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3 hrs ago | Island Gazette Newspaper Online

NIH funds next step of cutting-edge research into Alzheimer's disease genome

Teams of scientists will use support from the National Institutes of Health to conduct research into the genetic underpinnings of Alzheimer's disease, analyzing how genome sequences - the order of chemical letters in a cell's DNA - may contribute to increased risk or protect against the disease.


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7 hrs ago |

Scientists discover new, noncommittal mechanism of drug resistance

These permanent mutations were once thought to be the only way for drug-resistant strains to evolve.


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11 hrs ago | Scientific Blogging

Epigenetics Implicated In Mouse Cancer

If you go by stories of epigenetics and the microbiome, we are on the verge of curing all disease.


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15 hrs ago | IcNetwork

Welsh scientist leading global research into schizophrenia speaks of...

The brilliant scientist trying to find new treatments for schizophrenia has spoken about the work that could change millions of lives forever.


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19 hrs ago |

Friendships are more than skin deep

Friends often look alike. The tendency of people to forge friendships with people of a similar appearance has been noted since the time of Plato.


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21 hrs ago | Swissinfo

Re-wiring the brain with light to overcome disorders

Your browser is out of date. It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this websites.


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Sat Jul 26, 2014

Holtville Tribune

Common gene variants account for most genetic risk for autism

Most of the genetic risk for autism comes from versions of genes that are common in the population rather than from rare variants or spontaneous glitches, researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health have found.


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News Observer

Summer of sequencing genomes

The second, accepted but not yet published by Theoretical and Applied Genetics, was done with several of the professional scientists mentoring the P2EP interns.


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Star Tribune

DNA offers new clues to mystery of schizophrenia

The secret to schizophrenia, psychiatry's most abiding mystery, may lie in the DNA associated with the body's immune system.


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Exactly 8.2% or 80% of the Human Genome is Functional [Discovering Biology in a Digital World]

Science and its interpretation is wonderful. Today I saw a post on Twitter from @LAbizar, referencing an @GEN, post that stated 8.2% of Human DNA is Functional with a link to a GEN article: "Surprise: Only 8.2% of Human DNA Is Functional."


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The Winnipeg Free Press

Lack of genetic diversity threat to livestock

Anyone who has lived on or near a farmyard with chickens is well-aware of the rooster's ability to trumpet the arrival of morning long before the sun peeks over the horizon.


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Fri Jul 25, 2014

Fields of genetics

Genetics is the study of how traits are inherited from one generation to the next.


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Simple isn't better when talking about science, Stanford philosopher suggests

Studies of the origins of human sexuality and aggression are typically in the domain of the sciences, where researchers examine genetic, neurobiological, social and environmental factors.


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Science Daily

GSAD and Plant rDNA database: two open platforms with plant cytogenetic information

Having cytogenetic information about plants is basic to classify species and promote new studies on agriculture and crop improvement.


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Psychology Today

Men in Black Wins

Based on a concept first proposed by DNA Nobel laureate Francis Crick, a sophisticated combination of genetics , neurochemistry and optics - called "optogenetics" - may finally lead to the true "root" of psychiatric illness.


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Yeast meeting to showcase latest breakthroughs in genetics and molecular biology

Nearly 600 scientists from 25 countries and 35 states will attend the 2014 Yeast Genetics Meeting organized by the Genetics Society of America next week at the University of Washington in Seattle.


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PhysOrg Weblog

Diabetes discovery illuminates path to new drugs

Searching for "broken genes" - those whose protective effects come from shutting off and ceasing to function - gives drug companies an important leg up, explained David Altshuler, professor of genetics and medicine at Harvard Medical School.


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Agri Marketing

Syngenta To Release 23 New NK Soybean Varieties for 2015

SYNGENTA TO RELEASE 23 NEW NK SOYBEAN VARIETIES FOR 2015 Jul. 25, 2014 Source: Syngenta news release Growing conditions and pest pressures constantly evolve.


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Medical News

Children who experience stress early in life have emotional, physical health problems

Children who have been abused or neglected early in life are at risk for developing both emotional and physical health problems.


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Thu Jul 24, 2014


Tissue Collection Aids Search for Neurologic and Neuromuscular Disease Causes and Cures

Like other major research centers studying genetic causes of uncommon and poorly understood nervous system disorders, Cedars-Sina i maintains a growing collection of DNA and tissue samples donated by patients.


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