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  1. Obama's blitz against energyRead the original story

    Thursday Nov 24 | Washington Times

    Apresident is not a dictator, but there's always the temptation before leaving office to act like one. Accountable only to his own political impulses, President Obama is revealing his infatuation with radical environmentalism in ways only glimpsed during his eight years in the White House.


  2. As warming seas menace fish, communities seek ways to stay afloatRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Nov 24 | Reuters

    When nearly all the young oyster crop died two years in a row at shellfish farms in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, workers at first suspected a virus. But the real culprit was a new worry: a change in the acidity of the sea water feeding the oyster tanks.


  3. Morocco: Drop Homosexuality Charges Against Teenage GirlsRead the original story

    Thursday Nov 24 | PressReleasePoint

    Authorities in Marrakesh, Morocco should drop charges against two teenage girls suspected of same-sex conduct, Human Rights Watch and the Aswat Group for Sexual Minorities, a Moroccan group, said today. The two girls, ages 16 and 17, face up to three years in prison for allegedly kissing each other.


  4. Climate change warnings after world's warmest five years on recordRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Nov 8 | Sunday Herald

    THE world has experienced its hottest five-year period on record, with rising sea levels, melting ice and extreme weather, the World Meteorological Organisation said. In an analysis of the global climate between 2011 and 2015, the organisation said temperatures were 0.57C above the 1960-1991 average, making it the hottest five-year period on record worldwide, and on all continents except Africa.


  5. Repression and Nonviolent Resistance in Africa's Last ColonyRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Nov 24 | Democracy Now

    Sultana Khaya's eyes don't match perfectly. One of them is artificial. In 2005, a Moroccan police officer rammed his baton into her eye socket while she was peacefully protesting with fellow college students.


  6. Why the Paris treaty will survive and thrive during the Trump eraRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Nov 24 | The Globe and Mail

    A man wearing a mask portraying president-elect Donald Trump poses with a sign during a demonstration against Trump's vow to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord in central London on November 18, 2016. A man wearing a mask portraying president-elect Donald Trump poses with a sign during a demonstration against Trump's vow to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord in central London on November 18, 2016.


  7. What will happen if America's president-elect follows through on...Read the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Nov 24 | The Economist

    "LIKE ice water through the veins." That is how a UN official, in Marrakesh for the UN climate summit that ended on November 18th, described the effect of Donald Trump's electoral victory.


  8. Olive business roots young farmers in drying rural MoroccoRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Nov 24 | Reuters

    Standing amid rows of healthy fava bean plants, El Badaoui Abdelatif explains how his team of young technicians has helped farmers in rural Sidi Badhaj, at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, grow more olives - and earn more money - despite a drying climate. Pruning, the use of electronic equipment and more precise irrigation have increased yields from 20 kg per tree to 100 kg or more.


  9. All of Instagram is snapping the same pic of this damn pool in MoroccoRead the original story

    Thursday Nov 24 | Mashable

    Hashtags and geotagging mean anyone can follow their favourite Instagrammer to even the most remote and most specific locations, tempted by their deliberately styled "un-style" and flawless tans. Take Lauren Bullen, proprietor of the Instagram handle @gypsea_lust and at last count more than 825,000 followers.


  10. Solar lessons for India from Morocco's Hollywood cityRead the original story

    Wednesday Nov 23 |

    Marrakech, Nov 24 : With Atlas Mountain on one side and the vast Sahara on the other, Ouarzazate -- also known as Morocco's Hollywood, where films like "Gladiator" and TV series "Game of Thrones" were shot -- has become, in a record time of three years, home to the world's largest concentrated solar power plant, holding many a lesson for India. [NK World] Spread over 3,000 acres in south-central Morocco, the Noor Solar Plant 1 uses CSP technology instead of PV panels and aims to tap carbon emissions by 280,000 tonnes per year once it becomes fully functional in 2017.


  11. 13 food giants pledge to 'redouble' climate change efforts at COP22Read the original story w/Photo

    Monday Nov 21 | FoodNavigator

    A coalition of food industry giants pledged to "redouble their efforts" in combating carbon emissions, carbon dioxide and deforestation, at the COP22 meeting in Morocco last week. A letter signed by the CEOs of 13 different food and beverage companies, including Unilever, Mars, Danone, Kellogg and Ben & Jerry's reads "Unchecked, agricultural emissions will outstrip reductions from decarbonising the economy elsewhere, pushing us beyond the 2% limit.


