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- Kevin Johnson


Street address: 915 I Street, 5th Floor Mail Code 09100 Sacramento, California 95814

Phone: 916-264-5011




It's been more than a year since SN&R reporter Cosmo Garvin filed a routine Public Records Act request with Sacramento's city clerk, asking for records involving the mayor's office and the National Conference of Black Mayors. Three-hundred and sixty-six days as of this past Tuesday, in fact.
SACRAMENTO - Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber will be paying a visit to Sacramento in April, Mayor Kevin Johnson says. On 4/14 when the @thesoccerdon visits Sac, I have every confidence that our community will rise to this very special occasion! #BuiltforMLS In late 2015, MLS announced plans that it would be expanding to four cities .
St. Hope Public Schools is comprised of four charter schools in Sacramento, CA, and they serve to richly supplement the lavish lifestyles for St. Hope's founder and Sacramento mayor, Kevin Johnson, and his wife, Michelle Rhee, who also serves as the Chairman of the Board for St. Hope Public Schools . Inside St. Hope's dehumanizing school environments that are staffed largely by TFA recruits, we find KIPP Model practices, including enforced silence for most of the day, screaming at children, total control of student movement and activity, and "culture reboot" sessions for children whose behavior does not pass muster.
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- Roger Dickinson

Party: Democratic

Occupation: Attorney


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- Phil Serna

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- Darrell Fong

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- Bill Edgar

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- Stephanie Larsen

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- Angelique Ashby

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- Jay Schenirer

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- Steven C. Szalay

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