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Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp News

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50 min ago | JD Journal

Defense Attorney for Accused 9/11 Terror Attack Leader Resigns

Summary : Major Jason Wright, defense attorney for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, accused of being one of the main players in the September 11 terror attacks, has resigned, claiming the U.S. government left him with no other choice.


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4 hrs ago | News Max

Pressure Mounts to Close Crumbling Gitmo

Pressure to close down the prison at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, or "Gitmo," is mounting - the only problem is, what to do with the prisoners? While President Barack Obama pledged to shut the rapidly aging and deteriorating prison down, and even signed an executive order in 2009 to do so within one year, Gitmo remains open, housing 149 prisoners, ... (more)


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8 hrs ago | The New Zealand Herald

Uruguay says Guantanamo prisoner not imminent

The transfer of six men held at the Guantanamo Bay prison to Uruguay may not be imminent after all.


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11 hrs ago | TalkLeft

NY Times: Guantanamo Decaying

The New York Times has some new articles on the decaying of Guantanamo . Camp X-Ray is now a "ghost prison."


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15 hrs ago | The Daily Beast

Guantanamo Decays as Closing DelayedIt'll probably out-live Obama.

Obama administration officials remain divided over whether the president can close Guantanamo prison before he leaves office, but in the meantime the facility is becoming tattered.


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19 hrs ago | Ekklesia Daily News

G4S Guantanamo contract 'breaches UK policy'

The government is being asked to take action against British firm G4S, after it emerged the company has won a A 71mllion contract to provide a range of 'base support' services at GuantA namo Bay.


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Sun Aug 31, 2014

American Reporter

On Native GroundFEAR not, Class of '09. Knowledge is Still Power

DUMMERSTON, Vt. -- "Open the gates that the righteous nation may enter, the nation that keeps the faith.


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National Public Radio

Guantanamo Defense Lawyer Resigns, Says U.S. Case Is 'Stacked'

Jason Wright, seen here during his 15-month deployment to Iraq, served in the military for nine years before resigning last week.


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Guantanamo Defense Lawyer Resigns, Says U.S. Case Is 'Stacked'

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the Sept. 11 attacks, is facing a military commission at Guantanamo Bay and potentially the death penalty.


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a CNN Host Let a Muslim Cleric Speak Freely. What He Said about...

British Muslim activist Anjam Choudary appeared on CNN's "Reliable Sources" Sunday morning, and while host Brian Stelter seemed as if he was working hard to give the cleric a fair shake, the veteran journalist couldn't help but get exasperated as Choudary steadfastly defended his radical Islamic ideology - and joked about 9/11.


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Dear Kitty

British government accused of helping monarchist torturers in Nepal

A British human rights group has launching legal action against the government over guidelines the UK's intelligence agencies on how to interrogate prisoners held overseas .


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Sat Aug 30, 2014

Anchorage Daily News

AK Beat: Troopers nab driver accused of playing cop

Anchorage man uses phony badge to avoid traffic: An Anchorage man was arrested Saturday for allegedly flashing a phony law enforcement badge so he could avoid traffic while speeding down the Old Glenn Highway, Alaska State Troopers write.


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The Independent

Exclusive: British company faces investigation for accepting Guantanamo contract

Chris Green is Senior Reporter at The Independent. He was previously Deputy News Editor, and before that a freelance news reporter.


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American Reporter

MomentumDON'T Hold the Presses, Please

In May 2004, the New York Times , while claiming it was aggressive in pursuing stories about the Bush-Cheney Administration, slipped in an apology for acting more as the mouthpiece for politicians than as a watchdog for society.


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The New Zealand Herald

Analysis: World events endanger Obama legacy

Almost six years into a presidency that had inspired hope for a new era of American leadership, Barack Obama has reached a point where it will be difficult to salvage his international affairs legacy in the face of blooming crises that critics and even some supporters blame on a commander in chief they view as a feckless.


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Fox News

Qatar's role as US ally at odds with claims it sponsors terror

If the Middle East were one big room, Qatar would be the elephant, according to a growing number of regional experts who believe the oil rich emirate is propping up violent jihadists around the globe even as it poses as a U.S. ally and would-be broker of peace.


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The Miami Herald

Westerners linked to extremist groups in Syria

As many as 12,000 foreigners have gone to Syria to fight the government of Bashar Assad.


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Daily Kos

The UN slams the US government over wide-spread racial discrimination against Persons of Color

Reprint rights to this article are hereby granted. You may post all of it or part of it to the blog of your choice.


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Fri Aug 29, 2014

The Destruction Caused by Obama's Pretend Presidency

In no particular order, here is a list of President Obama's "accomplishments" in 2014: a Further alienating our best ally in the Middle East by often siding with Hamas while Hamas has lobbed over 1,000 rockets into Israel; a Ukraine on the brink invasion by Russia; a A terrorist group like no other controlling more than one-third of Iraq as it ... (more)


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MSNBC's Krystal Ball, Guest Blame ISIS Waterboarding on Abu Ghraib, Gitmo

MSNBC's Krystal Ball substituted for Ronan Farrow as host of his MSNBC show on Friday and remarked with a guest during a segment on the Islamic terror group ISIS that their reported waterboarding of their captives, including the late James Foley, can be blamed on the U.S. detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and what happened at Abu Ghraib in ... (more)


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