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Updated: Fri Sep 26

WaPo- In rebuking Apple and Google for their new smartphone encryption polices on Thursday, FBI Director James B. Comey became the latest law enforcement official to evoke worst-case scenario arguments: What of the child predator, the murderer, the terrorist? Wouldn't you want police to be able to get into their phones? This type of argument can be brought into even sharper relief by posing the hardest imaginable case: What if the FBI got its hands on Osama bin Laden's iPhone? Though it requires a stretch of imagination - especially given that Seal Team Six killed bin Laden in 2011, and he didn't use a cell phone in his final years - this example illuminates the complicated new legal and technical terrain created by Apple's decision to release a mobile operating system that is so thoroughly encrypted that the company cannot unlock its devices for police, even if they have a search warrant. Comment?
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