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3 hrs ago |

Citrus beauty by Bubzbeauty, scar fading, acne reducing, brightening DIY Mask

Add a little zest to your beauty routine, citrus fruits-oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit on one way to boost your potassium and folate intake.


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7 hrs ago | Fox News

Should you skip prenatal vitamins with folic acid?

If you're planning a pregnancy or you're already pregnant, chances are your doctor told you to take a prenatal vitamin with folic acid to prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida and anencephaly.


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11 hrs ago | Detroit Free Press

The Healthy Table: A tasty way to try chickpeas

Chickpeas and other dried beans can be considered super foods and provide a weapon in protecting against some diseases.


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15 hrs ago | The Columbus Dispatch

Restricted diets for children require planning but can be healthy

One of Joanna Thomas' proudest parenting moments came when her then-toddler son looked up at a pair of golden arches and asked: "What's that big yellow M?" Since birth, her son and daughter - now 15 and 13, respectively - have eaten almost exclusively vegan and sugar-free, said Thomas, 50, who lives on the city's Northwest Side.


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20 hrs ago | Stroudnewsand Journal

Fitness Tip of the Week with Dave Marsh: Five simple tips which can...

Fitness Tip of the Week with Dave Marsh: Five simple tips which can make you healthier, fitter and burn off that weight 1. EAT Iron Rich Foods, Iron is essential for carrying the oxygen your muscles need to burn fat.


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22 hrs ago |

Discover the wondrous health benefits of royal jelly

Royal jelly is a thick and milky substance made by worker bees as food for the queen bee.


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Sat Jul 26, 2014

Use these natural remedies to enjoy a more comfortable menopause

Many women suffer from various uncomfortable symptoms during menopause and perimenopause, the period preceding menopause.


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Medical Daily

Oregano and Rosemary: A Natural, Affordable Way To Manage Type 2 Diabetes?

Medicine for type 2 diabetes patients can get expensive. So researchers in Illinois looked for cheaper alternatives, and found oregano and rosemary to be quite effective.


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Raw vegetables vs cooked vegetables

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D . is a family physician and internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural health and healing.


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Las Vegas Newstrip

The Body's Most Protective Antioxidant And Best Kept Secret

Ask anyone to name an antioxidant and even those with lowest awareness on the subject could mention one or two perhaps, vitamin C, vitamin E or beta-carotene? Yet, one of the body's most important protective antioxidants - glutathione is never mentioned, even though it is naturally found in nearly all the cells, tissues and organs in the body.


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Express India

Garlic: The bulb that has multiple therapeutic properties

Garlic, member of onions, leeks and chives family is a popular ingredient of almost all kinds of cuisines owing to its strong aroma and flavour.


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Supplemental calcium is the wrong approach to age-related bone loss

A popular mantra for dealing with osteoporosis and other forms of age-related bone loss is to take supplemental calcium and get on a bisphosphonate drug like Fosamax.


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Fri Jul 25, 2014

KXAN-TV Austin

Spina bifida no match for Central Texas powerlifter

Under the shade of a barn in Elgin, the sounds of summer are broken up by the clanking of iron.


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ABC News

What We Dona TMt Know About Lethal Injection Drugs

Wood, a convicted murderer, died Wednesday nearly two hours after receiving what authorities said was a 50-milligram dose of both the sedative midazolam and the painkiller hydromorphone.


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The Willits News

In your garden with Jenny Watts: Crazy about Coneflowers

With their bright petals and striking dark centers, coneflowers are an eye-catching addition to a perennial bed or border.


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Food Technology

Folates not folic acid for flour fortification, urge researchers

"the study showed was that the gut lining doesn't metabolise folic acid to 5-MTHF anywhere near as efficiently as it metabolises natural folates..." New findings that the body is less efficient at metabolising folic acid than natural folates could inform policy-making decisions as the UK government considers mandatory fortification of flour with ... (more)


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Antioxidant Supplements Don't Fight Cancer, Research Suggests

In a new paper, published July 10 in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers analyzed previous studies on antioxidants and cancer , trying to determine why taking antioxidants hasn't seemed to reduce people's cancer risk.


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New York Daily News

Dim lighting may weaken breast-cancer drug's effects

Exposure to dim lighting at night might reduce the effects of tamoxifen, a popular breast cancer drug, because it suppresses melatonin production, a new study has found.


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Medical Daily

Darkness At Night Essential To Breast Cancer Therapy: Sleep Hormone...

Tamoxifen resistance increases due to depleted levels of the sleep hormone melatonin.


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Oregano and rosemary could cure Diabetes

Researchers work hard on finding health clues for the public and they've found a very important find this time around.


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