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  1. 'Um...': Watch Fox's viral interview with student protestorsRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday Nov 13 | Washington Examiner

    ... Free Beacon . "The one percent just had their taxes raised a few years ago to 40 percent, then to pay for the healthcare law they had them raised a few percentage points, then they had their deductions limited to raise another couple points, where ...


  2. WatchdogRead the original story

    Mar 22, 2012 | Lakeland Times

    During the past five years, thousands of former employees in the Wisconsin Retirement System took advantage of a state policy permitting them to retire, draw their pensions, then return to work and draw two checks, a new audit has found. It's been seven months since the Obama administration formally released a new planning rule for the nation's national forests, but an industry lawsuit to stop it is finally getting to the deliberative stages, and the outcome could have far-reaching effects on a variety of interests.


  3. Column: Treatment of mentally ill is very disgracefulRead the original story w/Photo

    10 hrs ago | The Star Online

    The U.S. Department of Justice should butt out of North Carolina's mental health problems, since it is partially responsible for getting us into the situation we now face.


  4. There they go againRead the original story w/Photo

    11 hrs ago | Jefferson Post Online Edition

    In the 1980 presidential debate, candidate Ronald Reagan famously quipped, "there you go again," when responding to President Jimmy Carter's criticism of Reagan's Medicare record.


  5. Diabetes pill that could help us live to 120 to be trialled next yearRead the original story w/Photo

    11 hrs ago | Daily Mail

    Gunned down in cold blood: Mom who was at Planned Parenthood clinic to support her friend and an Iraq war vet were shot dead by ranting gunman - who then told cops 'no more baby parts' Police rush to Sinead O'Connor's hotel room after she posted 'suicide note' on Facebook: Singer claims to have overdosed and is having treatment Quentin Tarantino LIED about going to jail, 'records show' - despite director's claims he knows 'first-hand' that police treat inmates like animals inside Mystery as mother and son vanish along with 25-pound gold bar worth half a million dollars - and they haven't been seen for a month Her Royal Cuteness: William and Kate release new photos of Princess Charlotte at six months - taken by her very proud mother Six-year-old girl kills herself with a loaded handgun that she found in a sofa in her father's apartment Winter weather continues buffeting Midwest as up to a ... (more)


  6. Bill to gut Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood threatened by warring conservative lobbiesRead the original story

    13 hrs ago | Washington Times

    Senate GOP leaders face a major test over the next two weeks in trying to round up enough Republicans to back a bill that would gut Obamacare and strip funding from Planned Parenthood - but they're caught in a tug-of-war between powerful conservative lobbies who view the issues in very different ways. Standing on one side is the political-action wing of The Heritage Foundation, which says the bill should be rejected because, while denting the Affordable Care Act, it doesn't effect a total repeal.


  7. Planned Parenthood: Long a lightning rod in US culture warsRead the original story w/Photo

    14 hrs ago | The Republic

    As a leading defender of abortion rights and comprehensive sex education, Planned Parenthood deals daily with some of America's most contentious issues, and is well accustomed to receiving verbal threats. Some of the organization's supporters say Friday's deadly shooting at its clinic in Colorado Springs shows that the vitriolic rhetoric could be inspiring actual violence.


  8. Our Views: The bills keep coming from Jindala s budgetsRead the original story w/Photo

    14 hrs ago | The Advocate

    Such is the hubris of politicians, though, that he still wants to be governor - when the state is facing a cascade of past-due bills from the outgoing administration. Just days before the runoff election, the Revenue Estimating Conference met and officially "recognized" what many observers of the state's economy saw coming: Revenues are down.


  9. Guest column: Idaho's Medicaid gap: the human costRead the original story

    16 hrs ago | Post Register

    The number of lives lost each year that we fail to expand Medicaid is unconscionable, writes Dr. Kenneth Krell, MD. The time has come to shift the argument about Medicaid beyond the dollars that would be saved with expansion to the ongoing human tragedy occurring in our state.


