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Susanville Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Susanville.

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Mayor - Lino P. Callegari


Street address: 66 North Lassen Street Susanville, CA 96130

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 530.257.1000

Do you approve of Lino P. Callegari as Mayor?

State Assembly Member - Dan Logue

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Dan Logue as State Assembly Member?

County Administrator - John T. Ketelsen

Do you approve of John T. Ketelsen as County Administrator?

County Clerk - Julie Bustamante

Do you approve of Julie Bustamante as County Clerk?

Representative - Tom McClintock

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Tom McClintock as Representative?

State Senator - Ted Gaines

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Ted Gaines as State Senator?

Supervisor - Jim Chapman

Do you approve of Jim Chapman as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Lloyd I. Keefer

Do you approve of Lloyd I. Keefer as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Jack Hanson

Do you approve of Jack Hanson as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Brian D. Dahle

Do you approve of Brian D. Dahle as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Robert F. Pyle

Do you approve of Robert F. Pyle as Supervisor?