Recent Polls (Page 5)

Recent Polls (Page 5)

Muslims brutally executed by Syrian rebels !

Created by Confuccio on Thursday Jul 2

0 votes

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Isis gunned down

Orange suits

Cold blood

Muslims executed

India the greatest nation and most powerful economy of 21st century?

Created by Brahmos 2021 on Thursday Jul 2

7 votes

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100% True

3rd largest economy

4th powerful military

Mission on Moon

Mission on Mars

No1 in Agriculture

No 1 in IT technology

Top 10 in manf

All of the above

We love it!!

Donald Trump for President

Created by Trump Polls on Wednesday Jul 1

11 votes

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Will ruin America

Will save America

Will buy Presidency

Will start more wars

Will nuke China

Will buy a new Pope

Will oust all Mexicans

Will redefine "racism"

Will redefine "hate"

Will lose, and sue

Craziest on Weird

Created by Weird Polls on Wednesday Jul 1

7 votes

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Princess Hey


Grace Nerissa

Crazy Jae

Chilli J


Spotted Girl

Mr. FX


The New Nonblack Race Consist Of:

Created by THE NONBLACK RACE on Wednesday Jul 1

5 votes

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Former Whites

Former Hispanics

Former Latinos

Former Chicanos

Former Asians

Former Hindus

Former Middle Easterns

Former Other Nonblacks

Biracials On Our Vote

All Of The Above

Legal Facts Trigger more personal Assaults on Tabloid's Past Targets/Marks..Why?

Created by Land of the FREE on Wednesday Jul 1

19 votes

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They know it's True!

No rest 4 Da Guilty


$$$ Straits/Woes

Can't win in court

No legs 2 stand on!

Don't/can't fight fair




Who's funnier?

Created by Nielsen Media Research on Wednesday Jul 1

13 votes

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Two deadbeat dads

giving their opinions

on parenting


Tiny pretend attorney

ridiculous stories

Deadbeat dads

Pretend attorney

The Three Stooges

Laugh in

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