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Wrightsville Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Wrightsville.

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Website: http://www.wrightsvilleborough.com/

Street address: 601 Water Street PO Box 187 Wrightsville, PA 17368

Phone: (717)252-2768

Do you approve of NEIL HABECKER as Mayor?

Administrator and Chief Clerk - Charles R. Noll

Do you approve of Charles R. Noll as Administrator and Chief Clerk?

Commissioner - M. Steve Chronister

Do you approve of M. Steve Chronister as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Christopher B. Reilly

Do you approve of Christopher B. Reilly as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Doug Hoke

Do you approve of Doug Hoke as Commissioner?

Director of Elections and Voter Registration - Nikki Suchanic

Do you approve of Nikki Suchanic as Director of Elections and Voter Registration?

Recorder of Deeds - Randi L. Reisinger

Do you approve of Randi L. Reisinger as Recorder of Deeds?

Representative - Todd Russell Platts

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Todd Russell Platts as Representative?

State Representative - Keith Gillespie

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Keith Gillespie as State Representative?

State Representative - Stanley Saylor

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Stanley Saylor as State Representative?

State Senator - Lloyd Smucker

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Lloyd Smucker as State Senator?