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10 min ago | Space Ref

NASA's Fermi Space Telescope Finds A Transformer Pulsar

These artist's renderings show one model of pulsar J1023 before and after its radio beacon vanished.


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10 min ago | Science Daily

NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory celebrates 15th anniversary

Fifteen years ago, NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory was launched into space aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia.


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2 hrs ago | ComputerWorld

NASA upgrades humanoid robot in space

The 300-pound humanoid robot working on the International Space Station is in the midst of getting a series of upgrades, including new processors and software, in preparation of having a pair of legs attached to it.


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3 hrs ago |

What's Better Than A Total Eclipse Of The Sun? Check This

Any eclipse is worth seeing. A total eclipse where the moon completely blots out the sun, where day turns to night, where solar flares ring the moon's shadow like a crown of flame that's the eclipse everybody wants to see, the alpha eclipse that eclipses all the other eclipses.


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4 hrs ago | Inhabitat

Japanese Artist Snaps Mind-Bending Go-Pro Photos of Bonsais in Space

Over the past few years, a number of people have sent objects into space via giant helium balloons.


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8 hrs ago | CNN

Out of this world: The best selfies from space

He may be best known for joining Neil Armstrong on the historic Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, but that wasn't the only time Buzz Aldrin had a hand in history.


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12 hrs ago | Pacific Daily News

Don't try to replicate Apollo program

Forty-five years ago this coming Sunday, in a stunning, unimaginable historical achievement, men from earth first walked on its moon.


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Mon Jul 21, 2014


Six Ways Movies Are Wrong About Space

Space is still the final frontier for us earthbound human beings, and our fascination with what awaits humanity in the largely unexplored cosmos is still going strong.


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SSL awarded contract for innovative, affordable access to space

Space Systems/Loral , a leading provider of commercial satellites , today announced that it was selected by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to integrate the flight hardware for a new capability designed to carry small science and technology missions to space on its geostationary satellite platform.


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Trailer: Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, and Matt Bomer revisit the 1970s in 'Space Station 76'

Ever wonder what it would be like if Ron Burgundy had gone to space in the 1970s? That's the general vibe of the trailer for Space Station 76, which stars Patrick Wilson as the mustachioed, hard-drinking captain of Omega 76, a groovy space station that is turned upside down when the new assistant captain turns out to be a... woman .


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KATV Little Rock

NASA names building for moonwalker Neil Armstrong

Visitors to the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum walk past a depiction of space exploration by artist Robert T. Forecasters say calmer winds and cooler temperatures are headed for a fire-scorched region of Washington state, conditions that could help firefighters in their battle against wildfires that have charred hundreds... Calmer ... (more)


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Science Daily

Astronauts to test free-flying 'housekeeper' robots

Inspired by science fiction, three bowling ball-size free-flying Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites have been flying inside the International Space Station since 2006.


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The Motley Fool

Will Elon Musk's SpaceX Knock Boeing and Lockheed Out of Space?

SpaceX has won lucrative contracts from NASA to keep the International Space Station well-supplied with Tang and toilet paper.


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Sun Jul 20, 2014

Air & Space

Space Shuttle Engines: Just the Stats- page 2

A cursory review of the history of rocket propulsion turns up a long list of well-designed rocket engines that have demonstrated superb reliability, contributed significantly to space research and defense, and transported hardware into Earth orbit and beyond.


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Forty-five years after Apollo landing, U.S. debates next lunar step

Forty-five years after the first Apollo lunar landing, the United States remains divided about the moon's role in future human space exploration.

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45 Years Ago, Armstrong Took His 'One Small Step'

NASA image taken in 2012 by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter shows astronauts' footprints and equipment left on the moon by Apollo 11. Forty-five years ago today, in arguably the greatest technological feat of the 20th Century, two Americans stepped off the ladder of their small landing craft and walked on the surface of the moon.


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WLS-AM Chicago

Former NASA Boss: Russia Has US Space Program in 'Hostage Situation'

Forty-five years ago, the world watched as astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," becoming the first humans to walk on the moon on July 20, 1969.

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Alabama Live

We need a better vision for our next giant steps into space: opinion

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama - Did you see that "supermoon" last weekend? So close, you could just reach out and touch it.


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See What the Raging Pacific Northwest Fires Look Like From Space

Wildfires across the Pacific Northwest have been blazing since Monday and have scorched large areas of forest as a result of hot, dry weather in Oregon and Washington.


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Sacramento Bee Newspaper

Discoveries: Free hands-on space museum in Marin County strip mall

Most museums discourage the tactile. They encase their treasures in hermetically sealed Lucite, post all-caps "Do Not Touch" signs, have blue-blazered guards hovering nearby, lest these valuable artifacts be sullied by contact with the unwashed masses.


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