Topix Media Kit

Topix is America's alternative news site.

Topix is the best place online to find out what's going on in
your neighborhood, stories often ignored by news organizations.

More than 450,0004 subjects of interest to your community are
discussed daily on Topix, easily searchable by zip code.

Topix, funded by an investment pool from Tribune, Gannett and
McClatchy, leverages premium editorial content from top media
properties across the web into one site.

Why advertise on Topix?

If you're looking into the heart of a community in modern America, you must go to

There's a reason why a best-selling author described Topix that way. As a trusted news source with scale across America, advertising on Topix builds consumer trust and loyalty.

With online community engagement now more important than ever, adding Topix to your digital media buy will reach an audience made up of influencers and opinion-shapers who help create the buzz around town about the newest products, best deals, and entertainment destinations.

For advertisers looking to increase brand awareness and sales, both online and in-store, it's time to advertise on Topix.

Facts and Stats

  • Topix is a top 5 U.S. newspaper website1, a premium publisher that reaches 11.6 million unique visitors1 and 147 million page views2 per month.
  • Topix is the second largest mobile news site, with 3.1 million mobile unique visitors1 and 50 million page views2 per month. Topix users are constantly interacting on the site wherever they go, participating in civic discussions about news issues that are important to them.
  • Topix is the #1 news discussion site in the U.S. with more than 450,000 news topics, and over 125,000 comments a day4. Topix users are highly engaged and passionate, sharing their opinions and experiences with others in their community.
  • Topix is the leading news site for women, according to PEW Research5. Topix users are head of their households and influential in their local communities, wielding significant disposable income and high purchasing power.

Top 5 US Newspaper Site 5
Unique Visitors / Month (in Millions)

1 37.7
2 23.4
3 22.6
4 17.6
5 11.6

Top 5 Regional / Local Site 6
Unique Visitors / Month (in Millions)

1 46.8
2 30.7
3 18.4
4 11.9
5 11.6

1. comScore, Oct 2012, 2. Google Analytics, Oct 2012, 3. Quantcast, Oct 2012, 4. Internal Site Stats, Oct 2012, 5. PEW Research, 2011