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2 hrs ago | Go Local

GoLocalWorcester | Lifestyle | Fit for Life: Back to School - Two Ways to Get It Right

It's that time of the year for parents to rejoice. Back to school for the young ones! You get to watch them get all excited about new clothes, sneakers, and being back with their friends.


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5 hrs ago |

Finding new wives' tales for health

Sniffles, coughs, aches, complaints and whining have sent me delving around for ideas as to what to feed my family to build them up again.


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9 hrs ago | Albany Times Union

6 Reasons You Should Spend Some Time In The Sun This Weekend

It's summertime for another few weeks, despite the common assumption that Labor Day is summer's end.


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13 hrs ago | Natural Holistic Health

Extra Relaxing Bath

Get your dried, organic herbs, organic essential oils, bulk spices, loose leaf organic teas and aromatherapy supplies at the place where we shop - Starwest Botanicals ! Combine oils with 1/4 C epsom salts or baking soda; add to bath with water running; soak 15-20 mins.


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16 hrs ago | Medical News Today

Vitamin D supplements 'do not reduce risk of heart attack or stroke'

Past research has suggested that individuals with low levels of vitamin D are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease.


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Fri Aug 29, 2014

CBS Local

Health: Trend Has Coffee Drinkers Putting Butter In Their Cup Of Joe

Putting butter in your coffee may sound weird, but it's a popular new trend. Drinkers say it keeps them feeling full, their minds sharp and even helps them lose weight.


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Dr. Oz: Best diet sources of serotonin for boosting happiness and weight loss

Do you wish that you could feel happier? By understanding the habits of happy people and eating the right diet, you can achieve that goal, said Dr. Mehmet Oz on his Aug. 29 talk show .


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NBTY sued over allegedly pumping up protein claims for whey product

As observers of the class action lawsuit game had predicted, lawsuits based on alleged protein spiking are starting to pile up, and an initial target is one with deep pockets: NBTY.


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Food And Drink Europe

Can the rise of medical foods tackle 'unsustainable' public healthcare costs?

Dr Paul Clayton: "We can't afford the burdens of disease we have already so the projected increases lead to bankruptcy."


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Las Cruces Sun-News

Chile peppers fight pain, disease and protect the heart

What ails you? You just might find that one of the best remedies has just been harvested from local fields.


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The New Zealand Herald

Wendyl wants to know: Ches'n'Dale a salty pair beside natural cousin

I was alerted to the hidden danger of salt lurking in our supermarket cheeses by an article in the Times which found some supermarket cheeses contained more salt than seawater.


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'Novel' synbiotic is well tolerated and linked to increases in beneficial gut species

A combination of probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and prebiotic cellobiose may boost populations of bacteria in the gut associated with improved host health, says a new study from Denmark and Finland.


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Resveratrol supplements may boost mitochondrial function: Mouse data

Supplements containing the red wine polyphenol resveratrol may counter the detrimental effects of a high fat diet including restoring mitochondrial function, suggest results of a study with mice.


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New DHA Omega-3 Benefits Discovered By Scientists

Scientific studies have uncovered new information that DHA provides more health benefits beyond brain, eyes and heart than originally thought Austin, Texas / ACCESSWIRE / August 29th, 2014 / Many clinical studies have confirmed the health benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, mainly DHA and EPA.


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9 Ways To Relieve Constipation Naturally

Do you find yourself bloated, irritable or having heartburn? You just may be constipated.


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Thu Aug 28, 2014

Psychology Today

All Coked Up

Stoked and coked. The coca in Coca Cola was cocaine until 1929. Now the corporate giant has bought about of fifth of Monster Energy Drinks for 2.15 billion dollars, hoping to further caffeinate its products and profits-and us.


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Low dose omega-3s and sterols effective for triglyceride and cholesterol reductions: Unilever study

A combination of low dose omega-3s and plant sterols can effectively reduce both cholesterol and triglyceride levels in people with elevated cholesterol levels, says a new study that should allay fears over omega-3s negating the effects of sterols.


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The New Zealand Herald

Five supplements that may help with depression

Over two-thirds of Australians are thought to use complementary medicines ranging from vitamin and mineral supplements to herbal to aromatherapy and homeopathic products.


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Topsail Advertiser

Some healthy options for back-to-school lunches

Lunches and snacks for back-to-school students can be very healthy and tasty. Fruits and vegetables along with nuts, raisins and dried cranberries add a nutritional value to the menu.


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The Salinas Californian

Age-related changes affect the gi tractAge-related changes affect the ...

Age-related changes affect the gi tract It is normal to experience eating and bowel-movement changes with age.


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