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  1. Esteghlal Khuzestan stands atop Persian Gulf League podiumRead the original story

    May 14, 2016 | Payvand News of Iran

    Esteghlal Meli-Sanati Khuzestan Football Club, commonly known as Esteghlal Khuzestan, has won the championship of Iran's Persian Gulf Pro League, formerly known as Iran Pro League , following a well-deserved victory over Isfahan-based Zob Ahan. Despite the presence of a large number of fervent spectators, the first half of the Friday evening's match at multi-purpose Ghadir Stadium in the southwestern city of Ahvaz ended in a goalless draw.


  2. Iranian women barred from provincial stages as classical concert toursRead the original story

    May 10, 2016 | Payvand News of Iran

    The third leg of Shahram and Hafez Nazeri's Persian classical music concert tour is set to kick off in Isfahan on May 19 and 20, and the group's female musicians have been banned from appearing on stage. The concert is to take place in the Gol-e Nargess stadium, and the efforts by organizers to get permission for the women in the group to perform have been rejected.


  3. 'Come and vote'Read the original story

    Apr 29, 2016 | Le Monde diplomatique

    One of the keys to the 26 February and 29 April elections is the abstention rate. By offering a glimpse of possible change, the regime hoped to mobilise voters and show that the Green Movement of 2009 had been consigned to the past.


  4. Middle East, 4:42 PMIran: US 'incapable' of attacking usRead the original story w/Photo

    Apr 24, 2016 | Arutz Sheva Israel News

    The Iranian Navy Commander on Sunday said that the United States, which possesses the most powerful military in the world, doesn't have the "capability" to attack Iran, in the latest escalation of hostility from Tehran since the controversial nuclear deal last July. Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy, was quoted by the Iranian Fars News Agency making the bombastic statement at a ceremony in the central Iranian city of Yazd.


  5. Tear down Iran's anti-democracy wallRead the original story w/Photo

    Apr 16, 2016 | Jerusalem Post

    Since the closure of the Iran nuclear deal negotiations in July, Khamenei has intensified his efforts to block Western influences into Iranian society. WASHINGTON Is there anything new to say about bringing about a democratic political and social order in Iran? A lively panel titled "Anti-democratic Regimes: Confrontation or Coexistence?" at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies Forum on Wednesday offered fresh insights into a post-nuclear deal world in the Islamic Republic.


  6. Iranian opposition leader Karroubi petitions President Rohani for day in courtRead the original story w/Photo

    Apr 11, 2016 | Payvand News of Iran

    Mehdi Karroubi has reportedly written an open letter to Iranian President Hassan Rohani calling on him to compel the establishment to comply with the Article 168 of the Constitution and give him his day in court. Karroubi, who has been under house arrest since February of 2011 for challenging the 2011 elections and triggering mass protests, refers to the establishment as "despotic" and says he will reveal in court "how the children of the country have been treated in prison".


  7. Mostafa Azizi, Toronto-based filmmaker, released from Iranian prisonRead the original story w/Photo

    Apr 9, 2016 | CBC News

    Toronto-based filmmaker Mostafa Azizi has been released from an Iranian prison after being sentenced to eight years behind bars on charges that included insulting the country's supreme leader. A Toronto-based filmmaker has been released from an Iranian prison after serving one year of an eight-year sentence on charges that included insulting the country's supreme leader.


  8. Writing is intellectual, photography emotional: William DalrympleRead the original story

    Apr 8, 2016 | Newkerala.com

    New Delhi, April 8 : For William Dalrymple, the author of books like "City of Djiins", "In Xanadu" and "White Mughals", writing is an intellectual art while photography is emotional. The author, who recently published his first book of photographs, "The Writer's Eye", says that it's a medium to express beauty.


  9. Desalination of Persian Gulf waters proposed as solution for Iran's water crisisRead the original story

    Apr 1, 2016 | Payvand News of Iran

    Iran's minister of power announced that the government will be implementing a project to produce drinking water from the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman for transfer to 17 provinces in Iran's central plateau. In a report on Nasim online on Thursday March 31, Hamid Chitchian Iran Minister of Power said the project aims at providing drinking water for 45 million people in 17 provinces.


  10. Iranian elections: Another milestone in reformists advanceRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 31, 2016 | Payvand News of Iran

    Since the latest Iranian elections held on 26th February 2016 for the 290-seat parliament and the 88-member Assembly of Experts there have been many negative comments about the election results from the usual suspects. Some people who are fundamentally hostile to Iran, criticize everything that Iran does, regardless of outcome.


