


  19. Following Huge Sales Of New Anti-Bug Mesh Device, Manufacturer Offers Amazon Customers Big DiscountRead the original story

    Oct 20, 2014 | Emailwire.com

    Magnetic Fly Screen Mesh Door is for a limited time available for only $26.75, a nearly 50% discount from its regular retail price. Amazon Prime members pay no shipping, making this an even better deal for a bug mesh that is already covering doorways acro Gloucester, Gloucestershire -- The holiday season is still weeks away, but homeowners and anyone who likes to entertain in their outdoor areas have received an early Christmas present: the Amazon price of the best-selling Magnetic Fly Screen Mesh Door is being slashed nearly in half, by manufacturer Breakthrough Products Online.


  20. FUJIFILM Introduces Inca Onset R40i, Making North American Debut at SGIA Expo 2014Read the original story w/Photo

    Oct 19, 2014 | Ink World

    FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division , in collaboration with Inca Digital , will showcase the all-new Inca Onset R40i, with the Hostert full automation system, on the show floor at SGIA Expo 2014 in Las Vegas. The Onset R40i is the latest addition to the Onset family of high performance, UV flatbed presses.