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Portsmouth Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Portsmouth.

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Mayor - David Malone

Website: http://portsmouthoh.org/index.aspx...

Street address: 728 Second St. Room 1, Portsmouth, OH 45662

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (740) 354-8807

Do you approve of David Malone as Mayor?

Sheriff - Marty V. Donini

Do you approve of Marty V. Donini as Sheriff?

Commissioner - Vernal G. Riffe

Do you approve of Vernal G. Riffe as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Thomas Reiser

Do you approve of Thomas Reiser as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Mike Crabtree

Do you approve of Mike Crabtree as Commissioner?

County Recorder - Irene Ashley

Do you approve of Irene Ashley as County Recorder?

Elections Director - Nancy Sheperd

Do you approve of Nancy Sheperd as Elections Director?

Representative - Jean Schmidt

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Jean Schmidt as Representative?

Representative - Bill Johnson

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Bill Johnson as Representative?

State Representative - Terry Johnson

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Terry Johnson as State Representative?

State Senator - Tom Niehaus

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Tom Niehaus as State Senator?