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Information about politics and local officials in White Pine.

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County Mayor - Connie Ball

Website: http://www.cityofnewport-tn.com/

Street address: 300 E. Main Street Newport, TN 37821

Phone: (423) 623-7323

Do you approve of Connie Ball as County Mayor?

County Mayor - David L. Brummel

Website: http://www.warrenville.il.us/c_dept_mayor.asp...

Street address: 28W701 Stafford Pl Warrenville, IL 60555

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 630/393-5741 (o)

Do you approve of David L. Brummel as County Mayor?

County Mayor - Mark Potts

Website: http://www.jeffcitytn.com/meetthemayor.htm

Street address: City Center Drive P.O. Box 530 Jefferson City, TN 37760

Phone: (865) 475-9071

Do you approve of Mark Potts as County Mayor?

County Mayor - Danny Thomas

Website: http://www.mymorristown.com/mayor.php

Street address: 100 W. 1st North Street, Morristown, Tennessee 37814.

Phone: (423) 581-0100

Do you approve of Danny Thomas as County Mayor?

County Mayor - Stanley H. Wilder

Website: http://www.whitepinetn.com

Street address: 1548 Main Street - PO Box 66 - White Pine, TN 37890

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 865-674-7771

Do you approve of Stanley H. Wilder as County Mayor?

Commissioner - Barbara Sheets

Do you approve of Barbara Sheets as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Robert W. Beeler

Do you approve of Robert W. Beeler as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Randy Baxley

Do you approve of Randy Baxley as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Nina Snodgrass

Do you approve of Nina Snodgrass as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Tommy Musick

Do you approve of Tommy Musick as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Marty Mills

Do you approve of Marty Mills as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Steven J. Chambers

Do you approve of Steven J. Chambers as Commissioner?

Commissioner - W.D. Henry

Do you approve of W.D. Henry as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Condon Batson

Do you approve of Condon Batson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Donald Finchum

Do you approve of Donald Finchum as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Harold Taylor

Do you approve of Harold Taylor as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Mike Norton

Do you approve of Mike Norton as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Frank Clamon

Do you approve of Frank Clamon as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Sammy Solomon

Do you approve of Sammy Solomon as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Larry Masters

Do you approve of Larry Masters as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jane Davis

Do you approve of Jane Davis as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Matt Evon

Do you approve of Matt Evon as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Kenneth Arnold

Do you approve of Kenneth Arnold as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Phil Kindred

Do you approve of Phil Kindred as Commissioner?

Commissioner - W.B. "Bud" Watkins

Do you approve of W.B. "Bud" Watkins as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Murrel Jarnigan

Do you approve of Murrel Jarnigan as Commissioner?

Elections Administrator - Tycia L. Kesterson

Do you approve of Tycia L. Kesterson as Elections Administrator?

Representative - David Roe

Party: Republican

Do you approve of David Roe as Representative?

Representative - Chuck Fleischmann

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Chuck Fleischmann as Representative?

State Representative - Frank Niceley

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Frank Niceley as State Representative?

State Representative - Don Miller

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Don Miller as State Representative?

State Senator - Mike Faulk

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Mike Faulk as State Senator?

State Senator - Steve Southerland

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Steve Southerland as State Senator?