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Walworth Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Walworth.


State Assembly Member - Tyler August

Party: Republican

Tyler August, a Republican state representative from the village of Walworth, thinks constituents should be able to request fines if their legislators miss work.
Do you approve of Tyler August as State Assembly Member?

County Clerk - Kimberly S. Bushey

Do you approve of Kimberly S. Bushey as County Clerk?

Representative - Paul Ryan

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Paul Ryan as Representative?

State Senator - Neal Kedzie

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Neal Kedzie as State Senator?

Supervisor - Randy A. Hawkins

Do you approve of Randy A. Hawkins as Supervisor?

Supervisor - F. Mark Bromley

Do you approve of F. Mark Bromley as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Kathy Ingersoll

Do you approve of Kathy Ingersoll as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Claudia J. Holst

Do you approve of Claudia J. Holst as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Rick Stacey

Do you approve of Rick Stacey as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Jim Van Dreser

Do you approve of Jim Van Dreser as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Joseph H. Schaefer

Do you approve of Joseph H. Schaefer as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Jerry Grant

Do you approve of Jerry Grant as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Daniel G. Kilkenny

Do you approve of Daniel G. Kilkenny as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Nancy Russell

Do you approve of Nancy Russell as Supervisor?

Supervisor - David A. Weber

Do you approve of David A. Weber as Supervisor?