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Seminole Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Seminole.

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Mayor - Jimmy Johnson


Street address: Seminole City Hall, 9199 113th St N Seminole, FL 33772

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (727) 391-0204

Do you approve of Jimmy Johnson as Mayor?

Commissioner - Kenneth T. Welch

Do you approve of Kenneth T. Welch as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Susan Latvala

Do you approve of Susan Latvala as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Robert B. Stewart

Do you approve of Robert B. Stewart as Commissioner?

Commissioner - John Morroni

Do you approve of John Morroni as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Ronnie E. Duncan

Do you approve of Ronnie E. Duncan as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Calvin D. Harris

Do you approve of Calvin D. Harris as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Karen Williams Seel

Do you approve of Karen Williams Seel as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Sallie Parks

Do you approve of Sallie Parks as Commissioner?

County Administrator - Robert S. "Bob" LaSala

Do you approve of Robert S. "Bob" LaSala as County Administrator?

Representative - Bill Young

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Bill Young as Representative?

State Representative - Larry Ahern

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Larry Ahern as State Representative?

State Representative - James Frishe

Party: Republican

Do you approve of James Frishe as State Representative?

State Senator - Dennis Jones

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Dennis Jones as State Senator?

Supervisor of Elections - Deborah Clark

Do you approve of Deborah Clark as Supervisor of Elections?