  10. Scientists develop INCREDIBLE anti-ageing pill which could hel...Read the original story w/Photo

    18 hrs ago | Daily Star

    Trials are set to be carried out in the US on the metformin tablets, which make some animals live longer and are expected to have the same effect on humans. Professor Gordon Lithgow, of California's Buck Institute for Research on Ageing said: "If you target an ageing process and you slow down ageing then you slow down all the diseases and pathology of ageing as well.


  11. Holiday food issues can cause lots of troubleRead the original story w/Photo

    20 hrs ago | Cape Gazette

    Good luck buckling that belt or pulling up that zipper today. Personally, I make it a point to bring along an article of clothing that has an elastic waist for those post-holiday breathing exercises, which consist basically of walking down the street to Phil's Ice Cream, Worm and Egg Carton Shop.


  12. Caffeinated toothpaste will bring brushing buzz - CNETRead the original story w/Photo

    20 hrs ago | CNET

    "Power Toothpaste gives you a rush while you brush," is the slogan of this new kind of tooth cleaner that promises to get you going in the morning. From the category of "what took so long," a company has finally decided to merge two traditional morning substances: toothpaste and caffeine.


  13. 'Antibiotic-free' pork is really about how pigs are raised: Patrick HordRead the original story w/Photo

    21 hrs ago | The Plain Dealer

    Two large sows photographed in 2000 at the Wheeler farm in Perry, Ohio. Today, society, as a whole, seems to have an increased interest in their food and how it's grown and raised.


  14. 5 Common Misconceptions About MedicaidRead the original story w/Photo

    23 hrs ago | Switched

    I have a confession. I've been avoiding writing about Medicaid. It's so complicated it scares me.


  15. Panic disorder treatment could be breath of fresh airRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday |

    The at-home treatment, which uses a machine called Freespira that measures respiration rate and carbon-dioxide levels in exhaled breath, trains patients to breathe slowly and shallowly, with an emphasis on more complete exhalation than many of us are used to. A small early study found that 68 percent of patients were panic-free a year after training with the device for a month.


  16. US's real drug problem is a legal oneRead the original story

    Yesterday | The Montgomery Advertiser

    US's real drug problem is a legal one The cost of prescription drugs is soaring, forcing patients to make awful choices and leaving states facing tough calls Check out this story on The good news: There are two drugs on the market now that vastly improve the lives of people suffering with cystic fibrosis. So, you can treat your debilitating lung disease that makes it nearly impossible to breathe and kills most who have it in their 20s.


  17. Economic idiocy to bankrupt California: HALF of illegal immigrants qualify for MedicaidRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday |

    Regarding the debate over reform of U.S. immigration laws - a debate that has never been settled amid reforms that have never been adopted - Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman, in response to an editorial advocating "open borders" in The Wall Street Journal , admonished the paper's position in the context as it pertains to the existence of general federal entitlement programs: "It's just obvious you can't have free immigration and a welfare state." But nearly a decade after this debate really started raging, there are too many advocates holding elected offices all around the country who have completely discounted Friedman's astute observation. 1 comment

  18. FDA approves controversial drug to beef up farm animals despite being ...Read the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday |

    If it's been deemed bad in other countries, that's often when the United States comes in and welcomes it with open arms. In this case, we're talking about the fact that a California judge recently dismissed two lawsuits that claimed the Food and Drug Administration illegally approved a harmful drug additive - ractopamine hydrochloride - used in animal feed.


  19. Cruz: Other GOPers running to manage decline of U.S.Read the original story w/Photo

    Saturday |

    Fellow Republican presidential candidates are not looking to save the country but only ease its pain, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz said Saturday. Cruz: Other GOPers running to manage decline of U.S. LENOX, Ia.


  20. Capitol FactsRead the original story

    Oct 11, 2015 | Free Press

    Earlier this month when the General Assembly was in Springfield, House Speaker Michael Madigan called Senate President John Cullerton six different times to ask him to move the child care program restoration legislation once it passed the House. Monday, November 23, 2015 "He seems so done with it all," said one top Republican earlier last week about House Republican Leader Jim Durkin.