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5 min ago | Your Democracy

eschatology or the end of time, relatively...

I am mightily disturbed by the mixing of notions. John Hughes, the Dean of Jesus College in Cambridge, was suddenly killed, in a car accident that deprived his followers from promises of more religious enlightenment... For all we know, Hughes may have become an atheist in his old age... "... potentially unrequited acts of forgiveness are encouraged ... (more)


1 hr ago |

Neil DeGrasse Tyson nearly speechless: Creationist says aliens will go to hell

The noted astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a man of science. He is also a man of words.


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8 hrs ago |

Are UFOs and aliens a major aspect of WW III? - part 2

It is obvious that Montaigne's timing was off on his prediction of a third world war in 2002, which is fortunate to say the least.


12 hrs ago | CNN

IRAQ Christians and ISIS

Well, only FOX is reporting this on the major networks. ISIS has told the Christians in IRAQ to convert to Islam, pay a huge unaffordable tax, or be executed.


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17 hrs ago | News24

.com | The Truth of Genesis: Rejoice the Annihilation of...

The Fourth Day in Genesis, represented Creation Week, 4.6 billion years ago, when Earth and original mankind were created, and all things were new and pure.


Tue Jul 29, 2014

Daily Mail

Adelaide doomsday cult compound up for sale billed as a 'unique and flexible property'

Adelaide doomsday cult compound up for sale billed as a 'unique and flexible property' after leader who fled to Fiji is forced to sell assets Leo, who fled to Fiji in 2010, led the notorious Agape Ministries and warned followers of an apocalypse but promised to save them on 'The Island' Rocco Leo, who fled to Fiji in 2010, allegedly promised to ... (more)


The New Zealand Herald

Game review: The Last of Us Remastered

One of the Playstation 3's best games has been transported onto the PS4. Is it worth playing again? Chris Schulz evaluates The Last of Us Remastered ... With a jeep full of survivors fleeing a growing zombie apocalypse, gamers positioned in the back seat are able to survey the surrounding carnage with a sweeping 360-degree view that includes ... (more)


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Christianity Today

Everything's Turning Up Apocalypse

If you, like me, scroll down the list of recent pieces in this column and feel like there's a lot of hellfire and end-of-the-world cropping up in my titles - well, you're right.


Finding "Bonsam Gyaem" In Ghana

You might have heard of "Bonsam gyaem" or "Hell" or read about in the Holy Bible.


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Christian Newswire

Author Announces Publication of New Memoir

Paul W. Sybert reflects on a lifetime of challenges and faith in God and the human spirit "God is good and the Rapture is near," Sybert writes.


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Mon Jul 28, 2014

Free Republic

HAMAS in the Bible: G-d has a sense of humor

3500 years ago He shows his sense of humor by giving the ancient Hebrews a word for "violence"....."HAMAS"! HAMAS is actually an acronym... Hamas The fact the G-d foresaw this and gave the Hebrews "Hamas" as their word for violence is amazing! It will take me some time to dig it up, however it refers to an "Anti-Christ", "end of days" type figure, ... (more)


A brief explanation of the American Christian support of Israel

As the Palestinian struggle against Israel rages on, neoconservatives on talk radio and Fox News have turned up the fear mongering to critical mass.


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I hate the hatred

Sun News Network July 27 2014 I hate the hatred MICHAEL COREN Israel and Gaza. I hate the deaths on both sides.


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The Great War: the first global jihad ?

It is September 1914. The Great War is in full swing. A group of 29 German church leaders and theologians issue an appeal to foreign Protestants.



The Last of Us: Remastered Review

Survive an apocalypse on Earth in The Last of Us Remastered, a PS4 port of the original game that runs in 1080p and includes downloadable content.


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Sun Jul 27, 2014

John Wetzel: The world has turned upside down

What an upside down world we live in. This week in the Sun Herald editorial page, we have a Christian minister telling us that the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision was wrong and that people who own businesses should have to provide "abortion pills" to their female employees.


Washington Examiner

Christian support for Israel rooted in Genesis promises, not end-times prophecy, evangelicals say

Polling consistently shows overwhelmingly support for Israel among American evangelicals, one of the factors that explain why the modern Republican Party has become so supportive of Israel.


The 'rapture' and the 'tribulation'

So these end-times villains, the malevolent antagonists who are poised to invade the national political state of Israel in the soon-coming battle of Armageddona has anyone noticed how their identity changes with the headlines? Anyone, anyone? Hello? Which begs a fundamental question of Christian believers: "Is keeping one eye fixed on presumptive ... (more)


Arutz Sheva Israel News

Defense/Security, 6:14 PMIslamic Jihad Said to Have Iranian 'Judgement Day' Missile

Islamic Jihad has "many more surprises up its sleeve," said Abdullah Shalah, head of the terror group said Sunday.


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The Sampson Independent

What would you do?6:31 am

You've received the warning. You have three choices. You can convert to Islam, pay a steep tax, or be killed.


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