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54 min ago | Earth Times

Global Commission adds pressure to climate debate

The only good fossil is one that's buried or in a museum. The little reptile isn't being burnt with its rock in a power station.


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2 hrs ago | KTRE-TV Lufkin

Naranjo Museum Junior Rangers uncover dinosaur fossil

The Naranjo Museum of Natural History Junior Rangers got a crash course in Paleontology on Tuesday. The kids got to help Dr. Neal Naranjo uncover a possible foot belonging to a Therizinosaurus, otherwise known as the "leaping lizard."


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6 hrs ago | Science Daily

Meteorite that doomed dinosaurs remade forests

The impact decimated slow-growing evergreens and made way for fast-growing, deciduous plants, according to a study applying biomechanical analyses to fossilized leaves. The study provides much-needed evidence for how the extinction event unfolded in the plant communities at the time.


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6 hrs ago | Sydney Morning Herald

12 secrets for a happy marriage

With our 25th wedding anniversary next week, my wife's answer is always the same: "Make sure you have the world's weirdest honeymoon. That way things can only get better."


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9 hrs ago | Scientific Blogging

The Chicxulub Meteorite Killed The Dinosaurs But Made Forests Great

It left a crater more than 150 km across and the resulting mega tsunami, wildfires, global earthquakes and volcanism are believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs and made way for the rise of the mammals. It is still evident in the Chicxulub crater, named after the nearby village.


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10 hrs ago | LiveScience

Dino-Killing Impact Remade Plant Kingdom, Too

The killer meteorite that extinguished the dinosaurs also torched North America's forests and plants. The harsh conditions after the impact favored fast-growing flowering plants, nudging forests toward a new pecking order, a new study reports.


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12 hrs ago | Criminal Report Daily

Dino-Killing Meteorite Gave Way to Leafy Forests

Dozens of videos of the Russian meteor were uploaded to Youtube soon after impact on the morning of Feb. 15, 2013, many of which originated from vehicle dashboard cameras . During the morning commute many drivers saw the bright orb grow and explode in the atmosphere.


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12 hrs ago | RedOrbit

'Jaws' Lived In Doncaster

Sharks, swamps and a tropical rainforest teeming with life - it's not what comes to mind when you think of Yorkshire, England. But for the first time evidence of Doncaster's 310-million-year-old past, including a fossilized shark egg case, has been discovered in a derelict mining tip.


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14 hrs ago | The Post-Standard

Dinosaurs arrive - in pieces - at the MOST for Dinomania 2014

Animatronic dinosaurs, the centerpiece of Dinomania 2014, arrived at the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology today, Tuesday, Sept. 16. This is the sixth time the MOST has hosted Dinomania, created by Kokoro Exhibits.


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15 hrs ago | Daily Star


Local fisherman discovered what may well be the remains of a deep frozen dinosaur, and the head appears to be more than just a fossilized relic. He revealed: "It was hard to miss, because the boat driven by my colleague Oleg Yushkov had bumped against it.


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19 hrs ago | LiveScience

Tiny Bite Marks Reveal Afterlife of an Ichthyosaur

At least 145 million years ago, a hungry sea urchin might have left these star-shaped marks on this rib fragment of an ichthyosaur. When whales die, their bodies sink to the seafloor.


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23 hrs ago | Art Daily

New dinosaur species unearthed in Tanzania

This artist's rendering hand out on September 4, 2014 by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History shows a Dreadnoughtus schrani in life. A supermassive dinosaur that would have weighed as much as 60 small cars has been found in Argentina, where it likely perished in a bog some 77 million years ago, paleontologists said September 4, 2014.


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Mon Sep 15, 2014

Science Daily

Moss plants brought back to life after having been frozen in Antarctic ice for 1,500 years

Mosses have existed on Earth for more than 400 million years. During this period they survived many climate catastrophes that wiped out more robust organisms such as, for example, dinosaurs.


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The Motley Fool

3D Printing Dinosaur Bones: You Won't Believe This Man's Crazy Journey

Sure, it's going to be big... but how big? TJ McCue decided to hop into an RV and find out. He's in the middle of an eight-month road trip around the U.S., stopping more than 100 times along the way to see how American businesses -- and individuals -- are putting 3D technology to use.


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The Daily Star

Giant dinosaur fossil found

A giant dinosaur found in Tanzania once lived during a lush, green period when flowering plants flourished, about 100 million years ago, paleontologists report. The new dino species is a rare find in sub-Saharan Africa, where far fewer dinosaur fossils are discovered than in South America, the researchers said.


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Pterosaurs by Mark Witton [Greg Laden's Blog]

Pterosaurs: Natural History, Evolution, Anatomy by Mark P. Witton is a coffee-table size book rich in detail and lavishly illustrated. Witton is a pterosaur expert at the School of Earh and Environmental Sciences at the University of Portsmouth.


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Harborough Today

Photo Gallery: Arts Fresco 2014

Crowds gathered in the pedestrianised High Street to watch the variety of wacky, funny and off-the-wall street artists. Kings of the event, which ran from 10am-4pm, were undoubtedly the 15ft-high Sauras dinosaurs which paraded up and down High Street with a Jurassic roar.


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Sun Sep 14, 2014

Kinston Free Press

Dinosaurs join aquarium displays

If you're looking for an easy and close one-day family get-away, the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores is a great place to go. Everything from jellyfish and bull sharks to otters, reptiles and dinosaurs await you.


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WRIC-TV Richmond

Alien-Like Giant Water-Living Dinosaur Unveiled

Picture the fearsome creatures of "Jurassic Park" crossed with the shark from "Jaws." Then super-size to the biggest predator ever to roam Earth.


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The Raw Story

Newly discovered flying dinosaur named after beasts from James Cameron's 'Avatar'

Some of the most visually stunning sequences from director James Cameron's blockbuster movie "Avatar" involved graceful flying creatures that were ridden by blue human-like beings facing ecological destruction on a moon called Pandora. It turns out that an animal very similar to those "Avatar" creatures, called Ikran, actually did exist here on Earth long ago.


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