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Twin Peaks Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Twin Peaks.

Do you approve of Tim Donnelly as State Assembly Member?

Auditor, Controller, and Recorder - Larry "x" Walker

Do you approve of Larry "x" Walker as Auditor, Controller, and Recorder?

Clerk of the Board - Laura "x" Welch

Do you approve of Laura "x" Welch as Clerk of the Board?

County Administrative Officer - Gregory C. "x" Devereaux

Do you approve of Gregory C. "x" Devereaux as County Administrative Officer?

Elections Officer and Registrar of Voters - Kari Verjil

Do you approve of Kari Verjil as Elections Officer and Registrar of Voters?

Representative - Jerry Lewis

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Jerry Lewis as Representative?

State Senator - Robert Dutton

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Robert Dutton as State Senator?

Supervisor - Gary C. "x" Ovitt

Do you approve of Gary C. "x" Ovitt as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Neil "x" Derry

Do you approve of Neil "x" Derry as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Brad "x" Mitzelfelt

Do you approve of Brad "x" Mitzelfelt as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Josie "x" Gonzales

Do you approve of Josie "x" Gonzales as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Paul "x" Biane

Do you approve of Paul "x" Biane as Supervisor?