  12. Why Trump Should Fire the Paris Climate TreatyRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Nov 23 | Townhall

    Oh, the delight of knowing we've probably just endured the last salvo in the Obama Administration's climate-change propaganda campaign! On November 16, U.S. delegates to COP-21 in Marrakech, Morocco-the twenty-first Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change-unveiled the United States Mid-Century Strategy for Deep Decarbonization . intended to achieve its "Intended Nationally Determined Contribution" to implementing the Paris climate treaty-which President Barack Obama signed as an executive agreement because he knew it couldn't get the constitutionally required Senate ratification.


  13. U.A.E. Says Asian, African Nations Seek Solar AdviceRead the original story

    Wednesday Nov 23 | The Washington Post

    The United Arab Emirates's top climate official said countries are lining up to learn about its new clean energy auction system that pays green power generators more during times of peak demand. Many African and Asian countries as well as European companies met with U.A.E. representatives during climate talks in Marrakech, Morocco, to discuss the model, the U.A.E.'s Minister of Climate Change and Environment Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi said in an interview.


  14. Donald Trump shifts tone on climate change but environmentalists scepticalRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Nov 23 | Sydney Morning Herald

    Donald Trump, who called climate change a hoax during his election campaign and vowed to pull out of the Paris accord, now says global warming might be real after all. The Republican President-elect told The New York Times on Tuesday that perhaps humans are to blame for the rising temperatures that are melting polar ice caps and have been linked to extreme weather around the world.


  15. After COP22, let's not follow the Kyoto road againRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Nov 23 | Green Left Weekly

    This news could be a flashback to 15 years ago when President George W Bush took office and withdrew the US from the Kyoto protocol. Proceedings in the latest in the United Nations' ongoing conferences on Climate Change - the November 7-18 COP22 that just concluded in Marrakech, Morocco - were disturbed by the news of the US election result.


  16. Grad Student Attends UN Climate Change ConferenceRead the original story

    Wednesday Nov 23 | PressReleasePoint

    Remy Franklin, a master's student committed to addressing domestic and international ramifications of climate change, represented the UA at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, held this month in Morocco. Remy Franklin , a master's student in the University of Arizona's School of Geography and Development, was among a delegation of 13 young climate justice leaders to travel to Morocco to participate in this month's United Nations Climate Change Conference.


  17. Ancient beauty rituals that work, and where to try themRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Nov 23 | CNN

    Thanks to its volcanic soil and geothermal springs, Calistoga in California has been a wellness destination since the 1800s. Mud baths are still enjoyed today to soften and exfoliate the skin.


  18. Canada's Indigenous Peoples Contribute Least and Suffer Most From Global WarmingRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Nov 23 | Truthdig

    At the COP22 climate change conference in Marrakech, Morocco, Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief for Manitoba Kevin Hart told The Real News Network's Dimitri Lascaris that humanity urgently needs to heed the ecological wisdom of indigenous peoples. Hart previously expresses solidarity with "our brothers and sisters across the medicine line in the United States at Standing Rock Sioux Nation," where indigenous demonstrators and their supporters are trying to halt construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline on the grounds that the oil spills that are certain to occur endanger the water and land on which they depend.


  19. Tom Fletcher: Carbon tax hits a Trump-sized wallRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Nov 23 | Lake Cowichan Gazette

    B.C.'s delegation to the annual United Nations climate change summit has returned from the desert of Morocco, North Africa. B.C. Environment Minister Mary Polak skipped this year's event, sending West Vancouver MLA Jordan Sturdy to collect one of 13 UN "Momentum for Change" awards handed out at COP22, the 22nd international "Conference of the Parties."


  20. What Marrakesh climate change conference achievedRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Nov 23 | The Indian Express

    A fortnight ago, when the delegates to the Marrakesh climate change conference were sitting down to discuss the scope and design elements of the rules for implementing the Paris agreement, news of developments across the Atlantic came in. Although too early to be taken seriously, it was difficult not to notice the gathering clouds on the post-Paris actions.