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created by: Inked For Life Shop | 2 hrs ago

Wynne, AR

1 vote

Are you ready for the New Tattoo/Piercing place to open?

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  • Yep
  • Nope
  • Undecided

created by: Concerned | 3 hrs ago

Richlands, VA

0 votes

Why is Dan making all these aweful terrible postings?

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  • Psycho
  • Deranged
  • sociopath
  • delusional
  • sick
  • twisted

created by: LengelHarrisFanNot | 5 hrs ago

Erwin, TN

4 votes

Lengel & Harris - Liars or Truth Tellers?

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  • Liars
  • Truth Tellers

created by: paid leave | 6 hrs ago

Seabrook, NH

1 vote

Should officers be put on "paid administrative leave" while under investigation?

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  • Yes, they deserve it.
  • Yes, they need paid vacation for the stress.
  • No, they should be unpaid.
  • No, they should be fired immediately.
  • Other.
  • Not sure, don't know.

created by: Cracker | 10 hrs ago


3 votes

Should white people be enslaved?

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  • Yes
  • No
  • Let's kill 'em now

created by: a_noted observer | 10 hrs ago


11 votes

Do you miss spirit67?

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  • Yes
  • No
  • Uther

created by: Be Van Anh | 10 hrs ago


2 votes

Why did you leave FIRREA all ALONE to fight for freedom & democracy for VNCH ?

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  • Unlike Firrea, we still have some self esteem left
  • We are too ashamed, unable to find a job to live
  • We are too ashamed, living on welfare ourselves
  • We don't have money to go on the internet
  • We can't even support ourselves let alone freedom
  • We use the peasant FIRREA to do it &we are sorry!
  • We know that FIRREA is kinda robotic & malleable
  • It's a pity that FIRREA is too dumb, cannot write
  • All the above
  • comments

created by: Eye on Cadiz | 11 hrs ago

Cadiz, KY

10 votes

Who will win Trigg County Clerk Carmen Shore Finley or Missy Burgess?

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  • Carmen Shore Finley
  • Missy Burgess

created by: Please read | 12 hrs ago

Richlands, VA

3 votes

Who ain't rising from the dead this Easter? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

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  • Brad Sayers
  • Randy Keene
  • Jessika Church
  • Bobby Muir
  • Jeff Ball
  • Pam McCarty
  • Kayla Davis
  • Josh Mercer
  • Any other Richlands druggie lowlifes!
  • Thanks for feeding the worms!

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