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20 hrs ago | OpEdNews

Si vis pacem, para bellum

This is the message several former national security advisors convey in an article titled: "NATO-based nuclear weapons are an advantage in a dangerous world" .


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Wed Aug 20, 2014

Daily Mail

New rope jumping craze hits Greek island Zakynthos

Get into Oxford for A 95! Britain's oldest university opens its doors so tourists can sleep in same rooms as alumni including Ronald Reagan and Imran Khan Move over Buckingham Palace and Big Ben! How a top secret escape game has been ranked London's number one tourist attraction on TripAdvisor Tired, stressed and desperate for a pina colada on the ... (more)


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Anthony H. Murray, Jr., former U.S. Mint superintendent

Anthony H. Murray Jr. was one the first Americans to arrive in Japan after World War II, and he brought back a souvenir: a sword a Japanese soldier had traded for a carton of cigarettes.


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Tue Aug 19, 2014

Lansing State Journal

Letter: Reagan is a Republican myth

In Reagan's last years as president, he had dementia, just like the old white people polled, those who voted for him.



"Even at age twelve I could tell that Jimmy Carter was an honest man...

Even at age twelve I could tell that Jimmy Carter was an honest man trying to address complicated issues and Ronald Reagan was a brilcreemed salesman telling people what they wanted to hear.


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Mon Aug 18, 2014


Salon: Hillary, Like Reagan, Thinks 'Conquering "Evil" Is the...

It's widely known that when Hillary Clinton was in high school, she was a big fan of Barry Goldwater's 1964 presidential campaign.


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Book Review: 'The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the...

BY MICHAEL HILL Even Republicans piled on President Richard Nixon as the Watergate scandal wore on.


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The Daily Beast

Mike Segar / ReutersRand Paul's Romance With RealismThe...

The libertarian senators is famously skeptical of foreign wars. So why are his advisers suddenly comparing him to the coldest of Cold Warriors? Throughout Paul's short political career, he has tried to position himself as someone less inclined to wage war or intervene in other countries than the Obama or Bush White Houses.


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Sun Aug 17, 2014

Watertown Daily Times

Leta s fight the War on Drugs right at home

The international drug trade, the war on it, and hundreds of thousands of displaced children and the trafficking of illegal drugs in the Western Hemisphere have been going on for quite some time now and has become big business.


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Sat Aug 16, 2014

The Miami Herald

Liberal bias permeates Rick Perlstein's time capsule of the pre-Reagan era

In 1976, Ronald Reagan came within a dyed hair's breadth of denying incumbent President Gerald Ford the Republican nomination.


Fri Aug 15, 2014

The News Tribune

Five myths about presidential vacations

"Presidents don't get vacations – they just get a change of scenery," Nancy Reagan once said in defense of her husband's frequent trips to his ranch in Santa Barbara, Calif.


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The Atlantic

What Conservatives' Support for Ferguson Says About Today's Politics

A dead black teenager, an enraged black community, an aggressive and ham-handed mostly white police force: The standoff in Ferguson, Missouri, is depressingly familiar.


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The Guns of August 2014

Jonathan Cook reports from the West Bank on How the Media and Human Rights Groups Cover for Israel's War Crimes; Jeffrey St. Clair on Why Israel is Losing; Nick Alexandrov on Honduras Five Years After the Coup; Joshua Frank on California's Water Crisis; Ismael Hossein-Zadeh on Finance Capital and Inequality; Kathy Deacon on The Center for the Whole ... (more)


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The Weekly Standard

Jeff Bell, New Jersey

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Thu Aug 14, 2014


Watching Robin Williams

What if you decided right now that you wanted to watch a Robin Williams movie? Which one might it be? And which vendor has the movie? That's why I pulled this list together: so that I would know whether to head to Apple, Amazon or Netflix to watch.


Verde Independent

Letters: Whose failures?

In his letter of Aug. 13, Jim Barber describes what he considers the failures of President Obama.


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Washington Times

Conservative author continues to defend his work, and the Reagan legacy.

An ongoing cultural grapple over Ronald Reagan continues. Consider that conservative historian Craig Shirley wrote a book titled " Reagan 's Revolution: The Untold Story of the Campaign That Started It All," published a decade ago.


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Minot Daily News

Who owns the future?

At the end of the Cold War, Francis Fukuyama famously wrote that our world may be at the "end of history" where "Western liberal democracy" becomes "the final form of human government."


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Wed Aug 13, 2014

Washington Times

Inside the Beltway: Rick Perry takes on the 'narcoterrorists'

A thousand National Guard troops were called to deploy to the Texas-Mexico border to wrest control of the immigration crisis - but over twice that number have shown up to volunteer for the mission.


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Black Voice News

Who Won the War on Poverty?

By Jazelle Hunt NNPA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON - President Ronald Reagan quipped: "In the 60s we waged a war on poverty, and poverty won."


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