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Vallejo Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Vallejo.

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Mayor - Osby Davis


Street address: 555 Santa Clara Street, Vallejo, California 94590

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (707) 648-4377

Do you approve of Osby Davis as Mayor?

City Manager - Joseph M. Tanner

Do you approve of Joseph M. Tanner as City Manager?

City Clerk - Mary Ellsworth

Do you approve of Mary Ellsworth as City Clerk?

State Assembly Member - Michael Allen

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Michael Allen as State Assembly Member?

State Assembly Member - Mariko Yamada

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Mariko Yamada as State Assembly Member?

Assessor, County Clerk, and Recorder - John Tuteur

Do you approve of John Tuteur as Assessor, County Clerk, and Recorder?

Council Member - Tom Bartee

Do you approve of Tom Bartee as Council Member?

Council Member - Michael Wilson

Do you approve of Michael Wilson as Council Member?

Council Member - Joanne Schivley

Do you approve of Joanne Schivley as Council Member?

Council Member - Erin Hannigan

Do you approve of Erin Hannigan as Council Member?

Council Member - Stephanie Gomes

Do you approve of Stephanie Gomes as Council Member?

Council Member - Hermie Sunga

Do you approve of Hermie Sunga as Council Member?

County Administrator - Michael D. Johnson

Do you approve of Michael D. Johnson as County Administrator?

County Executive Officer - Nancy Watt

Do you approve of Nancy Watt as County Executive Officer?

Registrar of Voters - Ira Rosenthal

Do you approve of Ira Rosenthal as Registrar of Voters?

Representative - Mike Thompson

Party: Democratic

A Vallejo-based business is getting more than $1 million in defense department grant funds to study ways to fight infections, Rep. Mike Thompson announced Friday. The grant, part of the US Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity, will go towards a research project called the “Evaluation of Novel Antimicrobial Peptides as Topical Anti-Infectives with Broad Spectrum Activity Against Combat-Related Bacterial and Fungal Wound Infections,” Thompson's office announced.
Do you approve of Mike Thompson as Representative?

Representative - George Miller

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of George Miller as Representative?

State Senator - Noreen Evans

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Noreen Evans as State Senator?

Supervisor - John Vasquez

Do you approve of John Vasquez as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Barbara Kondylis

Do you approve of Barbara Kondylis as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Keith Caldwell

Do you approve of Keith Caldwell as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Bill Dodd

Do you approve of Bill Dodd as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Mark Luce

Do you approve of Mark Luce as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Diane Dillon

Do you approve of Diane Dillon as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Michael Reagan

Do you approve of Michael Reagan as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Jim Spering

Do you approve of Jim Spering as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Brad Wagenknecht

Do you approve of Brad Wagenknecht as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Linda Seifert

Do you approve of Linda Seifert as Supervisor?