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  1. Lawmakers question effectiveness of dietary guidelinesRead the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago | Norwalk Citizen News

    Lawmakers on Wednesday asked federal officials whether Americans should trust the government's dietary guidelines, which inform everything from school lunches to advice from a doctor. Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack defended the guidelines before the House Agriculture Committee , pointing out that the latest guidelines haven't even been written yet.


  2. What the TPP means for agricultural greenhouse gas emissionsRead the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago | Grist Magazine

    While the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks were in progress, I kept seeing headlines suggesting that negotiators might end protections for U.S. sugar producers. Of course that didn't happen.


  3. Leave the crash out of your dietRead the original story w/Photo

    16 hrs ago | West Australian

    ... regain the weight and can end up gaining more," LiveLighter Accredited Practising Dietitian Anne Finch said. Extreme dieting can also produce unpleasant side effects, such as bad breath, fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, constipation and loss of ...


  4. 7 Scary Things That Can Happen When You Don't Treat Your DiabetesRead the original story w/Photo

    17 hrs ago | MSN Healthy Living

    Swallowing pills, checking your blood sugar all the time, or sticking yourself with insulin probably doesn't sound like your idea of a good time. But taking steps to keep your diabetes under control is your best shot at preventing a slew of frightening complications.


  5. Should we be drinking whole milk?Read the original story w/Photo

    17 hrs ago | WTOP-FM Washington

    For years, U.S. dietitians have said you shouldn't drink whole milk. The excessive fat and calories are bad for your heart and could lead to weight gain, experts once argued.


  6. 21 Reasons I Gave Up SugarRead the original story w/Photo

    17 hrs ago | New Man

    ... gift at gaining weight. It might take me a year to lose 100 pounds and just several months to put it back on. Yo-yo dieting should go on the list because sugar is the reason I would gain weight quickly after losing weight. When I would go without ...


  7. Could New Dietary Guidelines Put Whole Milk Back on the Menu?Read the original story w/Photo

    19 hrs ago | ABC News

    New dietary guidelines expected this winter have many wondering if new research will lead to changes in recommendations on saturated fats, especially for those looking to switch from low-fat milk to whole milk. The possible changes have already grabbed headlines, with the Washington Post examining how the government previously steered people to switch from whole milk to low-fat dairy options, and questioning the health effects of a low-fat diet.


  8. Are These 7 Everyday Habits Aging You Faster?Read the original story w/Photo

    20 hrs ago | New Man

    ... day - or don't do - often without even thinking, that can make us look older," she tells Newsmax Health. 1. Crash dieting. Crash dieting can cause wrinkles and sagging skin, because as you age, skin has less elasticity and can't adjust to rapid ...


  9. Experts Reveal Science-Backed Reasons to Incorporate Turmeric in One's DietRead the original story w/Photo

    20 hrs ago | SBWire

    Turmeric has long been believed to potentially be the most powerful spice for certain conditions. Its healing properties have captivated a number of renowned researchers and organizations and it became the most researched nutritional supplement.


  10. Got (Whole) Milk?Read the original story

    21 hrs ago | FITSNews

    "What we have learned over the last decade is that certain foods that are high in fat seem to be beneficial," a University of Texas epidemiologist has concluded. In fact government efforts to steer people away from these choices forces them to miss out on "a huge opportunity for the prevention of disease," said Marcia Otto , according to The Washington Post .


  11. Fountain Of Youth? Oldest Woman In The World, Susannah Mushatt Jones, Eats Bacon Every DayRead the original story w/Photo

    21 hrs ago | Medical Daily

    Bacon is considered an unhealthy staple in the diet, yet the oldest woman in the world eats it every day. When Alabama-born Susannah Mushatt Jones turned 116 on July 6, 2015, she became the oldest woman in the world.


  12. Dodge 'bulletproof coffee'Read the original story w/Photo

    22 hrs ago | Newsday

    Beware of the "bulletproof coffee" and the health claims made for it. Promoted for weight loss and overall health, this trendy concoction of coffee blended with butter and medium-chain triglyceride oil is supposed to be consumed for breakfast as part of a Paleo-style high-fat diet.


  13. Dr. Travis Stork Of 'The Doctors' Talks About Celebrities Yo-Yo Dieting For Certain RolesRead the original story w/Photo

    23 hrs ago | CBS Local

    Los Angeles, CA - Entertainment Tonight talked to "The Doctors" Dr. Travis Stork about the risks celebrities take when yo-yo dieting for certain roles they take on. "When you're putting on all that quote unquote 'fat weight' around your gut, that's biochemically active and it puts you at risk for a lot of things.


  14. Bring back the fat: Dietary guidance to shift after studiesRead the original story

    23 hrs ago | Anchorage Daily News

    U.S. dietary guidelines have long recommended that people steer clear of whole milk, and for decades, Americans have obeyed. Sales of whole milk shrank.


  15. Milk: Government Nutrition Nannies Wrong Again?Read the original story w/Photo

    23 hrs ago | Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

    Government nutrition nannies have been giving a lot of bad advice about what constitutes healthy eating, according recent research. Federal dietary guidelines urging people to greatly restrict their consumption of salt, red meats, eggs, and fat may have ended up harming far more people than they have helped.


  16. Fat in your diet: Is it good or bad?Read the original story w/Photo

    Monday Oct 5 | Deseret News

    Polyunsaturated fats are also found in plant-based foods and oils. They include heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which your body does not produce by itself.


  17. Bacon love |Read the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | Myrtle Beach Online

    In the 1980s, bacon crumbles were usually found only between the Catalina and ranch salad dressings at the salad bar. Bacon was also known, and still is, as the faithful sidekick at breakfast, if the fear of elevated cholesterol doesn't stop your hidden craving.


  18. Fatty Liver Sufferers May Benefit from the Use of TurmericRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | SBWire

    Today, more and more preventable diseases are affecting the health and overall quality of life of people. This has led the many to resort to natural means of improving their overall health.


  19. Was the government wrong to steer people away from whole milk?Read the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | Burlington Times News

    U.S. dietary guidelines have long recommended that people steer clear of whole milk, and for decades, Americans have obeyed. Sales of whole milk shrank.


  20. Shirtless Vin Diesel rocks pot belly: Workout fanatic's weight gain stuns fansRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday |

    ... while displaying his newly rounded stomach. Vin, who has starred in seven " Fast and Furious " films, will likely be dieting and working out again soon, as he reprises his role as Xander Cage in "XXX 3." Diesel begins shooting in December, MovieWeb ...