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28 min ago | KKLA-FM Glendale

Rapture Film "The Remaining" Coming to Theaters

A thriller movie about the rapture, titled "The Remaining," is slated to hit theaters soon .


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Madden 15 Gameplay! (So Much Rage!!)

This Woman Looks Like She's Wearing Makeup. She's Not.

LAPD Cop: If You Don't Want To Get Shot, Don't Challenge Me

This Is The Craziest, Most Acrobatic Motorcycle Accident You'll Ever See

5 hrs ago |

'The Holy Land Key, Unlocking End-Times Prophecy...' by Ray Bentley

'The Holy Land Key, Unlocking End-Times Prophecy Though the Lives of God's People in Israel,' by Ray Bentley with Genevieve Gillespie "In light of world events understanding the Jewish connection is key to prophecy interpretation, Jewish biblical feasts and the blood moons.


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12 hrs ago | Journal Gazette

Obama blundering US, world closer to end times

It's not time yet for the Battle of Armageddon, but we can already see events being lined up for the world's largest religious war.


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Tue Aug 19, 2014

China Cracks Down on Murderous 'Christian' Cult

The Chinese government is cracking down on a group known as the Church of Almighty God, which believes a woman exiled in the United States is a reincarnation of Jesus Christ.


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On Top Magazine

'Ex-Gay' Pastor Claims It's Common Sense To Deny Gays Marriage

An "ex-gay" activist over the weekend claimed that "anyone with a brain" can understand why gays and lesbians should not be allowed to marry.


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Mon Aug 18, 2014

SF Signal

Special Needs in Strange Worlds Guest Post: Kameron Hurley on...

Kameron Hurley is an award-winning author, advertising copywriter, and online scribe.


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New Z Nation Promo Reminds You to Keep Your Friday Nights Open

Syfy's upcoming new series "Z Nation" premieres on Friday, September 12th, at 10PM; and the network wants to make sure you remember to keep your Friday nights open to check it out.


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Our days are numbered: 7 end of world predictions you've survived and one you might not

Scientists said there is a realistic chance an asteroid could hit Earth in 867 years time - but it's not the first apocalypse warning Asteroid 1950 DA has a 0.3% chance of hitting Earth in 867 years' time and scientists have no idea how to stop it.


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Sun Aug 17, 2014


Avengers AoU News

According to reports, there is a lot of spoilers buzzing in the web, after the post credits scene and after credits scene description were leaked.


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Arutz Sheva Israel News

Defense/Security, 7:51 PMIran Aided Hamas in Cyber-War on Israel

A senior IDF source revealed Sunday that in addition to supplying Hamas terrorists with weapons, including so-called "Judgement Day" missiles , Iran supported the Gaza terror group by launching a massive cyber assault on Israel during Operation Protective Edge.


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Sat Aug 16, 2014

Cataclysm from 'From the Vault: Annihilation'

Originally printed in Urza's Saga , Cataclysm is one of 15 legendary Magic: The Gathering cards featured in Wizards of the Coast's From the Vault: Annihilation .


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Tring Today

Getting to Know: Matt Hatton

Matt Hatton is the station manager for Radio Dacorum, the borough's community-based radio channel presented by volunteers and on air 24/7.


Fri Aug 15, 2014

First 'Left Behind' Trailer

Left Behind, and its sequels have been inspiring, entertaining, and mesmerizing both readers and video audiences for years.


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Actress Alexa Vega talks 'The Remaining,' the Rapture, religion

In the horror film "The Remaining," actress Alexa Vega stars as Skylar, a young woman who is fighting for her life when the Rapture happens on her wedding day.


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Thu Aug 14, 2014

Cortez Journal News

Here or Out There?

The separation this creates between believing in out there and living day to day life can be so complete that it leaves us free to do whatever we want to do.


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World Magazine

Fearing the return of Jesus

Maybe you weren't a kid when the Left Behind books came out-but I was, and they scared me out of my little pink pajamas.


The Escapist

Debbie Does Satanism: Jack Chick Dark Dungeons Flick Screens Today

First it was a dream inspired by a $1,000 lottery windfall, then it became a Kickstarter success , and now it's a movie: J.R. Ralls' Jack Chick adaptation Dark Dungeons will screen today at GenCon .


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DFW Catholic

She Is Our Mother

Many times we refer to the Blessed Virgin simply as Saint Mary. Many times our pictures of Mary in heaven are similar to those of Michelangelo's Last Judgement on the wall over the altar in the Sistine chapel.


Wed Aug 13, 2014

The Recorder

Culleny: The song remains the same

Ominously, the essay ends there after Greer has run through what he suggests are three effective ways to deal with "... the decidedly mixed bag that human existence hands us."


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A new global currency--the new world order is rising

The United Nations is calling for a Global Currency. All of the pieces are coming together very quickly.