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1 hr ago | AME Info

Private school in Abu Dhabi hires robots to teach pupils

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Sun Aug 31, 2014


Why Do Robots Rebel? The Labor History of a Cultural Icon

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Tweets As Tips: Robot Butler Delivers Room Service

Having once been called the tech Hemingway of Paris, named one of the top 100 women in technology in Europe in 2012, short-listed for best tech journalist by the TechCrunch Europas, I like to fix problems with my own special brand of strategy, storytelling and writing.


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ABC News

How Robots Could Soon Learn to Teach Themselves

Robots that can learn how to do just about anything, including anticipating what their human owners are about to do, may be lurking around the corner if scientists at four leading research universities and several high tech companies achieve their goal.


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The Indianapolis Star

Susan Hendrich helped develop the digital assistant for Windows Phone 8.1.

Developer gives Cortana digital assistant a dash of Hoosier Microsoft developer Susan Hendrich from Harrison County Check out this story on When Susan Hendrich was helping to develop the digital assistant for Windows Phone 8.1 - the virtual "person" who can answer your every need - the southern Indiana native ... (more)


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World's first 'smart' cruise ship features robot bartenders, virtual balconies and more

HP issued a voluntary recall, explaining that a recently discovered overheating issue made the cords a "fire and burn hazard."


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USA Today

Robot toy invasion: Tech fuels the latest toys

Forget dollhouses, footballs and jigsaw puzzles - kids today want tech in their toys.


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Sydney Morning Herald

Japan develops robot wheelchairs to read minds

Hiromichi Takeuchi helps his 93-year-old mother Iyo. Japan is to look at robotics to assist look after its ageing population.


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Fujifilm vs Ebola: Japan giants turn...

When Japan announced it was ready to supply a new drug to help combat the deadly Ebola virus, one unusual detail emerged -- it would be made by Fujifilm.


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Sat Aug 30, 2014

SciFi Japan

Godzilla and Mothra on Sony Movie Channel in September

Several Godzilla and Mothra movies will be airing in September on the Sony Movie Channel.


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Russia Taday

a Seek and destroy: New 'nanobots' may become revolutionary in treating cancer

Miniscule robots are set to start hunting down cancerous cells in the human body and destroy them with their nanoweapons, new research suggests.


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Laughing Squid

An Upcoming Documentary About Animatronic Robot Band Captured! by Robots

Captured! by Robots , the animatronic robot band fronted by human Jay Vance , will be the subject of an upcoming documentary by artist Dawn Miceli .


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Forget 3D printing, this robot printer could be the future

Whoever said printers are boring clearly hasn't laid their eyes on this, a new robotic printer from the folks at Fuji Xerox.


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Obama Says He Wants to Help Workers. He Might Just Be Helping Robots Find New Jobs

It's Labor Day weekend, and President Barack Obama chose to celebrate the holiday by flogging one of his favorite issues: the minimum wage.


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First robot astronaut 'lonely' in space

Being an astronaut can be an overwhelming experience, so Japanese researchers created a robot to see if an artificial friend could help lonely spacemen bear the solitude of the cosmos.


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Fri Aug 29, 2014

Two Women Arrested for Meth Lab in Church Kitchen

Two Women Arrested for Meth Lab in Church Kitchen: Two Illinois women have been arrested for allegedly manufacturing methamphetamine inside the kitchen of a rural church.


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The Globe and Mail

I, for one, welcome our robot overlords

A robotic work force may strike fear in some, but there's a lot to be said for automating low-value, time-wasting tasks.


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Humanoid robots proven to help autistic children learn

Robotics PhD student Luke Wood works on KASPAR, a robot built at the University of Hertfordshire to help autistic children, in the Robotville exhibition at the Science Museum on November 29, 2011, in London, England.

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Scientists Create One Robot Brain to Rule Them All

Researchers are creating a single, massive repository of robot knowledge so machines around the world can learn from each other.


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5 Robots Booking It to a Classroom Near You

The technological creations are taking on serious roles in the classroom. With the accelerating rate of robotic technology, school administrators all over the world are plotting how to implement them in education, from elementary through high school.


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