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  1. 62 Percent of U.S. Workers Saw No Pay Increase in 2018Read the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Dec 12 | The CPA Technology Advisor

    Sixty two percent of employed Americans report neither getting a pay raise in their current job nor attaining a better paying job in the past 12 months, according to a new survey by . Yet, of all working Americans, only 25 percent have any intention of looking for a new job in the next year with Younger Millennials being the most likely age group to look for that new job.


  2. How to Avoid Paying 17 Pesky FeesRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday Nov 30 | Kiplinger Online

    ... that pay interest charge an average of $14.35 a month, and non-interest-bearing accounts charge $5.57, according to . Luckily, these fees are among the easiest to avoid. Most accounts waive the fee if you arrange for a direct deposit or ...


  3. Half of millennials have a side job to make ends meet: surveyRead the original story w/Photo

    Saturday Nov 24 | New York Post

    ... "One in four Americans have a side hustle. This includes about half of millennials," according to a survey by Freelancers, says another employment group, are now a major force in the economy, and employers must understand the clerk they ...


  4. Gift-giving guilt: Women feel pressure to overspendRead the original story

    Thursday Nov 22 | WFAA-TV Dallas

    Women feel more pressure than men to overspend on holiday gifts, but will do what they can to save money - including regifting. According to a new survey by just under half of all Americans, 45 percent, have felt pressured to spend more money on holiday gifts than what they are comfortable with, including 51 percent of women and 40 percent of men.


  5. Many Americans Don't Tell Partner Their SalaryRead the original story

    Nov 10, 2018 | Bride's Magazine

    But one would think: If you're willing to share a home and presumedly get naked with someone, you're close enough to tell that person how much you make at work, right? Well, for 19 percent of Americans , that's not the case. According to a from, folks are still uncomfortable openly discussing their financial situations - and for many, that's true in the case of their work colleagues and even their live-in partners/spouses.


  6. I have wedding guest fatigue a " can single people spend half as much on a gift?Read the original story w/Photo

    Nov 7, 2018 | MarketWatch

    ... thousands, of dollars per celebration this wedding season," according to a survey released by personal-finance site earlier this year. This includes the cost of attending the wedding, bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding showers and, ...


  7. Should Workers Share Their Salary Information?Read the original story w/Photo

    Nov 6, 2018 | The CPA Technology Advisor

    Millennials are more likely than other generations to share their salary information with others, including coworkers, friends outside of work, romantic partners who they don't live with, and family members other than their spouse, according to a new report. Nearly half of Millennials have told their salary to a romantic partner who they didn't live with, versus 29% of Baby Boomers.


  8. 4 signs you're not ready to be a homeowner - and what to do about itRead the original story w/Photo

    Nov 4, 2018 | The Daily Republic

    ... is to give yourself a credit check-up to see where you stand. You can get you free credit report and score from Bankrate. "If your credit score is not optimal, you'll pay more for a mortgage," Green says. "Your credit score today will have a huge ...


  9. Of Course Millennials Are Open About Money - We Wanna Get PaidRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 31, 2018 | Refinery 29

    ... debt , and a dystopian social climate , talking about finances no longer seems like that big of a deal. A new study polled over 1,000 participants about their financial proclivities. The study revealed that roughly a third of ...


  10. Millennials are more comfortable revealing their salary than any other generationRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 31, 2018 | Daily Mail

    Men of all ages are significantly more likely than women to reveal salary details, with 29 percent sharing pay information compared to just 20 percent of women Experts say that pay transparency in the workplace can help level the playing field for American women, who make 82 cents for every dollar a man is paid Millennials are more likely than older generations to reveal how much money they make to friends, family and even co-workers, according to a new survey. At one time, discussing salaries was viewed as a taboo, but in the era of social media and the chronic overshare, Americans age 18-37 say they are more comfortable being transparent about their salaries, according to a survey of 1,017 people by Bankrate.


  11. A 7-step plan to building an emergency fund, even if you're starting from scratchRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 26, 2018 | Silicon Alley Insider

    You may know that you should have an emergency fund , but the question is: Do you? If you don't, you're not alone. According to a survey of 1,000 adults conducted in June, 55 million people - about 23% of Americans - have nothing in an emergency fund , CNBC reported.


  12. Credit card interest rates are rising sharplyRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 25, 2018 | WLOX-TV Biloxi

    ... just credit cards you have to worry about. ATM fees for non-customers are also going to go up, according to a new survey. Bankrate said the average surcharge for an out-of-network transaction is now $4.68. That's 36 percent higher than ...


  13. College finance app targets Nevada, New YorkRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 1, 2018 | Las Vegas Review Journal

    ... U.S. college student has a little more than $30,000 upon completing their undergraduate degree, according to Bankrate. Edquity is free for high school and college students enrolled at institutions that partner with the company. It can be used by all ...


  14. Economy Grows Because Of Consumers And Not Tax Cut-Receiving CorporationsRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 26, 2018 |

    ... disposable income also was up 2.5%. Does that mean people are doing well? It depends on the group. According to a survey , only 38% of Americans say their finances have improved since the 2016 election. That includes the perceived ...


  15. Why states like S. Carolina, New Jersey and Iowa ban lottery ticket purchases with credit cardsRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 24, 2018 | USA Today

    ... with the most frequent players and biggest spenders coming from U.S. households in the lowest income brackets, a survey found. Twenty-eight percent of U.S. households with annual incomes below $30,000 play the lottery at least once a ...


  16. Want to find out if your date is suitable marriage material? Ask this question firstRead the original story w/Photo

    May 3, 2016 | MarketWatch

    ... their willingness to date that person, according to a recent survey of 1,000 adults by personal finance website That's up from nearly 40% last year. Women were nearly three times as likely to consider credit score a major influence on ...


  17. Americans are spending less and saving more - and Millennials are the most likely to penny-pinchRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 16, 2018 | Daily Mail

    ... boost their savings, according to a new survey. 'It's a reflection of reality - money is tight,' said Greg McBride, Bankrate's chief financial analyst, in an interview with 'People are under-saved, income growth has been tough to come ...


  18. Once you hit this FICO credit score, going higher is a waste of timeRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 13, 2018 | USA Today

    Once you're above 760 you're getting the best rates, according to Obsessing over a score of 800 versus 820 is largely a waste of time.


  19. This common bank fee has risen 53% over the past decadeRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 10, 2018 | MarketWatch

    ... charging non-customers more than ever for using their ATMs, according to a new report from personal-finance website On average, ATM owners now assess a surcharge of $3.02 for an out-of-network transaction, up from $2.97 a year ago. ATM ...


  20. This bank fee has risen 53% over the last decadeRead the original story w/Photo

    Oct 9, 2018 | MarketWatch

    ... charging non-customers more than ever for using their ATMs, according to a new report from personal-finance website On average, ATM owners now assess a surcharge of $3.02 for an out-of-network transaction, up from $2.97 a year ago. ATM ...