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Street address: P.O. Box 3005, Redlands, CA 92373-1005


Phone: (909) 798-7533

Do you approve of PETE AGUILAR as Mayor?

City Manager - N. Enrique Martinez

REDLANDS>> The City Council on Tuesday approved new contracts for the city manager and city attorney, which include salary increases and a change in their retirement contributions. City Manager N. Enrique Martinez and City Attorney Dan McHugh are set to get a 3 percent increase to their base salaries, effective immediately, and an additional 3 percent increase in 2016.
Do you approve of N. Enrique Martinez as City Manager?

City Clerk - Sam Irwin

Do you approve of Sam Irwin as City Clerk?

State Assembly Member - Paul Cook

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Paul Cook as State Assembly Member?

State Assembly Member - Tim Donnelly

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Tim Donnelly as State Assembly Member?

State Assembly Member - Mike Morrell

Party: Republican

Redlands veterans were among those honored May 15 by State Senator Mike Morrell at his Second Annual Patriots of the Past, Present, and Future banquet held in a hangar at Cable Airport in Upland. The Redlanders included World War II veteran Wayland Reynolds and Vietnam veteran Mike Warren.
Do you approve of Mike Morrell as State Assembly Member?

Assessor, County Clerk, and Recorder - Larry Ward

Do you approve of Larry Ward as Assessor, County Clerk, and Recorder?

Auditor, Controller, and Recorder - Larry "x" Walker

Do you approve of Larry "x" Walker as Auditor, Controller, and Recorder?

Clerk of the Board - Laura "x" Welch

Do you approve of Laura "x" Welch as Clerk of the Board?

Council Member - Pete Aguilar

Local congressional lawmakers, despite voting in the affirmative on Tuesday, expressed disappointment in the passage of another short-term extension of transportation funding, instead of a comprehensive bill they say would significantly improve the movement of goods and traffic in Southern California. Members of Congress, such as Rep. Pete Aguilar, D-Redlands , and Norma Torres, D-Ontario , support a long-term multi-year federal transportation bill they say would greatly improve planning and success for future transportation projects in the region.
Do you approve of Pete Aguilar as Council Member?

Council Member - Jon Harrison

REDLANDS >> Historic preservation advocates and city officials will discuss the past year's accomplishments and goals of protecting the city's historic resources during a special meeting on Tuesday. Members of the City Council, the Planning Commission and Historic and Scenic Preservation Commission will meet with members of the Redlands Conservancy and the Redlands Area Historical Society at 5 p.m. in the Assembly Room at the A.K. Smiley Public Library, 125 W. Vine St. This is the third annual meeting, which has become an opportunity for the council and commissions to find common ground on ensuring the city's historic value continues to be respected, said Mayor Pro Tem Jon Harrison.
Do you approve of Jon Harrison as Council Member?

Council Member - Jerry Bean

Do you approve of Jerry Bean as Council Member?

Council Member - Mick Gallagher

Americans who lost their lives while serving our country will be honored and remembered during the ceremony at 10:45 a.m. Monday in the recently renovated circle. “It's an emotional ceremony,” said Mick Gallagher, member of American Legion Post 106 and master of ceremonies.
Do you approve of Mick Gallagher as Council Member?

County Administrative Officer - Gregory C. "x" Devereaux

Do you approve of Gregory C. "x" Devereaux as County Administrative Officer?

County Executive - Bill Luna

Do you approve of Bill Luna as County Executive?

Elections Officer and Registrar of Voters - Kari Verjil

Do you approve of Kari Verjil as Elections Officer and Registrar of Voters?

Registrar of Voters - Barbara Dunmore

Do you approve of Barbara Dunmore as Registrar of Voters?

Representative - Jerry Lewis

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Jerry Lewis as Representative?

State Senator - Robert Dutton

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Robert Dutton as State Senator?

State Senator - Bill Emmerson

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Bill Emmerson as State Senator?

Supervisor - Marion Ashley

Do you approve of Marion Ashley as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Josie "x" Gonzales

Do you approve of Josie "x" Gonzales as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Jeff Stone

Do you approve of Jeff Stone as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Gary C. "x" Ovitt

Do you approve of Gary C. "x" Ovitt as Supervisor?

Supervisor - John J. Benoit

Do you approve of John J. Benoit as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Neil "x" Derry

Do you approve of Neil "x" Derry as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Brad "x" Mitzelfelt

Do you approve of Brad "x" Mitzelfelt as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Paul "x" Biane

Do you approve of Paul "x" Biane as Supervisor?

Supervisor - John F. Tavaglione

Do you approve of John F. Tavaglione as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Bob A. Buster

Do you approve of Bob A. Buster as Supervisor?