  11. The Zoroastrian Americans of the New York Tri-States Inugurates their ...Read the original story w/Photo

    Mar 29, 2016 | Payvand News of Iran

    As the rising morning sun shone down to provide its soothing warmth, enlightening light and nurturing energy to the dedication of the newly built Arbab-Rustm Guiv Dar-e-Mehr Zoroastrian Temple in Pomona New York, the procession of the whitely attired Zoroastrian cloaked Magi, the Mobads , congregated from temples all over the world, entered the prayer hall to install and lit the fire in the alter. There is the sacred fire that has remained alive, and as it has traveled from Yazd City of central Iran to Gujarat/Mumbai shores of India over a 1,000 years ago when the first group of Persians arrived in diaspora to escape religious persecutions.


  12. The most interesting things happen when you're not prepared: William DalrympleRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 26, 2016 | The Indian Express

    At his Chhatarpur residence, Scottish author William Dalrymple is sprawled on the drawing room sofa, a small photobook in his hands. The Writer's Eye is the 51-year-old's visual ode to his travels over the last 18 months, "from Leh to Lindisafarne, from the Hindu Kush to the Lammermuirs across the rolling hills south of Sienna."


  13. Societal Demand in Iran for Female Representation in Government is UnstoppableRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 24, 2016 | Payvand News of Iran

    In the first round of the elections on February 26, 2016, 14 women* were voted into Parliament, including eight from Tehran-all of whom ran on the reformists' Hope List. Eight women** will be competing in the , 1,234 women registered to become candidates for Parliament-a three-fold increase compared to Iran's last parliamentary elections in 2012, and at least 16 women applied to become candidates in the Assembly of Experts.


  14. The truth about visiting Iran: You'll be greeted with smilesRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 21, 2016 | Dallas Morning News

    If you tell your friends you are going to Iran, they will probably inform you that you'll never come back alive. But if you tell them that you have just returned from Iran and were warmly welcomed, they will laugh, and ask what really happened.


  15. Baha'i Couples Welcoming Spring in PrisonRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 18, 2016 | Payvand News of Iran

    In the final days of the current year, in which Iranian families are preparing to welcome the New Year*, a Baha'i couple, Payman Kooshakbaghi and Azita Rafizadeh were arrested and sent to prison to start their long sentences. There are four Baha'i couples among political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.


  16. Iran tycoon's death sentence feeds perceptions of high-level corruptionRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 17, 2016 | Daily Times

    BEIRUT: Iran's planned execution of billionaire Babak Zanjani for corruption will mask the identity of senior officials who supported him, say the president and two lawmakers independently assessing a case that has fuelled public cynicism about political graft. Hundreds of Iranians have taken to social media to vent their frustration about the opaque nature and outcome of the judicial proceedings against the businessman, who says he was backed by powerful officials during the term of hardline former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


  17. Iranian President's Khatami Comments Officially Fall On Deaf EarsRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 9, 2016 | Payvand News of Iran

    Iranian President-elect Hassan Rohani meets with ex-President Mohammad Khatami at his home in Tehran in June 2013. Iran's president has broken a long-standing taboo by publicly defending a reformist predecessor, but his remarks met with a muted response.


  18. Rouhani's Post-Election Openings and ChallengesRead the original story

    Mar 8, 2016 | Payvand News of Iran

    President Hassan Rohani during a visit to Yazd in central Iran on Monday March 7, 2016 Despite their limited choice, Iranian voters opted to back a strategy that diluted the power of radical hardliners within the Islamic Republic rather than conceding the political game to them. Last week's election results strengthened the alignment between Iranian reformists, centrists , and moderate conservatives aimed at weakening the hardliners.


  19. Hardline Iran cleric denies wanting to stay on key bodyRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 8, 2016 | The Peninsula

    Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi headed the judiciary for 10 years and was a deputy speaker of parliament after the 1979 Islamic revolution. AFP/ Atta Kenare Tehran: The outgoing ultraconservative chairman of Iran's powerful Assembly of Experts denied Tuesday that efforts were being made to keep him on the key body despite him losing out in elections.


  20. International Elections Digest: After nuclear deal, Iran's moderates deal hardliners a surprise blowRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 6, 2016 | Daily Kos

    Iran's first elections after the country concluded a controversial nuclear deal with Western powers took place Feb. 26, with proponents, led by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, upsetting the conservative hardliners who opposed the agreement. In an unexpected outcome, the elections for both the Iranian legislature and the Assembly of Experts resulted in far more moderates being elected than some analysts had even believed possible .