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  1. Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, Killer Mike, Neko Case & More Sign Petition to Save Net NeutralityRead the original story w/Photo

    4 hrs ago | Billboard

    ... the current net neutrality rules implemented during the Obama administration that require internet service providers to treat all web traffic equally. It would also hand over regulatory oversight of service providers from the FCC to the Federal ...


  2. Savannah-area group protests possible internet restrictionRead the original story w/Photo

    9 hrs ago | WTOC-TV Savannah

    The ruling to keep or repeal the net neutrality regulation will impact millions of people because so many of us access the internet on a daily basis at home and at work. Net neutrality is discussed in terms of the law that prevents internet service providers like AT&T, Comcast, and Cox from blocking, slowing, or discriminating online sites and services.


  3. Hastert Ordered to Stay Away From Children, PornographyRead the original story

    9 hrs ago | NBC Chicago

    Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert leaves the Dirksen Federal Court House in a wheelchair after his sentencing on April 27, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. Hastert was sentenced to 15 months in prison and ordered to pay $250,000 to a victim's fund for breaking banking laws as he sought to pay a man identified only as Individual A, 14-years-old at the time, millions of dollars to keep quiet about past sexual abuse.


  4. Keep the internet fair and open to allRead the original story w/Photo

    10 hrs ago | Star Tribune

    ... is a numbing phrase, but one that is more important than most consumers know. It is what prevents internet service providers (ISPs) such as AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and others from slowing, speeding or blocking the delivery of online content for their ...


  5. 'Call It Racist' - FCC's Pai Says His 'Net Neutrality'...Read the original story w/Photo

    10 hrs ago | The Daily Caller

    ... rality rules, established in 2015 under the Obama administration. The rules are designed to force internet service providers to deliver all web content at the same speed, regardless of type.


  6. Data Disproves FCC Claim That Net Neutrality Hurt Small ISPs -Read the original story w/Photo

    10 hrs ago | Broadbandreports

    ... press release (pdf) claiming that FCC boss Ajit Pai "held a series of telephone calls with small Internet service providers across the country--from Oklahoma to Ohio, from Montana to Minnesota." These executives, Pai claims, informed him that the ...


  7. Early reviews from videographers and other creative professionals...Read the original story

    10 hrs ago | Techmeme

    ... spread their money far and wide to influence your government - The FCC is about to give massive internet service providers the power to divide the internet. Nintendo says it has sold 10M Switch consoles since its release 10 months ago, meaning it ...


  8. Free software needs net neutrality! This is our Last Chance to save itRead the original story

    11 hrs ago |

    ... to urge you to support net neutrality and stop the FCC from removing common carrier status from Internet Service Providers like Comcast and Verizon. This is the only thing we have protecting a free Internet, which everyone needs. Thank you for your ...


  9. Europe Has a Message for Americans on Net NeutralityRead the original story w/Photo

    11 hrs ago | Slate Magazine

    ... management over the internet, sets transparency requirements, and puts commercial practices from internet service providers into a framework. In 2016, BEREC adopted guidelines providing a common interpretation of these rules for all European ...


  10. Tell The FCC Not To End Net NeutralityRead the original story w/Photo

    12 hrs ago | OpEdNews

    ... online, ending the internet as we know it. In 2015, the FCC passed a landmark rule that prevents internet service providers from favoring some sites over others -- slowing down connections or charging customers a fee for streaming or other services. ...


  11. Advocates ready legal showdown with FCC on net neutralityRead the original story w/Photo

    12 hrs ago | The Raw Story

    ... and public interest groups are considering several strategies to protect the rules banning internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking or "throttling" to slow service for certain content, including arguing that the decision is arbitrary and ...


  12. Watch the FCC chairman joke about being a Verizon shill, days before...Read the original story w/Photo

    12 hrs ago | Los Angeles Times

    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, right, and Verizon executive Kathleen Grillo dream of a Trump presidency in this jokey video sketch from Pai's appearance at the annual dinner of telecom lawyers in Washington on Dec. 7. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, right, and Verizon executive Kathleen Grillo dream of a Trump presidency in this jokey video sketch from Pai's appearance at the annual dinner of telecom lawyers in Washington on Dec. 7. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai probably thought he was adhering to the stand-up comedian's precept to "know the room" when he launched himself on a jokey, self-deprecating speech last week, complete with a videotaped comedy skit.


  13. ExpressVPN Unveils Industry's First Suite of Open-Source Tools to Test for Privacy and Security LeaksRead the original story

    12 hrs ago | Information Technology

    ExpressVPN , a leading international consumer VPN provider, today unveiled a suite of leak testing tools that enable users to test their virtual private network provider's software for potential leaks that could impact their privacy or security during everyday use. Developed by the company's Privacy Research Lab , the ExpressVPN Leak Testing Tools are now available open source under the Privacy and security are leading reasons that internet users are increasingly turning to VPNs.


  14. This poll gave Americans a detailed case for and against the FCC's...Read the original story w/Photo

    12 hrs ago | The Washington Post

    ... that the Federal Trade Commission will play in policing anti-competitive or unfair conduct by Internet service providers. Earlier polling by Democratic pollster Peter Hart showed that most Americans believe that utility-style regulation of the ...


  15. Is this the week the - free internet' dies? Or is it all just another Y2K?Read the original story w/Photo

    12 hrs ago | Valley News Live

    ... to ensure that providers don't create fast and slow lanes for internet traffic. Many of the big internet service providers, including Verizon, AT&T and Comcast, the parent company of NBC News, believe rolling back net neutrality rules will allow ...


  16. Web Creator Blasts FCC For Not Knowing How the Internet Works -Read the original story w/Photo

    12 hrs ago | Broadbandreports

    A list of twenty internet visionaries have written the FCC urging it to back off this week's planned repeal of net neutrality protections. Letter authors include Vint Cerf, co-creator of the TCP/IP protocol; Tim Berners-Lee, co-creator of the web; Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak; several designers of the Domain Name System ; public-key cryptography inventors Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman, and more.


  17. Demonstrators hold up angry-face emoji signs on Thursday during a net neutrality protest.Read the original story w/Photo

    13 hrs ago | Connecticut Post

    If all goes as expected, the Federal Communications Commission will repeal its net neutrality rules Thursday by party-line vote. In doing so, the FCC will undermine the principles the Internet was built upon, freeing Internet service providers from the ban on blocking, throttling or prioritizing Internet content.


  18. #Breaktheinternet protest offers one last gasp for net neutralityRead the original story w/Photo

    13 hrs ago | Mashable

    ... Once passed, the FCC will have effectively removed itself almost entirely from oversight of internet service providers. This will give ISPs the ability to cut deals with major companies for preferential treatment - a move that net neutrality ...


  19. More Republicans in Congress criticize FCC's net neutrality planRead the original story w/Photo

    13 hrs ago | TechCrunch

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  20. UW experts say repealing net neutrality would hurt economic growth, student entrepreneursRead the original story w/Photo

    14 hrs ago | The Badger Herald Online

    With the Federal Communications Commission's vote on net neutrality rapidly approaching, experts on the policy have raised concerns about how the internet will change if the Dec. 14 vote results in the repeal of net neutrality. Net neutrality, the basic principle that ensures internet service providers, or ISPs, treat everyone equally and don't have any favorites, means companies don't have to pay more for their signal to get through, University of Wisconsin professor emeritus Barry Orton said.