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1Immigration Reform

Trump dodges US election result pledge

Republican Donald Trump said on Thursday he might reject the outcome of the Nov. 8 US presidential election if he loses, an unprecedented challenge to a cornerstone of American democracy. During the last of three debates against his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Trump was asked by moderator Chris Wallace whether this meant the New York businessman would not commit to a peaceful transition of power.


2US Politics

Voters react to 'nasty woman' remark with disgust, mockery

Donald Trump's reference to Hillary Clinton as "a nasty woman" during the last presidential debate before the election has inspired reactions ranging from disgust to mockery. For many women, the moment Wednesday night recalled their own experiences being called names by men.


3Levis, QC

Death of Jehovah's Witness during childbirth prompts investigation

A coroner is investigating the death of a young Jehovah's Witness who died while giving birth at a Levis hospital earlier this week. Eloise Dupuis, 26, required a blood transfusion during childbirth and died of a hemorrhage on Oct. 12 at Hotel-Dieu de Levis Hospital near Quebec City.



Most US Syrians arrivals are kids, now enrolling in school

His father disappeared suddenly four years ago and, the family believes, was killed. Months later, Abdulhamid's mother boarded a bus with her six children, the youngest 2, and fled to Jordan, the sound of bombs ringing in the distance.


5Samarskaya Oblast', Russia

Russia, Syria halt Aleppo airstrikes ahead of 8-hour lull

Gen. Sergei Rudskoi of the Russian military's General Staff speaks to the media, with a map of the area around Aleppo seen in the background, at the Russian Defense Ministry's headquarters in Moscow, Russia, Monday, Oct. ... Boston police say two officers who were shot last week while responding to a domestic call have been upgraded to stable condition. Boston police say two officers who were shot last week while responding to a domestic call have been upgraded to stable condition.


6Donald Trump

The Latest: Trump, Clinton 1 seat apart at Al Smith dinner

Clinton was introduced first, followed by Trump. The pair are sitting with just one seat between them.


7US News

Will totally accept election results if I win, says Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Thursday asserted that that he will totally accept the outcome of the "historic" presidential election if he wins but reserved his right to file a legal challenge in case of a "questionable result". "Ladies and gentleman, I want to make a major announcement today.



'F***ing drunk' dad tasers himself near crotch and dramatically collapses

In the clip filmed by his partner on a smartphone the blonde, tattooed man stands in swimming shorts and sandals in his living room as his horrified daughter watches on. The father-of-three goes limp and falls to the floor face first dramatically while his partner laughs and says: "F***ing drunk."


9US Military

Russia taunts U.S. on eve of election with biggest military deployment since the Cold War

RUSSIA has begun its biggest surface deployment since the end of the Cold War as it prepares to effectively end the war in Syria on the eve of the US election, NATO officials warned Wednesday night. The Kremlin is sending the full might of its Northern Fleet and part of the Baltic Fleet to reinforce a final assault on the city of Aleppo in two weeks, according to Western intelligence.


10Las Vegas, NV

Trump Calls Clinton Foundation "Criminal Enterprise" & Denounces Haiti Earthquake Response

In Wednesday's debate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News asked Hillary Clinton about allegations of "pay-to-play" corruption involving Clinton Foundation donors during Clinton's time as secretary of state. Trump called the Clinton Foundation's actions in Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake "a disgrace."